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Ian Fleming (Character)
from The Secret Life of Ian Fleming (1990) (TV)

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Goldeneye (1989) (TV)
Ian Fleming: You'll have to be clear about one thing. I'm not as tough nor as strong as Commander Bond.

Ian Fleming: One ought, I think, to treat women rather better than Bond, don't you feel?

CBS interviewer: President Kennedy greatly admires your work. I understand From Russia With Love is one of his ten favourite novels.
Ian Fleming: He was good enough to tell me so in Washington, yes.

CBS interviewer: Can you confirm the widespread reports that you wrote the bluepints for the Central Intelligence Agency?
Ian Fleming: Forgive me I'm not in a position to confirm any such thing.

Ian Fleming: We were involved in the... secret world.
CBS interviewer: As a secret agent?
Ian Fleming: The secret agent is the one person in the world who will never tell you he's a secret agent.

Ian Fleming: Not too cold. If you accidentally shake it, please don't stir it.

Ian Fleming: It's a highly sophisticated method of calming women who get too excited. Shake them, never stir them.

Ian Fleming: Sixteen hours from now, I have to kill someone in cold blood.

Ian Fleming: It's very hard work killing someone with a sandbag.
Ann Fleming: Noel always said being killed by a sandbag is like adultery. You see it coming, can't avoid it, and it leaves one with a dreadful headache.

Loelia: So, who will dear commander Bond's adversaries be?
Ian Fleming: Rich, dominant, sadistic tyrants.

The Secret Life of Ian Fleming (1990) (TV)
Leda St Gabriel: She's a spy!
Ian Fleming: I know.
Leda St Gabriel: How?
Ian Fleming: Her lips were cold.

Ian Fleming: Didn't you get my memo?
Admiral Godfrey: You send me a hundred memos a week!

"Bernhard, Scoundrel of Orange: De held (#1.2)" (2010)
Sefton Delmer: Anyone for another drink?
Bernhard: Vodka martini. Shaken, not stirred.
Ian Fleming: Sounds good. I'll have one too.