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Del Tarrant (Character)
from "Blakes 7" (1978)

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"Blakes 7: Blake (#4.13)" (1981)
Tarrant: You going to tell us what we've got planned, Avon?
Vila: We know what we've got planned. Running away is what we've got planned.
Dayna: A strategic withdrawal is what we've got planned.
Vila: There's a difference?
Tarrant: Oh, yes. A strategic withdrawal is running away - but with dignity.
Vila: So lay in a course and let's get the dignified hell out of here.

Avon: [about the Rebellion's new figurehead] He is strongly identified with rebels, you see, and very popular with rabbles. They will follow him, and he will fight to the last drop of *their* blood. Idealism is a wonderful thing. All you really need is someone rational to put it to proper use.
Avon: Someone like you.
Tarrant: So where do we find this useable idealist?
Avon: According to Orac, he is on a frontier planet called Gauda Prime.
Soolin: Gauda Prime?
Avon: You know it?
Soolin: Yes, I know it. It's a bad place to be. No self-respecting idealist would be found dead there.
Avon: I imagine that is what HE is trying to avoid: being found dead anywhere.
Tarrant: Look, are you going to stop playing games and tell us who it is, Avon?
[Vila realizes who Avon is talking about]
Vila: It's Blake, isn't it? You think you've found Blake.
[Avon smiles]

Avon: Orac, what proof do we have that Blake is on Gauda Prime?
Orac: That is where his trail ends.
Tarrant: What trail? Explain.
Orac: The chain of cause and effect amounts to a trail, if you can follow it.
Vila: I can't even follow you.
Orac: Everything has an effect on everything else around it. It is not easy to trace one line through the pattern of infinity, but in this case, I have. Blake is on Gauda Prime.

[Scorpio is about to crash]
Orac: The ground is very close, sir.
Tarrant: I know that!

[Blake is flying Tarrant back to base]
Tarrant: A random program.
Blake: It's an old smuggler's trick.
Tarrant: Did you learn it from an old smuggler?
Blake: No, from a young one, actually. Her name was Jenna.
Tarrant: What happened to her?
Blake: She tried to run the blockade once too often. Happens to all of them eventually.
Tarrant: You made the capture?
Blake: Nobody made the capture. She hit the self-destruct. And when it blew, she took half a squadron of gunships with her.

Deva: Well, now, bounty hunter, that was a short trip even by your standards.
Blake: Short, but profitable.
[Blake grabs Tarrant's gun]
Blake: Even by my standards.
Tarrant: Was it something I said?

Blake: His name is Tarrant.
Blake: [to Tarrant] Your flight computer mentioned it whilst you were unconscious.
Deva: Tarrant...
Blake: No, I wouldn't run it through the computer just yet, Deva. You see, this one has a very high Federation price on his head.
Deva: Are you sure?
Tarrant: Oh, give the man credit for knowing his trade, dirty though it is.
Blake: He also has several associates with Federation prices, and one of them is particularly valuable.
Tarrant: And all of them are particularly dead.
Blake: In which case, that other flier was merely a coincidence. A coincidence, however, that might just have analyzed a random flight program?
Deva: And the significance of that is...?
Blake: A very useful device called Orac. Why don't you sit down, Tarrant? If it is Avon, we shouldn't have much longer to wait.
Deva: [repeating back to Tarrant] "Give the man credit for knowing his trade."

Tarrant: What on earth happened to you?
Blake: Oh, most of it wasn't on Earth, Tarrant. Not what happened to me.

[Blake enters the tracking room and comes face to face with Avon and the others]
Tarrant: Is it him?
Vila: It's him.
Tarrant: He sold us, Avon. All of us. Even you.
[Avon lowers the gun and approaches Blake]
Avon: [horrified] Is it true?
Blake: Avon, it's me, Blake.
Avon: Stand still!
[Blake stops]
Avon: Have you betrayed us? Have YOU... betrayed... ME?
Blake: Tarrant doesn't understand!
Avon: Neither do I, Blake!
Blake: I set all this up!
Avon: [stunned] Yes!
Blake: [walking towards Avon again] Avon, I was waiting for YOU!
[Avon shoots Blake, who staggers forward and grabs onto Avon's shoulders]
Blake: Oh... Avon...
[Blake collapses, dead]

Arlen: Be so kind as to drop your guns, all of you.
[the Scorpio crew obey]
Arlen: You and this nest of rebels are now prisoners of the Federation. Your friend Blake said he couldn't tell anymore who was Federation and who wasn't. He was right. He couldn't.
Tarrant: [smiling] You're a Federation agent?
Arlen: I'm a Federation officer.
Vila: Oh, now, look, I've never been against the Federation, I mean, I've only ever been along for the ride. I'm not even armed! You can't kill me, I'm completely harmless - and armless!

[Scorpio's alarm goes off]
Tarrant: [everyone rushes to their flight positions] Slave, what's wrong?
Slave: Well, nothing is actually wrong, sir, yet.
Avon: Explain the alarm, Slave.
[alarm cuts out]
Slave: I had to get your attention, Master, and I was forbidden to speak unless spoken to.
Avon: All right, you're spoken to. What is it?
Slave: I beg to advise you, Master, that we're approaching the planet Gauda Prime.
[the crew visibly relaxes]
Slave: And Scorpio is under attack!
[an explosion rocks the flight deck]

"Blakes 7: Dawn of the Gods (#3.4)" (1980)
Del Tarrant: One day Avon, I may have to kill you.
Kerr Avon: [smiling] It has been tried.

[Vila is trying to open a jammed airlock hatch in a spacesuit]
Vila Restal: I am now trying to open the hatch.
Del Tarrant: [on communicator] Use you delicate skillful touch.
[Vila kicks the hatch open]
Vila Restal: I used my delicate skillful boot.

Vila Restal: Tell us about the Thaarn, Cally.
Cally: It's the oldest story in the Book of Auron.
Vila Restal: Well, let's hear it. I like a good story, meself.
Cally: The story goes back to the mists of time, to the Dawn of the Gods. There were seven gods who discovered the planet Auron, and on it left the first man and woman. A million years went by. The gods returned. They were no older even though a million years had past.
Kerr Avon: Not impossible, if they had a spaceship capable of traveling at near the speed of light.
Cally: I did say it was just a legend. The gods returned and were pleased with what they saw, and they bestowed on the people of Auron great gifts: new types of crops, which ended hunger, constant peace ...
Del Tarrant: And telepathy?
Cally: - and telepathy was promised. But one of the gods was very jealous. He didn't believe that the people of Auron deserved all this. He was frightened they would one day become so powerful they would challenge the supremacy of the gods themselves. And in his rage, he killed another god. The five remaining gods were so angry, they built a chariot for him and sent him beyond the threshold of space and time. The mad god swore a terrible vengeance. He said that he would return again. He said that he alone would discover the eternal secrets and become the one great master of the universe.

Groff: There is a member of your crew we cannot find. Orac. Where is he?
The Caliph: [to Tarrant] The neuronic whip is on an automatic setting. It has only to sense one lie and it will boil your brains in your skull. Where is Orac?
Del Tarrant: If he's not on the ship, I don't know where he is.
The Caliph: How tall is he?
[Tarrant gestures]
The Caliph: A dwarf?
Del Tarrant: We never think of him as one.
The Caliph: What is the color of his hair?
Del Tarrant: He hasn't got any. A bald dwarf shouldn't be too hard to find.

Del Tarrant: [holding a pencil] Graphite writing stick? I've never seen these things outside museums.

Del Tarrant: [holding up a finger] Groff, what's that?
Groff: A finger?
Del Tarrant: A finger. And as you can see, it is better designed for pressing buttons than holding writing implements. So why can't we use computers?
Groff: The Lord Thaarn will not permit their development on Krandor. He will allow no superior intellects to his.
Del Tarrant: Why not?
Groff: I don't know. It is better not to ask such questions!
Kerr Avon: Perhaps he had an unfortunate experience with a computer.
Del Tarrant: Haven't we all?

Del Tarrant: And what do you suggest we do?
Kerr Avon: Examine the outside.
Del Tarrant: If you want to teleport into oblivion, you just go right ahead.
Kerr Avon: The outer teleport transducers were damaged when the force wall collapsed. Someone is going to have go out through the inspection hatch in a spacesuit and replace them.
Vila Restal: The time we've been in space without a refit that - that hatch will be space-welded shut. Anyway, who would risk it?
Kerr Avon: Someone who has a talent for opening locked doors.
Del Tarrant: And has demonstrated a grasp of the problems involved.
Vila Restal: [pauses in realization] Oh no. Not me. Not a space suit. Well, it wasn't my idea! One of you can go outside! I never did trust those things. Nothing, absolutely nothing in the whole galaxy can or will persuade me to wear one. Not a chance.
Vila Restal: [crossfade to Vila standing dejectedly in a spacesuit] I'm now in the inspection compartment.

"Blakes 7: Moloch (#3.11)" (1980)
Zen: Navigation computers report high-energy interference with directional probes. Automatic control untenable.
Del Tarrant: Battle stations!
[the crew rush to their positions]
Del Tarrant: Zen, this interference... is there any hostile design to it?
Zen: There is a uniform design to it.
Avon: Is it hostile?
Zen: The word hostile is not objective.
Avon: Zen, this is no time to quibble over terminology!

[last lines]
Zen: Information. Three alien spacecraft in hostile formation bearing zero-zero-nine, two million spacials.
Del Tarrant: Flight deck.
[They run to take their places on the bridge]
Del Tarrant: Zen, enemy position.
Zen: One million spacials. We have visual contact with hostile commander.
Del Tarrant: Put her on.
Servalan: [on the viewscreen] Liberator, this is Servalan, President and Supreme Commander of the Terran Federation. You are outnumbered, and at a tactical disadvantage. If you surrender your ship...
[Avon cuts off the transmission]
Dayna: Do we fight?
Avon: Certainly not. We run. Zen, course zero-one-one, speed, standard by six. Get us out of here.

Del Tarrant: [examining a map] So - this is where we're going.
Vila: What? - Where are we going?
Del Tarrant: To destroy a computer.
Vila: Why?
Del Tarrant: It knows too much about me.

[Tarrant draws a gun, and levels it at Vila]
Del Tarrant: [softly] One way or another, you're coming with me.
Vila: If it comes down to that, Tarrant, there isn't really a lot of point, is there?

Del Tarrant: I'm going down.
Avon: How?
Del Tarrant: Teleport.
Avon: It will be interesting to see what that energy field does to a teleport beam.
Del Tarrant: All right, we'll take the Liberator through again and I'll teleport from there.
Avon: [laughing sardonically] Why don't you land it right on top of their monitoring station just in case they haven't got the message?
Del Tarrant: Zen, was our entry monitored from the planet's surface?
Zen: Affirmative.
Del Tarrant: So they know we're here.
Avon: Correction: they know we came, and they know that we went away again. One thing's for sure: next time they'll be ready for us.

Zen: Information. The present course has no material end. Suggest transfer from linear progression to modular time shift.
Del Tarrant: Suggestion rejected, Zen.
Cally: Just a moment. How long would it take for us to get somewhere using maximum time shift?
Zen: One hundred and fifty-nine Earth years.
Vila: That's all I need.
Dayna: And where will that bring us?
Zen: Repeat: there is no material destination on present course. After one hundred and fifty-nine Earth years, time shift mechanism will cease to function.

"Blakes 7: Power (#4.2)" (1981)
[food supplies are running low]
Vila Restal: Well, there's always rodents of one sort or another.
Del Tarrant: I'm a growing lad, Vila. Rats are not the answer to my diet...

Del Tarrant: Orac, in sixteen minutes this base will be destroyed and you with it. Is there anything logically more important than trying to stop that happening?
Orac: Yes. The most logical course of action is to transport me to safety with all due urgency.

[food supplies are running low]
Vila Restal: Well, there's always rodents of one sort or another.
Del Tarrant: I'm a growing lad, Vila. Rats are not the answer to my diet.

Vila Restal: Did you see her?
Del Tarrant: Who?
Vila Restal: Pella, a young woman. She was here a moment ago.
Dayna Mellanby: What are you talking about?
Del Tarrant: Nobody just passed us.
Vila Restal: We've got to get out of here, this whole place could - There's a nuclear compression charge! We've got to move...
Dayna Mellanby: Vila!
Del Tarrant: Calm down, Vila, take it easy.
Vila Restal: It could go at any time!
Del Tarrant: Let's just take one thing at a time. This young woman...

Del Tarrant: Orac, in sixteen minutes this base will be destroyed and you with it. Is there anything logically more important than trying to stop that happening?
Orac: Yes. The most logical course of action is to transport me to safety with all due urgency!
Vila Restal: He's grovelling!
Del Tarrant: We're not going anywhere, Orac, until you give me straight answers...

"Blakes 7: Headhunter (#4.6)" (1981)
Vila Restal: If Avon rates this Muller as such a genius why didn't he come for the man himself?
Del Tarrant: He probably just wanted to get you away from the base, to avoid more bother over Muller's lady.
Vila Restal: I was a perfect gentleman towards her.
Del Tarrant: That's what bothered us.

[Things are going awry with Muller's rescue]
Vila Restal: A straightforward pickup job you said. As last words go, they're not likely to be famous.
Del Tarrant: You should worry.
Vila Restal: I do! Supposing they fire off a few interceptors in this direction?
Del Tarrant: Duck.

[Slave is refusing to follow the crew's orders]
Kerr Avon: [on communicator] What's happening?
Del Tarrant: Slave appears to have thrown off his chains.

"Blakes 7: Sarcophagus (#3.9)" (1980)
Kerr Avon: Shut up, Tarrant.
Del Tarrant: Did you say something to me?
Kerr Avon: I said, "Shut up." I apologize for not realizing you are deaf.
Del Tarrant: [approaches Avon] There's something else you don't realize. I don't take any orders from you.
Kerr Avon: Well, now that's a great pity, considering that your own ideas are so limited.
Del Tarrant: Don't try and bluff your way with me, Avon. I know what's been needling you right from the start. With Blake gone, you thought you'd got it made, didn't you? Thought you'd got control of this ship and a crew of three who'd say, "Yes, Avon. Whatever you want, Avon." But you reckoned without me.
Kerr Avon: That wouldn't be too difficult.
Del Tarrant: Oh, really? I don't think so. When you found me on the Liberator, it was quite a blow. And every time you look at me, it hits you harder, doesn't it? I'm faster than you and I'm sharper. As far as it goes, I've made a success of my life. But you? The only big thing you ever tried to do you failed at. The greatest computer swindle of all time... but you couldn't quite pull it off, could you? If it hadn't been for Blake, you'd be rotting on Cygnus Alpha right now. No, you failed, Avon. But I win. Not just at games, at life.
Kerr Avon: [turning away] You also talk too much.
Del Tarrant: Be thankful I'm restricting myself to talk.
Kerr Avon: [turning back] Well now, that's fascinating. You mean you can do something else?
Dayna Mellanby: [stepping between them] Oh, stop this. What are you doing? Warming up to cutting each other's throats?
Del Tarrant: [turns away] Avon. Do you want to forget I said all that?
Kerr Avon: It wasn't particularly memorable.
Dayna Mellanby: We need sleep. All of us. Even you need sleep, Tarrant.
Del Tarrant: And tomorrow, everything will look different?
Kerr Avon: If it does, you can assume you're on the wrong ship.

Vila Restal: My head is killing me.
Del Tarrant: You should learn self defense.

"Blakes 7: Rumours of Death (#3.8)" (1980)
Del Tarrant: Is it done?
Avon: Yes, but it isn't finished.
Vila: Wonderful. Who's next on your list? Servalan?
Avon: [inserts key] Orac.
Orac: [annoyed] What is it *now*?
Avon: Gracious as ever. Orac, I want you to interrogate the Federation Security computers and get me Servalan's present location.
Vila: [astonished] I was *joking*, Avon!

Del Tarrant: [into communicator bracelet] Stay awake.
Vila: [V.O] Of course.
Del Tarrant: And sober.
[Tarrant breaks communication link]
Vila: [alone at teleport controls] That was uncalled for.
Vila: [pours a drink] I only drink to be sociable.
Vila: [raises glass] Cheers, Orac.

"Blakes 7: City at the Edge of the World (#3.6)" (1980)
[Tarrant has bullied Vila into a dangerous mission]
Kerr Avon: I don't know how you persuaded him to go, Tarrant.
Del Tarrant: I appealed to his better nature.
Kerr Avon: He hasn't got one. Leave him alone in future.
Del Tarrant: Or?
Kerr Avon: Do you want me to threaten you?
Del Tarrant: Why not? I haven't had a good laugh in ages.
Kerr Avon: Sensible. You could die laughing.

Kerr Avon: The point is that Vila won't trust you, whereas he will trust Cally and me.
Del Tarrant: Cally, yes, but why you?
Kerr Avon: Because he knows what I think of him.
Del Tarrant: You despise him!
Kerr Avon: Right. But at least I'm consistent about it.

"Blakes 7: Terminal (#3.13)" (1980)
Del Tarrant: How do we approve of something we don't know about?
Kerr Avon: You could try trusting me.
[They glare at each other for a moment]
Del Tarrant: All right, Avon, we'll try trusting you. Just don't expect us to make a habit of it.
Kerr Avon: I don't.

Del Tarrant: [to Vila] Aren't you supposed to be on watch?
Vila Restal: Avon's doing it.
Del Tarrant: [incredulous] Still? He's been on that flight deck more than thirty hours now.
Vila Restal: I offered. He said he was handling things and would I please leave. No, that's not true. He didn't say anything. He yelled. Told me to get out and stay out.
Cally: Same with me.
Dayna Mellanby: And me.
Del Tarrant: What the hell is he up to?
Dayna Mellanby: Well, why don't you ask him?
Del Tarrant: Why don't I do that?
[Tarrant leaves for the Bridge]
Cally: [calls after] Rather you than me!
Vila Restal: [also calls after] Watch yourself!

"Blakes 7: Volcano (#3.3)" (1980)
Tarrant: I don't have much faith in Zen, or anything else on the Liberator.
Dayna: Then why didn't you stay up there and leave this mission to me?
Tarrant: I don't trust anyone except my self. That's why I'm still alive. Which way?
Dayna: Zen's groundplot said due north. And don't look so warlike.
Tarrant: Coming from you that's almost funny.

Tarrant: [to Dayna] So. These are your friends.
Tarrant: [to Hower and Bershar] Where are our guns?
Hower: We do not allow offensive weapons on Obsidian.
Dayna: And our wrist communicators?
Hower: All six of them. Why so many, I wonder?
Tarrant: Replacements. They break down easily.

"Blakes 7: Games (#4.8)" (1981)
Kerr Avon: [into communicator] Dayna, we're down safe in Orbiter and proceeding.
Gambit, Orac: [in unison] Countdown twelve minutes, twenty seconds, and running.
Vila Restal: What does that mean?
Kerr Avon: I imagine that if we're not out of here by the time it hits zero, we might regret it.
[Soolin presses the button to reveal the screen and start the game. She picks up the electronic pistol]
Gambit, Orac: Control system feedback is through the weapon. The game adjusts to meet, and on the last shot, exceed the proficiency of the players.
Soolin: You have to outshoot yourself.
Del Tarrant: Stupid game.
Soolin: Not really. Finally a game worth playing.

"Blakes 7: Powerplay (#3.2)" (1980)
[first lines]
[In The Liberator's teleport section]
Del Tarrant: [to Avon and Dayna:] Summary execution is the usual punishment for boarding a Federation ship without authority. What are you doing on my ship?
Kerr Avon: Your ship?

"Blakes 7: The Harvest of Kairos (#3.5)" (1980)
Del Tarrant: I've been looking all over for you.
Kerr Avon: Well, now you found me.
Del Tarrant: Didn't you hear me calling?
Kerr Avon: I imagine the whole planet heard you.

"Blakes 7: Aftermath (#3.1)" (1980)
[last line of episode]
[In The Liberator's teleport section]
Del Tarrant: [to Avon and Dayna:] Summary execution is the usual punishment for boarding a Federation ship without authority. What are you doing on my ship?

"Blakes 7: Stardrive (#4.4)" (1981)
Del Tarrant: [into communicator] We're in the main drive chamber. It's gonna take about an hour.
Soolin: [on communicator] Right. We'll stand watch.
Del Tarrant: See if you can sober up Vila.
Soolin: We'll try.

"Blakes 7: Orbit (#4.11)" (1981)
[last lines]
Avon: I couldn't find Vila.
Vila: I'm glad about that.
Del Tarrant: Pity about the tachyon funnel, though.
Avon: We had no choice.
Vila: It's a trip I won't forget, Avon.
Avon: Well, as you always say, Vila: you know you are safe with *me*.
[Avon and Vila stare coldly at each other]

"Blakes 7: Assassin (#4.7)" (1981)
Del Tarrant: [accusingly] You enjoyed that, didn't you?
Soolin: There are two classic ways of dealing with an hysterical woman; you didn't really expect me to kiss her, did you?

"Blakes 7: Sand (#4.9)" (1981)
Servalan: Oh, Tarrant. I'm just the girl next door.
Del Tarrant: If you were the girl next door, I'd move.
Servalan: Where would you move, Tarrant?
Del Tarrant: Next door?