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Biography for
Cally (Character)
from "Blakes 7" (1978)

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Cally is the only actual alien in the group, exiled from the planet Auron. She has some limited telepathic abilities which are more of a hazard than a boon to her colleagues. The Auron people are neutral, and appear to suffer from a 'holier than thou' attitude to the rest of the galaxy, Cally too exhibits this - particularly when talk turns to violence or revenge, but her feeling that it is impossible to ignore the plight of the worlds crushed under the Federation's heel keeps her with them even when she isn't comfortable with their methods.

Avon and Blake originally encountered Cally on the planet Saurian Major (in "Time Squad"), where she was the leader of a rebel cadre. Unfortunately the rest of the unit had been killed and she was alone, not the ideal situation for a telepath, a theme which is often brought to the fore. She seems to act as a magnet for the psychic scum of the universe, including other Auronar (in "The Web"), intergalactic despots (in "Dawn Of The Gods"), zombies (in "Sarcophagus"), and a giant brain (in "Ultraworld").

Cally's character changes slightly during her 3 seasons. Becoming less and less keen on direct action, she seems to be disatisfied the most with Blake's stated aim of destroying Star One, but goes along with it because she can see no other option. Cally's meets her fate, alone again, on the planet Terminal when she is killed by Servalan's trap.

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