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Adolf Eichmann (Character)
from Conspiracy (2001) (TV)

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Conspiracy (2001) (TV)
Klopfer: And how is it you speak Hebrew? Or is it only Yiddish you speak?
Adolf Eichmann: Well, I lived among them, I worked among them, and I picked up a few words; Jewish, Yiddish, not enough to speak. So I went in search of a rabbi - rabbi means "teacher", I came to find out - Look, may I tell you the Lord's honest truth? So many of our highest-ranking officers, whose responsibility it is to deal with the Israelites, they make no attempt to get inside the Jewish head - I went to visit this rabbi - old man, long beard - in his one-room flat. And when he saw me, his eyes grew as large as hen's eggs. I asked him to teach me his language, and he agreed, and he said that he would, but that he would charge me - of course. So, I applied to my commander for funds, and I was denied; now, I've run into this opposition all my life, so I paid my own money - very little, not much. And he taught me some vocabulary, letters of the alphabet. But looking back, I realize it was poor judgment on my part, because I could have so easily had the old man arrested - put into prison - and demanded lessons from him, in his cell, free of charge. One day, he was rounded up and shipped off because he had gone out unadvisedly. And I thought "That's so stupid... why are they so stupid?" Didn't he know that I would have protected him? At least until my lessons were complete.

Lange: I have the real feeling I "evacuated" 30,000 Jews already, by shooting them, at Riga. Is what I did "evacuation"? When they fell, were they "evacuated"? There are another 20,000, at least, waiting for similar "evacuation". - I just think it is helpful to know what words mean... with all respect.
[Kritzinger bangs the table in applause]
Adolf Eichmann: If I might, I think it's unnecessary to burden the record...
Heydrich: Yes! In my personal opinion, they are evacuated.
Kritzinger: Explain!
Heydrich: I have just done so.
Kritzinger: That is not - no, that is contrary to what the Chancellery has been told. I have directly been assured - I have - that - purge the Jews, yes, but to annihilate them - that we have undertaken to systematically annihilate all the Jews of Europe - that possibility has personally been denied, to me, by the Führer!
Heydrich: And it will continue to be.

Adolf Eichmann: Now, last summer Reichsführer Himmler asked me to visit a camp up in Upper Silesia, called Auschwitz, which is very well isolated, and close to significant rail access. And we are turning that camp into a major center, solid structures (and here's where your Jewish labor comes into play, Herr Neumann, the Jews haul the bricks and they build the buildings themselves). And when the structures are complete, we expect to be able to process 2500... an hour. Not a day, an hour.
Heydrich: And those numbers look a lot better.
Luther: 2500 an hour?
Hofmann: 2500?
Adolf Eichmann: At 24 hours a day, that is 60,000.
Kritzinger: 60,000 each day...
Adolf Eichmann: That's 21,900,000 Jews a year, if ever there were that many.
Heydrich: And we are also constructing the means of disposal, which will obviously depend upon the process of combustion.
Adolf Eichmann: Yes, it'll be industrial in nature: large commercial gas-fed ovens, no residue to speak of.
Müller: 60,000 Jews every day go up in smoke.
Heydrich: We can achieve that. Imagine.

Adolf Eichmann: Smile! It is a fine day.
Maid: Yes sir.

SS Maj.Gen. Heinrich Müller: Are they underway?
Adolf Eichmann: Not yet Sir.
SS Maj.Gen. Heinrich Müller: Who is late?
Dr. Roland Freisler: We are.
SS Maj.Gen. Heinrich Müller: Who is missing?
Adolf Eichmann: General Heydrich, Sir. But he's on his way.
Dr. Roland Freisler: He will have his grand entrance.

Adolf Eichmann: [puts on a record and listens to the music] Does it tear your heart out?
Supervising Butler: [moved by the music] Beautiful, sir.
Adolf Eichmann: I have never understood the passion for Schubert's sentimental Viennese shit.

Adolf Eichmann: This meeting is not taking place. You will take no calls for anyone at this meeting. Unless the Führer calls. And he won't.

Klopfer: [leaving after the meeting] You certainly know how to throw a party.
Adolf Eichmann: Thank you.
Klopfer: Shalom!

Adolf Eichmann: How many rolls?
Stenographer: Enough for four hours, sir.
Adolf Eichmann: Too many. Two hours worth should be sufficient.

Adolf Eichmann: And the - carbon monoxide, what it does is... The bodies come out pink. The gas turns them pink.
SS.Col. Eberhard 'Karl' Schöngarth: [laughing] That's a nice touch.
Dr. Joseph Bühler: If it is already built, what is this meeting? Why bother?
Heydrich: The system has shown that it works. It will work for you. It is settling in. The method is now defined.
Dr. Roland Freisler: The Jews go in red and come out pink. That is progress.
[laughter around the room]

Adolf Eichmann: [berating a group of young soldiers outside passing the time by having a snowball fight] STOP IT! Stop it!
[all stop and stand at attention, Eichmann approaches one]
Adolf Eichmann: You! What are you doing? You're in uniform!
Soldier: I'm sorry, sir. It just seemed to happen.
Adolf Eichmann: [angrily slaps him across the face] Not in uniform, nothing ever "just happens".

Eichmann (2007)
Adolf Eichmann: [''Eichmann and the Baroness are making out. Eichmann boasts about the number of Jews he has ordered to their deaths throughout Europe as "sex talk"''] Your ancestor would have approved my modern victory against the Orients. In six months I cleansed Vienna of every Jew.
Baroness Ingrid von Ihama: You don't go far enough... while you can.
Adolf Eichmann: I don't go far enough?
Baroness Ingrid von Ihama: Out of 900,000 Hungarian Jews you have killed only half a million. You're careless. You let them slip through your fingers.
Adolf Eichmann: Poland - three million Jews. Today none are left.
Baroness Ingrid von Ihama: None?
Adolf Eichmann: None. After that, 120,000 Germans.
Baroness Ingrid von Ihama: Jews?
Adolf Eichmann: Jews, Jews, of course Jews. More?
Baroness Ingrid von Ihama: More.
Adolf Eichmann: 700,000 Russians.
Baroness Ingrid von Ihama: More.
Adolf Eichmann: 75,000 French.
Baroness Ingrid von Ihama: More.
Adolf Eichmann: 100,000 Dutch.
Baroness Ingrid von Ihama: More.
Adolf Eichmann: More?
Baroness Ingrid von Ihama: More. Not enough.
Adolf Eichmann: Over 4 million Jews are already processed.
Baroness Ingrid von Ihama: Killed. Use the right words, or you'll never become a master race.

Adolf Eichmann: [Prison guard is showing him a newspaper which reads "Eichmann Captured"] Yes, I know...

Mother Night (1996)
Howard W. Campbell Jr.: Do you believe you're guilty of murdering six million Jews?
Eichmann: Absolutely not.
Howard W. Campbell Jr.: [laughing] Oh, you were simply a soldier, were you, huh? Taking orders from the higher-ups, is that right, Eichmann? Like any good soldier.
Eichmann: [after pause] Campbell?
Howard W. Campbell Jr.: Yes?
Eichmann: About those six million...
Howard W. Campbell Jr.: Yes?
Eichmann: I don't take credit for all of them. I'm sure I could spare you a few.

Eichmann: [voice from nearby prison cell] You've got to learn how to relax. It's important to learn how to relax.
Howard W. Campbell Jr.: [starts laughing uncontrollably] That's how I got here.

"Holocaust: Part 4 (#1.4)" (1978)
Adolf Eichmann: [to Erik] Now there rose up a new king in Egypt who knew not Joseph. Kaltenbrunner's our new king, eh Major?

Adolf Eichmann: Weiss, what is the function of art?
Karl Weiss: The function of art? I believe someone said it is to enhance life.
Adolf Eichmann: [referring to Karl's sketches] And you call this garbage life enhancing? Transport East? Ghetto children? How could you produce such lies, such distortions?
Karl Weiss: Because it's the truth.

Die Wannseekonferenz (1984) (TV)
Adolf Eichmann: There were women... children...
Reinhard Heydrich: Women and children are Jews too.