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Servalan (Character)
from "Blakes 7" (1978)

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"Blakes 7: The Harvest of Kairos (#3.5)" (1980)
Servalan: Jarvik? Of course. Jarvik. Jarvik, the construction worker. What was it now? "Any fool could take the Liberator with three pursuit ships." Well, the Liberator will soon be diffusing itself throughout the galaxy as so many billion split particles. So, regrettably, we shall never know. Thanks to the folly of your president, who with her aides and her technical advisors, her battle computers and her captains, extravagantly disposed herself to use *four* pursuit ships. And yet any fool could have done it with three. Perhaps this particular fool will tell her how.
Servalan: Well? Have you nothing to say to Servalan?
Jarvik: Woman, you are beautiful.
[Jarvik grabs Servalan and kisses her]

Jarvik: I shall expect both courage and enterprise.
Shad: You will have both, sir.
Servalan: Such old-fashioned concepts, Jarvik. Are they really necessary?
Jarvik: With machines, no. With men, yes.

Servalan: So tell me, Zen, how does one operate this craft?
Zen: One manipulates the controls, and the craft functions accordingly.
Servalan: Yes, and I've heard of your impudence.

Servalan: [to a guard, about Dayna] Take her away somewhere, and kill her.
Dayna: He can try. Or he can kill me here. Nobody takes me anywhere.

[On screen is a primitive landing module]
Servalan: What is that?
Zen: Detector scan reveal it to be a high technology space cruiser.
[Jarvik laughs]
Zen: Hardened self-healing Herculanium hull and superstructure, advanced Time Distort facility, speed range to Standard by twelve point two zero three.
[Jarvik laughs harder]
Zen: Computer assessment of weapons reveals the craft to have an assault capacity marginally greater than that of the Liberator.
[Jarvik laughs harder]
Servalan: [shocked] *Greater*?
[Jarvik looks at Servalan, still laughing at the ludicrous incongruity]

"Blakes 7: Moloch (#3.11)" (1980)
[last lines]
Zen: Information. Three alien spacecraft in hostile formation bearing zero-zero-nine, two million spacials.
Del Tarrant: Flight deck.
[They run to take their places on the bridge]
Del Tarrant: Zen, enemy position.
Zen: One million spacials. We have visual contact with hostile commander.
Del Tarrant: Put her on.
Servalan: [on the viewscreen] Liberator, this is Servalan, President and Supreme Commander of the Terran Federation. You are outnumbered, and at a tactical disadvantage. If you surrender your ship...
[Avon cuts off the transmission]
Dayna: Do we fight?
Avon: Certainly not. We run. Zen, course zero-one-one, speed, standard by six. Get us out of here.

Servalan: Vila, you really must try and be a bit more trusting.

Vila: [holding a gun on Servalan] Right. Now, then.
Servalan: No, Vila; listen. Untie me, and then we can help each other.
Vila: I never imagined you as the sort that would grovel for her life.
Servalan: I am not groveling, you fool. I mean it.
Vila: You *are* groveling.
Servalan: I am *not*! - They've got Tarrant. Now, I can show you where they're holding him. At least, I can suggest where to start looking.
Vila: Why should you want to?
Servalan: Because they're holding two of my pilots there as well. Now, are you going to untie me, or not?
Vila: Last time I saw Tarrant, I was looking down the end of his gun.
Servalan: So, why are we on opposite sides?

Unit Commander Lector: If you think of this mouse as a space captain - it's perfectly healthy, as you can see.
Servalan: I'll take your word for it.
Unit Commander Lector: We make duplicates...
[Lector copies the mouse in the input box and removes a cage containing a dead mouse from the output box. He opens the cage and holds up the dead mouse by the tail]
Section Leader Grose: That's how they come out. Perfect copies, but not working. Colonel Astrid said they lacked a life-support system to carry them through the trauma of molecular integration. Well, I took it to mean they snuffed it before they got going properly.

Servalan: Very well, Section Leader, you've convinced me. There are ways I could put this system to profitable use.
Section Leader Grose: A great many ways, Madam President. More ways than you've begun to realize. But that isn't why I summoned you to Sardos.
[Grose nods at Lector and hands him a card. Lector moves to the machine, and inserts the card]
Servalan: [levelly] Would you say that again?
Section Leader Grose: I brought you here because you had something I hadn't. Something I needed. A pattern.
[Grose gestures at the screen, which now shows a Federation starship]
Servalan: A Mark Two star-... That's my ship.
Section Leader Grose: *My* ship. The flagship of a fleet that grows with every hour.

"Blakes 7: Star One (#2.13)" (1979)
Supreme Commander Servalan: Yes, Durkim, what is it?
Durkim: [indicating the trooper searching him] I find *that* just a little distracting, Supreme Commander.

Supreme Commander Servalan: Obviously, someone is trying to destroy the Federation, now perhaps it's you.
Durkim: Why would I want to do that?
Supreme Commander Servalan: 'Why?' is always the most difficult question. At the moment I am more concerned with 'How?'.

Supreme Commander Servalan: I will not be President of a ruined empire!

[Servalan has just reviewed the recording of the destruction of the Nova Queen]
Supreme Commander Servalan: Unfortunate.
Durkim: You do have a way with words, Supreme Commander.
[Servalan shoots Durkim a look]
Durkim: I'm sorry, that was unnecessary.

Supreme Commander Servalan: There's no doubt in your mind that he was telling the truth?
Interrogator: [V.O] None, Supreme Commander. We didn't rush him. He was telling the truth all right.
Supreme Commander Servalan: Very well. Interrogate the rest of his team just to make sure. And try not to killl *them*!

"Blakes 7: Weapon (#2.3)" (1979)
Supreme Commander Servalan: The weapon is ours, and safe because it guards itself.
Clonemaster Fen: Precisely so.

Space Commander Travis: "The weapon guards itself."
Supreme Commander Servalan: [coldly] Thank you, Travis.
Space Commander Travis: I was merely quoting you, Supreme Commander.
Supreme Commander Servalan: [stern] Contact the ship. I have an appointment with a man named Carnell.

Carnell: [of his chess game] Checkmate. Six times in a row I've beaten it. Supposed to be the best chess computer available. Cost me a fortune. I don't suppose you'd care to discuss my fee at this particular point, would you?
Supreme Commander Servalan: [smiles] No.
Carnell: Oh.
Supreme Commander Servalan: [of Coser] Why are you so certain he isn't dead?
Carnell: He's too good a pilot to have lost control that close to the ground.
Supreme Commander Servalan: You don't know how close to the ground he was.
Carnell: They identified the remains of the ship. If he'd lost it in the descent from primary orbit, there'd be nothing left to find, let alone identify. Therefore, he was close and slow when it happened. Therefore, it didn't happen.
Supreme Commander Servalan: You're very plausible.
Carnell: I'm very good, Supreme Commander, believe me. I've taken everyone and everything into consideration. It's all as predictable as that very expensive chess machine.

Supreme Commander Servalan: It's going wrong, Carnell.
Carnell: Wrong? Ma'm, I'm mortified by your lack of confidence.
Supreme Commander Servalan: If I lose Coser - and his invention - "mortified" is exactly what you'll be.
Carnell: I realize that.
Supreme Commander Servalan: So long as you do.
Carnell: A brilliant psychostrategist like me? Come now, Supreme Commander. How would I not?

"Blakes 7: Seek-Locate-Destroy (#1.6)" (1978)
Space Commander Travis: These are your orders?
Servalan: Destroy Blake.
Space Commander Travis: Depend on it.

Secretary Rontane: Which is why the President has asked me to come here personally; to express his own very grave concern over this matter. The destruction of the communications center has far-reaching political consequences. Controllers from some of the Outer Planets, whose loyalty to the Federation is, uh, delicately balanced, have been openly critical of the Administration's defense system. There are even one or two radical voices that speak of withdrawal from the Federation.
Senator Bercol: My department has done all in its power to suppress information about Blake and his actions - there is a total blackout on all reports concerning him - but still the stories get out. They spread by word of mouth, by whispers, by rumour; each time the story is told it is elaborated upon. Any damage to the Federation is attributed to Blake. The smallest incident is exaggerated out of all proportion until it becomes a major event. Blake is becoming a legend. His name is a rallying call for malcontents of all persuasions. He must be stopped.
Supreme Commander Servalan: Gentlemen: I share the President's grave concern. And I am aware of the danger should Blake become a legend. But let us keep this matter in its correct perspective. It is true that Blake has command of a superb space vehicle, but he is just a man, backed by a handful of criminals, and that is all. He is not invulnerable, nor is he superhuman. He is just a man, who has been extremely lucky to evade capture - so far.

"Blakes 7: Aftermath (#3.1)" (1980)
Servalan: Ours will be the only voice. Imagination - our only limit.
Avon: Imagination my only limit - and I'll be dead in a week.

Servalan: [embracing Avon] Ours will be the only voice. Imagination - our only limit.
Kerr Avon: [shoving her away] Imagination my only limit - and I'll be dead in a week!

"Blakes 7: Hostage (#2.8)" (1979)
Councilor Joban: Some members of the council are concerned that many of our citizens now know of Blake's activities, and those of the renegade Travis.
Servalan: [surprised] But there have been no public spacecasts on either Travis or Blake.
Councilor Joban: People talk, Servalan. There's no way of stopping them.
Servalan: This is a major breach of security. The punishment is total. Who are these people who have been talking? I want their names, Councilor.
Councilor Joban: All sorts of citizens from Alphas to labor grades know of Blake's defiance of the Federation. They talk of him as a sort of... hero, many of them.
Servalan: What rubbish.
Councilor Joban: His men impede progress, and more importantly order. *Order*, Servalan. It is all that matters.
Servalan: I do not need you to remind me of that.

Councilor Joban: The council ask 'where is Blake's head?' And we have no answer.
Servalan: You shall have it.
Councilor Joban: The answer, or his head?
Servalan: Both.

"Blakes 7: Animals (#4.5)" (1981)
Borr: Commissioner, I have the sole operative remaining alive from the Bureau at the time of the experiments on Bucol Two.
Servalan: Who is he?
Borr: His name is Ardus, and he's an ex-officer of the Bureau.
Servalan: Put him on the fastest scout ship available and send him here. No flight plan is to be filed.
Borr: That's against Bureau standing orders, Commissioner.
Servalan: Who do you think wrote those orders, Borr? I did. So do as I say, and do it now.
Borr: At once, Commissioner Sleer.

Borr: Commissioner Sleer, is everything satisfactory?
Servalan: When you dispatched Ardus here to me, did his pilot file a flight plan?
Borr: No Commissioner. Everything was as you instructed.
Servalan: They never arrived here, Borr.
Borr: But they must have done!
Servalan: I suggest you make sure that your connection with their disappearance is never discovered. Without any records to back you up, it might be hard to explain.
Borr: There's... no cause for concern, Commissioner. I was... very discreet.
Servalan: I hope so. Now get me the photo print record on a scientist named Justin, a genetic engineer.
Borr: Certainly.

"Blakes 7: Voice from the Past (#2.10)" (1979)
Servalan: Where there's life, there's threat.

"Blakes 7: Sand (#4.9)" (1981)
Servalan: Oh, Tarrant. I'm just the girl next door.
Del Tarrant: If you were the girl next door, I'd move.
Servalan: Where would you move, Tarrant?
Del Tarrant: Next door?

"Blakes 7: Rumours of Death (#3.8)" (1980)
Avon: Have you murdered your way to the wall of an underground room?
Servalan: It's an old wall, Avon. It waits. I hope you don't die before you reach it.

"Blakes 7: Volcano (#3.3)" (1980)
Mutoid: Long range sensors are registering a slight volcanic tremor from the planet Obsidian.
Servalan: That's all right, it's normal.
Commander Mori: You're quite sure about that, I suppose?
Servalan: [annoyed] Of course I'm sure. I'm going there, aren't I?