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Space Commander Travis (Character)
from "Blakes 7" (1978)

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"Blakes 7: Trial (#2.6)" (1979)
Space Commander Travis: A field officer, like myself, is frequently required to make fast, unconsidered decisions. You were all field officers, you know that's true. Time to think is a luxury battle seldom affords you. You react instinctively. Your actions, your decisions, all instinct, nothing more. But, an officer's instincts are the product of his training. The more thorough the training, the more predictable the instinct, the better the officer! And I am a good officer. I have been in the service *all* my adult life. I'm *totally* dedicated to my duty and highly trained in how to *perform* it. On Serkasta I, I reacted as I was trained to react! I was an instrument of the service! So if I'm guilty of murder, of *mass* murder, then so are all of *you*!

Fleet Warden-General Samor: Do I take it you have nothing to say?
Space Commander Travis: The Federation is run by hypocrites and supported by fools. I'm glad to be rid of you all.

"Blakes 7: Weapon (#2.3)" (1979)
Space Commander Travis: Power usually makes its own rules.

Space Commander Travis: "The weapon guards itself."
Supreme Commander Servalan: [coldly] Thank you, Travis.
Space Commander Travis: I was merely quoting you, Supreme Commander.
Supreme Commander Servalan: [stern] Contact the ship. I have an appointment with a man named Carnell.

"Blakes 7: Duel (#1.8)" (1978)
Sinofar: Our powers grew out of a thousand years of war, out of hate, and fear, and the will to survive.
Giroc: [on Liberator's screen] We built destruction, weapons that your peoples have not yet dreamed of. Every passing year brought new ways to kill, and throughout the centuries the war raged across our planet.
Sinofar: [on planet] With each generation there were fewer of us. The dead vastly outnumbered the living. There was not victory for either side.
Roj Blake: How did it end?
Giroc: How? Another development of another weapon. We demanded their surrender, they refused. The weapon was used. Those that we call our enemy were annihilated.
Space Commander Travis: You won. That's all that matters.
Sinofar: It wasn't a victory, only the end of the war! We were left with a planet made barren by radiation. Our children were monsters, or died, or were never born. This, we won.
Roj Blake: How many of you are there now?
Giroc: None. We are a dead race.
Sinofar: We tell you this so that you will understand our reasons for intervening in your dispute.

Space Commander Travis: You do realize that any hostile act against me will be regarded as a hostile act against the Federation.
[Giroc laughs]
Space Commander Travis: Have you any idea of the risk you're running?
[Giroc laughs harder]
Roj Blake: They don't seem very impressed, Travis.
Roj Blake: Why don't you try stamping your foot?

"Blakes 7: Seek-Locate-Destroy (#1.6)" (1978)
Space Commander Travis: These are your orders?
Servalan: Destroy Blake.
Space Commander Travis: Depend on it.