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Vila Restal (Character)
from "Blakes 7" (1978)

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"Blakes 7: Time Squad (#1.4)" (1978)
Cally: [about Vila] He fears death?
Vila: I plan to live forever - or die trying.

Blake: Zen, report status.
Zen: Liberator is stationary and is stabilized in an anti-orbital posture.
Vila: Whatever that means.
Blake: It means we got it right.
Jenna: Together we can fly this ship manually.
Gan: I think we make a good team.
Avon: [sardonic] Well hooray for us.

Jenna Stannis: We've lost them.
Vila Restal: So much for federation pursuit ships.
Olag Gan: At least we know we can outrun them.
Vila Restal: Outrun them? In this we can out stroll them!

Roj Blake: Some species even have an intelligence rating.
Vila Restal: That's a comfort. I should hate to be eaten by something stupid!

Vila: So much for federation pursuit ships.
Gan: At least we know we can outrun them.
Vila: Outrun them? In this we can out stroll them.
Blake: Don't get too relaxed about it. They'll keep on coming.
Vila: We have the whole universe to hide in.
Blake: Except that we're not going to hide. Very soon now the Federation ships will know exactly where we are. Or at least, where we've been.
Vila: [somewhat confused] I don't follow you.
Avon: Oh, but you do. And that's the problem!

Jenna: Getting nervous?
Vila: No, I've been nervous all along.

[looking around Saurian Major]
Blake: You have to be careful of the plant life around here. Some of it's carnivorous. Some species even have an intelligence rating.
Vila: That's a comfort. I should hate to be eaten by something stupid.

[as Blake is trying to convince Cally he's not Federation, she hears a noise nearby and spins around with her gun leveled]
Cally: Out!
[Vila emerges and comes down towards them, hands raised]
Vila: No need for belligerence, pretty lady. I'm harmless! Quick, isn't she?
Cally: Is he one of your crew?
Blake: One of them.
Avon: [out of sight] And he's useless as he said.
[Avon appears from behind cover and walks towards the others]
Avon: I've had a gun on you the whole time. You were dead as soon as you broke cover.
Vila: "Harmless" was the word I used.
Avon: You couldn't even get that right.

[after Cally explains how the rest of the resistance on Saurian Major were killed]
Blake: You've been working alone ever since.
Cally: My work was in communications, but there will be companions for my death. I plan to raid the complex. To destroy until I am destroyed.
Blake: Well, our aim's the same, but I wasn't planning a suicide mission.
Vila: I should hope not!

"Blakes 7: Killer (#2.7)" (1979)
Vila: Nerves getting a little frayed?
Avon: There are a quarter of a million volts running through that converter. I make one false move, I'll be so crisped up what's left of me won't fit into a sandwich.
Vila: I'm a vegetarian. Thanks for the offer, though.

Vila: I hope you can trust him.
Avon: I told you, he's a friend of mine.
Vila: Yes, I always knew you had a friend. I used to say to people, "I bet Avon's got a friend, somewhere in the galaxy."
Avon: And you were right. That must be a novel experience for you.

Tynus: By the way, why don't our detectors pick up the Liberator?
Vila: Anti-detection screen, one of Avon's gadgets. We're expecting it to break down any time.

Vila: When Avon holds out the hand of friendship, watch his other hand. That's the one with the hammer.

Vila: You don't have a lot of time for Blake, do you?
Avon: I could never stand heroes.
Vila: A quarter of a million volts and you're putting your hand in?
Avon: Ah, but *that* is self-interest. We need that crystal. Blake takes risks to help *other* *people*. Sometimes people he doesn't even know. One day that great big bleeding heart of his will get us *all* killed.
Vila: Unless somebody ditches him first.
[Avon and Vila share meaningful looks]

Tynus: Relax, you've nothing to worry about.
[Tynus steps out to the outer office to take a call]
Vila: [to Avon:] And if you believe that, you'll believe anything.

Avon: Keep an eye on the corridor.
Tannoy voice: Attention! All personnel are instructed to remain at their posts. The situation is under control.
Vila: [incredulous] "Under control"? You know this could be another Casarus.
Avon: What?
Vila: You remember the Casarus swamp fever; killed millions.
Avon: Well there aren't millions here, so don't worry about it.
Vila: Well *I'm* here, and I *do* worry about it! I don't like bugs! You can't hear them, you can't see them and you can't feel them, then suddenly you're *dead*!

Dr. Bellfriar: Everyone who's been into deep space has had the Terran ague, or the three-day sweats as it's commonly known as. It's a sort of a mild infection, it slightly alters the body's nucleic structure, it seems to be a metabolic reaction to space travel. Well this new virus, Paratype 926, attacks those altered cells and acts as a catalyst, they burst and, well the effects are literally a series of explosions that race through the body's neural cell structure. The virus is easily cultured in human tissue or in nucleic acid solution. Now, here is the formula for the antiserum...
Blake: [On Liberator] Dr. Bellfriar, are you saying that this virus is only effective against human beings who've been in deep space?
Dr. Bellfriar: Precisely. It fits your theory. But I don't think that the virus was designed to *destroy* man, merely to confine him to his own planet. Now here is the formula.
Blake: Go ahead.
Dr. Bellfriar: H-N, H-N-O... oh my God!
Blake: Dr. Bellfriar! Dr. Bellfriar!
Dr. Bellfriar: I've forgotten how to read.
[Dr. Bellfriar looks at his hands. They're covered in blisters. He groans and covers his face]
Blake: Transmission ends.
Vila: *Fosforon* ends.
Cally: It's no joke, Vila.

"Blakes 7: Blake (#4.13)" (1981)
Tarrant: You going to tell us what we've got planned, Avon?
Vila: We know what we've got planned. Running away is what we've got planned.
Dayna: A strategic withdrawal is what we've got planned.
Vila: There's a difference?
Tarrant: Oh, yes. A strategic withdrawal is running away - but with dignity.
Vila: So lay in a course and let's get the dignified hell out of here.

Avon: I think we can do better.
Vila: Does that mean safer?
Avon: In the end, winning is the only safety.
Vila: It doesn't mean safer. I didn't think it would.

Avon: [about the Rebellion's new figurehead] He is strongly identified with rebels, you see, and very popular with rabbles. They will follow him, and he will fight to the last drop of *their* blood. Idealism is a wonderful thing. All you really need is someone rational to put it to proper use.
Avon: Someone like you.
Tarrant: So where do we find this useable idealist?
Avon: According to Orac, he is on a frontier planet called Gauda Prime.
Soolin: Gauda Prime?
Avon: You know it?
Soolin: Yes, I know it. It's a bad place to be. No self-respecting idealist would be found dead there.
Avon: I imagine that is what HE is trying to avoid: being found dead anywhere.
Tarrant: Look, are you going to stop playing games and tell us who it is, Avon?
[Vila realizes who Avon is talking about]
Vila: It's Blake, isn't it? You think you've found Blake.
[Avon smiles]

Avon: Orac, what proof do we have that Blake is on Gauda Prime?
Orac: That is where his trail ends.
Tarrant: What trail? Explain.
Orac: The chain of cause and effect amounts to a trail, if you can follow it.
Vila: I can't even follow you.
Orac: Everything has an effect on everything else around it. It is not easy to trace one line through the pattern of infinity, but in this case, I have. Blake is on Gauda Prime.

Vila: [about the cabin they found] The state the roof's in, it's the same as spending a night in the open.
Dayna: Well, if you'd prefer the trees, feel free to go. Don't let us stop you.
Vila: I'd prefer a city, but I'd accept a town. In fact, I'd settle for some indication that we weren't the only people left alive in this miserable tree sanctuary.
Dayna: Look, why don't you go and collect some firewood, hm?
Vila: Because it's dark out there.
Soolin: Surely you're not afraid of the dark.
Vila: Only when it's unilluminated.

[after a group of aircraft passed over]
Vila: So who do you think they were, Soolin?
Soolin: I've no idea, Vila. But one thing I do know: if you want to survive on this planet you have to assume that everyone is out to get you.
Vila: I always assume that wherever I go.
Soolin: The difference is, on Gauda Prime you'll be right!

[Blake enters the tracking room and comes face to face with Avon and the others]
Tarrant: Is it him?
Vila: It's him.
Tarrant: He sold us, Avon. All of us. Even you.
[Avon lowers the gun and approaches Blake]
Avon: [horrified] Is it true?
Blake: Avon, it's me, Blake.
Avon: Stand still!
[Blake stops]
Avon: Have you betrayed us? Have YOU... betrayed... ME?
Blake: Tarrant doesn't understand!
Avon: Neither do I, Blake!
Blake: I set all this up!
Avon: [stunned] Yes!
Blake: [walking towards Avon again] Avon, I was waiting for YOU!
[Avon shoots Blake, who staggers forward and grabs onto Avon's shoulders]
Blake: Oh... Avon...
[Blake collapses, dead]

Arlen: Be so kind as to drop your guns, all of you.
[the Scorpio crew obey]
Arlen: You and this nest of rebels are now prisoners of the Federation. Your friend Blake said he couldn't tell anymore who was Federation and who wasn't. He was right. He couldn't.
Tarrant: [smiling] You're a Federation agent?
Arlen: I'm a Federation officer.
Vila: Oh, now, look, I've never been against the Federation, I mean, I've only ever been along for the ride. I'm not even armed! You can't kill me, I'm completely harmless - and armless!

"Blakes 7: Power (#4.2)" (1981)
[food supplies are running low]
Vila Restal: Well, there's always rodents of one sort or another.
Del Tarrant: I'm a growing lad, Vila. Rats are not the answer to my diet...

Pella: You must be very clever.
Vila Restal: That's what I keep telling everyone. They even believed me in CF One.
Pella: CF One?
Vila Restal: A sort of academy, when I was a boy. They chose me as technical advisor for the escape.
Pella: Escape? From an academy?
Vila Restal: Perhaps academy was the wrong word.

[Vila, Tarrant and Dayna have been captured and brought before an annoyed Gunn Sar]
Gunn-Sar: What do you want?
Vila Restal: A second chance?

[food supplies are running low]
Vila Restal: Well, there's always rodents of one sort or another.
Del Tarrant: I'm a growing lad, Vila. Rats are not the answer to my diet.

Vila Restal: Did you see her?
Del Tarrant: Who?
Vila Restal: Pella, a young woman. She was here a moment ago.
Dayna Mellanby: What are you talking about?
Del Tarrant: Nobody just passed us.
Vila Restal: We've got to get out of here, this whole place could - There's a nuclear compression charge! We've got to move...
Dayna Mellanby: Vila!
Del Tarrant: Calm down, Vila, take it easy.
Vila Restal: It could go at any time!
Del Tarrant: Let's just take one thing at a time. This young woman...

Vila Restal: Have you ever seen a nuclear compression charge go off? Everything gets sucked in. It's like a mini black hole. Looks good! From a distance.

Del Tarrant: Orac, in sixteen minutes this base will be destroyed and you with it. Is there anything logically more important than trying to stop that happening?
Orac: Yes. The most logical course of action is to transport me to safety with all due urgency!
Vila Restal: He's grovelling!
Del Tarrant: We're not going anywhere, Orac, until you give me straight answers...

Vila Restal: The lock is free. Nine and a half minutes. Just do your business with your tele-whatever. Have you ever seen a nuclear black hole go off? It's like a mini compression charge. Yes, I know I'm prattling. It's nerves. Nine and a quarter minutes.

"Blakes 7: Redemption (#2.1)" (1979)
Vila: When you get Zen working, ask him to prescribe something for a headache, will you? I've got this shocking pain right behind the eyes.
Avon: Have you considered amputation?

Vila: So why did they pick on *me*?
Avon: I doubt if it was personal, Vila.
Vila: It *felt* personal. It *always* feels personal when someone tries to *kill* me.

Vila: If it ever comes to a showdown, my money's on Blake. Well, half of it. I'll put the other half on Avon.
Jenna Stannis: [Laughs:] That's a safe bet.
[Then seriously:]
Jenna Stannis: But if Avon is right, we'll probably all be dead anyway.
Vila: Dead? Is that your idea of a safe bet?

Roj Blake: No one is to attempt to repair any equipment 'til the computers are back under our control.
Jenna Stannis: What is it, Blake? What's going on?
Roj Blake: Well, the computers seem to be making decisions for themselves. They're resisting all interference.
Jenna Stannis: But that's not possible.
Roj Blake: [Motions to Avon] Avon.
Avon: It is if you think of the ship as a living entity with massive networks of electronics acting as a nervous system.
Jenna Stannis: All linked into a central computer.
Roj Blake: The brain.
Avon: Carry the analogy a stage further: when a living creature is hurt - a cut or a wound - antibodies gather around the injury to repair it and to fight infection.
Vila: You mean the computers are treating us like *germs*!
Avon: [Smiles briefly at Blake:] Crude, but accurate.
Cally: But antibodies kill infection. Why are we still alive?
Roj Blake: We're not sure. There are dozens of ways the ship could destroy us: cut off the air supply, drop the temperature so we freeze to death -
Vila: Stop putting ideas into its head!
Roj Blake: [to Avon:] Actually, one touch of that cable would have done it. No, I don't think it wants to kill us.
Avon: Well, not yet, anyway. It's saving us for something.
Vila: Dinner?

[Avon and Jenna are sitting on the bench. They hear a noise at the door. Avon signals Jenna to stand by the window while he moves behind the door to attack whoever enters. Avon lets fly before he realizes it's Vila]
Vila: [Doubling over] Oh!
Avon: I'm... sorry, Vila.
Vila: Been looking all over for you two.
Jenna Stannis: How did you get here?
Vila: I was just passing - thought I'd drop in and see you.
Avon: Where are Gan and Cally?
Vila: They're in a cell along the corridor.
Avon: Well, what kept you?
Vila: Magno-locks aren't *that* easy to open, even for *me*.
Avon: Practice. Let's go.
Vila: Just a minute. Where's Blake?
Jenna Stannis: They took him away for questioning.
Vila: Questioning?
Avon: I don't think we should hang around.
[exits cell]
Vila: No, neither do I.
Jenna Stannis: [Checking wound] What did you do to your head?
Vila: One of the guards didn't like me.
Avon: [From outside] Come on!

Zen: Sensors register missile emission.
Vila: Blake, there is no point in going on; we're finished. At this range we haven't a *chance*. She can't *miss* us.
[the ship explodes precisely as Orac predicted]

[the ship explodes precisely as Orac predicted - the *other* ship]
Roj Blake: Vila, did you fire?
Vila: No.
Roj Blake: Then what happened?

"Blakes 7: Moloch (#3.11)" (1980)
Vila: Twenty-seven days.
Avon: What?
Vila: We've been following Servalan for twenty-seven days! Course six-four-five-three, nil curvature, standard by three never mind the occasional ion cloud or asteroid cluster, just blast a way through them! She's gone mad. Or dead. That's it, she's dead! We're following a rogue star cruiser!

Vila: I'm bored.
Dayna: You're boring, Vila.

Del Tarrant: [examining a map] So - this is where we're going.
Vila: What? - Where are we going?
Del Tarrant: To destroy a computer.
Vila: Why?
Del Tarrant: It knows too much about me.

Vila: [holding a gun on Servalan] Right. Now, then.
Servalan: No, Vila; listen. Untie me, and then we can help each other.
Vila: I never imagined you as the sort that would grovel for her life.
Servalan: I am not groveling, you fool. I mean it.
Vila: You *are* groveling.
Servalan: I am *not*! - They've got Tarrant. Now, I can show you where they're holding him. At least, I can suggest where to start looking.
Vila: Why should you want to?
Servalan: Because they're holding two of my pilots there as well. Now, are you going to untie me, or not?
Vila: Last time I saw Tarrant, I was looking down the end of his gun.
Servalan: So, why are we on opposite sides?

Doran: [leering] Ahh, my problem was always women.
Vila: [leering back] You like them?
Doran: [coldly] No.

[Tarrant draws a gun, and levels it at Vila]
Del Tarrant: [softly] One way or another, you're coming with me.
Vila: If it comes down to that, Tarrant, there isn't really a lot of point, is there?

Zen: Information. The present course has no material end. Suggest transfer from linear progression to modular time shift.
Del Tarrant: Suggestion rejected, Zen.
Cally: Just a moment. How long would it take for us to get somewhere using maximum time shift?
Zen: One hundred and fifty-nine Earth years.
Vila: That's all I need.
Dayna: And where will that bring us?
Zen: Repeat: there is no material destination on present course. After one hundred and fifty-nine Earth years, time shift mechanism will cease to function.

"Blakes 7: Weapon (#2.3)" (1979)
Kerr Avon: [presenting a data card] Orac has just come up with the computation and attack strategy that he asked for.
Olag Gan: What attack strategy?
Kerr Avon: Exactly. Another of Blake's little schemes he hasn't thought fit to tell us about. You are not going to believe the target he has in mind.
[Avon tosses the card down]
Cally: [without picking it up] The Federation Weapons Development Base?
Kerr Avon: That's right.
Jenna Stannis: [inspects the card] He obviously thought fit to tell *someone* about it.
Cally: Well, not exactly. I suggested it to him.
Jenna Stannis: *You* suggested it to him. That's very keen of you.
Vila Restal: Why didn't you suggest it to us?
Cally: Because I knew how you'd react.
Kerr Avon: Auron may be different, Cally, but on Earth it is considered ill-mannered to kill your friends while committing suicide.

Kerr Avon: It is a triple-A security installation.
Vila Restal: We have got into those before.
Kerr Avon: Usually with your screams of protest ringing in our ears. Are you telling me that you're in favor of this idea?
Vila Restal: No, not exactly, I just don't think it's stupid. Perhaps - maybe I'm on your side, Cally.
Roj Blake: It's not a question of sides, Vila.
Kerr Avon: No, it's a question of intelligence, so your opinion has very little relevance.

Olag Gan: Someone must have made an attack on the base.
Vila Restal: Who'd be stupid enough to do that?
Kerr Avon: [snaps his fingers] Justify: "stupid".

Jenna Stannis: We're below horizon now.
Olag Gan: Then she's lost!
Kerr Avon: Only us. She got what she really wanted.
Vila Restal: I thought that *was* us.
Roj Blake: IMIPAK. And she beat us to that all right. She seemed to know every single move we were making. It's almost as if we were on strings and she was the puppeteer.
Cally: What is IMIPAK? Is there a defense against it?
Zen: Detectors report two Federation pursuit ships leaving stationary orbit on intercept course.
Roj Blake: Take us out of here, Jenna. Speed: standard by eight. I want a lot of space between us and that planet.
Olag Gan: [to Avon] Is there a defense against IMIPAK?
Kerr Avon: Of course there is! It's called slavery!

Roj Blake: [draws on the main screen by remote] Zen's best guess is that he's here. Offers?
Olag Gan: Let's go and get him.
Kerr Avon: [sardonically] Gung ho.
Vila Restal: *You* go and get him. We're already too close to the security zone for my taste.
Roj Blake: Jenna?
Jenna Stannis: If we know he's there, chances are Federation Security know it, too.
Cally: Zen may have been wrong.
Kerr Avon: In which case going there would be safe, but pointless.
Vila Restal: Now that I wouldn't object to.
Jenna Stannis: Be quiet, Vila.
Vila Restal: Why ask my opinion in the first place?
Cally: Actually, nobody did.
Vila Restal: [to Cally] That's the last time I stand up for you.

Kerr Avon: I think we should go and get him. Always assuming that he is there, and Federation Security are not.
Jenna Stannis: [smiles] "Gung ho"?
[Blake smiles]
Kerr Avon: [pointedly ignoring having his words thrown back at him] We do not know what IMIPAK is.
Roj Blake: Exactly. The least we've got to do is find out what it does.
Vila Restal: Why have we? I can live without it.
Roj Blake: It's just conceivable that you can't.
Kerr Avon: Unless of course you want your last words to be, "So *that's* IMIPAK."
Vila Restal: [confused] I think my brain must be furring up.
Olag Gan: [from across the bridge] IMIPAK might be something they can use against *us*, Vila!
Vila Restal: [and back again] Only if it can run faster than we can!

"Blakes 7: Orbit (#4.11)" (1981)
Avon: [discussing Egrorian] Said to have been a genius. Scientists are still trying to understand the Egrorian theory of parallel matter.
Soolin: What happened to him?
Vila: He disappeared, along with a few million credits from the Space Research Institute.
Soolin: So he's a criminal.
Vila: Aren't we all? Except he pulled off a big one. Which is why he's NOT sitting on Malodar.
Avon: It is a good hideaway.
Vila: Hideaway? Avon, if I got my hands on that kind of money, I'd have gone somewhere I could enjoy it. What is the point of having money if you have to exist on a hole like that!
Avon: You are forgetting, there is a big difference between you and Egrorian: HE has a brain!
Vila: Oh yeah? Well if you had one it might have occurred to you this could be a Federation trap!
Avon: Well of course it's occurred to me. Why do you think I'm sending Tarrant?

Egrorian: Now, then, Avon. What would you say if I offered you mastery of the galaxy?
Avon: Oh, I would say thank you.
Vila: For a whole galaxy? Oh, come on, Avon, show the man some gratitude.
Egrorian: [laughing] Do you think my mind is addled?
Vila: No, no, it's just we don't get offered galaxies every day of the week.

Vila: You know I like to stick with you, Avon, where it's safe.

Avon: All right. Vila, let's get to the airlock.
Vila: Me?
Avon: Well, who else? After all, you always say you feel safe with me.

[last lines]
Avon: I couldn't find Vila.
Vila: I'm glad about that.
Del Tarrant: Pity about the tachyon funnel, though.
Avon: We had no choice.
Vila: It's a trip I won't forget, Avon.
Avon: Well, as you always say, Vila: you know you are safe with *me*.
[Avon and Vila stare coldly at each other]

Egrorian: Orac, what was the subject of my degree thesis at Belhangria University?
Orac: Your paper E stroke nine stroke six-zero-four-four was on particle physics and dealt specifically with the properties of rissions. It was marked Beta plus, Egrorian.
Pinder: [amused] Only Beta plus, Egrorian?
Egrorian: Pinder, you're to be seen and not heard, remember?
Avon: If Orac has a fault, it is a tendency to give more information than is requested.
Vila: Or less information than requested.
Avon: But seldom *just* the information that is requested.
Orac: [continuing] That degree was subsequently rescinded for gross misconduct.
Egrorian: [angry] That's enough, Orac!

"Blakes 7: Star One (#2.13)" (1979)
Vila: This is stupid, Avon!
Avon: When did that ever stop us?

[closing lines]
Avon: Stand by to fire.
Vila: Avon, this is stupid!
Avon: When did that ever stop us? Fire!

Avon: I have been doing some calculations, if this is Star One...
Blake: *If* it is?
Avon: First catch your computer, but all right it probably is, and that being the case the choice of location is fascinating.
Blake: I'm glad you're enjoying it.
Avon: The nearest large galaxy to our own is Andromeda.
Blake: So?
Avon: So, this is the nearest point to Andromeda. If anyone could cross intergalactic space in less than a lifetime we are now precisely upon the route that they would take.
Blake: What are you trying to say, Avon?
Avon: I directed the detectors toward the Andromeda galaxy. There are thousands of satellite generators out there, *beyond* Star One.
Blake: [shocked] What?
Avon: Even with the Federation's resources it must have taken them years.
Blake: [checking the readout] That must be the biggest antimatter minefield ever put together!
Vila: Minefield, what minefield?
Avon: Perhaps the intergalactic drive has been developed. The question is, by whom?
Blake: A defense zone to keep mankind in, or something else out.

Vila: [packing up explosive charges] I don't like explosives, very crude. Difficult to reason with a bomb.
Cally: Blake?
[Vila, startled by Cally's voice, almost drops the explosive]
Avon: [taking device from Vila] They won't explode until they are primed.
Vila: And if it was faulty? Bit late to complain to the manufacturer!

Orac: [about the minefield] A cursory examination of the relevant Star One systems indicates that this defense zone is one of a number of such zones located at strategic points on the rim of that section of the galaxy colonized by mankind.
Vila: Then they are expecting an invasion? A hoard of hairy aliens.
Orac: There is no logical reason why aliens should be hairy.
Vila: There's no logical reason why people should be hairy!

Orac: My preliminary examination of the defense zone indicates that it is made up of a network of satellite generators.
Vila: We could have told you that.
Orac: Each of which performs a dual function: namely, to indicate the approach of an intruder and then to destroy that intruder by a powerful anti-matter implosion.
Jenna: So it's a combined alarm system and minefield.
Orac: Correct. If I may continue.
Vila: He always makes me feel as if I should be taking notes.
Orac: [annoyed] *If* I may continue.

"Blakes 7: Orac (#1.13)" (1978)
Vila Restal: So they'll be on their way to pick up Orac as fast as they can go, and that's fairly fast actually.
Roj Blake: Yeah, not as fast as us.
Kerr Avon: Ever the optimist.

Roj Blake: Our only hope is if they have a supply on Aristo.
Vila Restal: But if they don't?
Roj Blake: They will have.
Vila Restal: But if they don't?
Roj Blake: They will have.
Kerr Avon: There's no point in hiding it, our condition will deteriorate rapidly. If we don't get drug treatment very soon, we shall die.
Vila Restal: Die? I can't do that.
Kerr Avon: I'm afraid you can. It's the one talent we all share, even you.

Kerr Avon: You and I are going down to the surface.
[He thrusts a gun at him]
Kerr Avon: Put that on.
Vila Restal: Are you out of your mind - I'm finding it hard enough just to stay on my feet.
Kerr Avon: Then crawl, but put that on!

Roj Blake: It's exactly as though Ensor were speaking.
Orac: Surely it is obvious even to the meanest intelligence that during my development I would naturally become endowed with aspects of my creator's personality.
Kerr Avon: The more endearing aspects by the sound of it.
Orac: Possibly. However similarities between myself and Ensor are entirely superficial. My mental capacity is infinitely greater.
Jenna Stannis: Modest, isn't he?
Orac: Modesty would be dishonesty.
Vila Restal: What's wrong with being dishonest?
Orac: Is that a question?
Vila Restal: Yes.
Orac: The question is futile. Were I to say that I am incapable of dishonesty how would you know if I was being dishonest or not?
Roj Blake: A question for a question. Well, you're capable of evasion, anyway.
Vila Restal: I think I've heard enough. I don't like him. Orac, be a good junk heap - shut up.

Vila Restal: I don't believe it.
Jenna Stannis: Zen, system status.
Zen: All systems are functioning normally.
Vila Restal: Yes, but Zen's only a machine.
Kerr Avon: So is Orac.
[He removes the activator and throws it across the flight deck]
Vila Restal: That's all right, that's fixed Orac.
Roj Blake: No, it hasn't.
Jenna Stannis: What do you mean?
Roj Blake: We've forgotten something. The prediction has still been made.
Jenna Stannis: Blake!
[the on-screen ship explodes]

"Blakes 7: Countdown (#2.9)" (1979)
Roj Blake: I'd rather not meet anyone until we get the geography of this place sorted out. Men fresh from a battle tend to be a little trigger happy.
Vila Restal: Trigger happy?
Kerr Avon: It would be stupid to be shot up by our own allies.
Vila Restal: Not only stupid. Painful.

Vila Restal: I've done it! I think I've done it. I've isolated the identification sensors. It's straight combination now. Watch this: it should open like a dream.
[the safe opens with an explosion]
Roj Blake: [Coughs] More like a nightmare.

Vila Restal: Which way did they go?
Ralli: The rocket silo.
[Vila runs to the door, then runs back]
Vila Restal: I've forgotten how to get there!
Ralli: The junctions of corridor eleven A, fifty-one B.
Vila Restal: Eleven A, fifty-one B!
[Vila runs out, then stops in a corridor, confused]
Vila Restal: Five A, eleven-one B...

Del Grant: Goodbye, Jenna.
Jenna Stannis: Goodbye.
Del Grant: Goodbye Cally, goodbye Vila. And thank you.
Vila Restal: [cheerily] Any time.
Del Grant: I'll remember that!
Vila Restal: [apprehensively] Oh, will you?

Vila Restal: Blake, look!
Roj Blake: What is it?
Vila Restal: There's a sliding section in the roof. They're launch doors.
[Vila turns a control. The lights dim and the doors slide open with a continuous whirring noise, revealing the night sky. Vila turns the control back and the doors slide shut again, just as slowly and noisily. The lights come up]
Roj Blake: [sternly to Vila] Why don't you do that again? Maybe they didn't hear you!
[Blake and Avon exit]
Vila Restal: Wait for me!

"Blakes 7: The Way Back (#1.1)" (1978)
Roj Blake: Where are we?
Vila Restal: In a transit cell.
Roj Blake: I don't understand.
Vila Restal: You're on your way to the penal colony on Cygnus Alpha. Or you will be when the prison ship's refueled. Try to look on the bright side. It must have something. None of the guests have ever left early. In fact, none of them have ever left at all.
Roj Blake: Why are you going there?
Vila Restal: They didn't give me a choice. I steal things. Compulsive, I'm afraid. I've had my head adjusted by some of the best in the business. But it just won't stay adjusted.
Roj Blake: A professional thief.
Vila Restal: More a vocation than a profession. Other people's property comes naturally to me.
[Jenna sits down next to them]
Jenna Stannis: [to Blake] What's the time?
Vila Restal: [returning Blake's watch] Just taking care of it while you were unconscious. The place is full of criminals.

Vila: [about Jenna] She's a big name. It's an honor to be locked up with her.

Vila: Easy! I hate personal violence, especially when I'm the person.

Jenna Stannis: What's your story?
Roj Blake: I'm innocent. Of what I was charged with, anyway.
Vila Restal: We have something in common then: we're all victims of a miscarriage of justice.
Roj Blake: [protesting] But it's true!
Jenna Stannis: Of course it is.
Roj Blake: [gets the message] What about the others?
Vila Restal: Oh, a very antisocial bunch: murderers, liars, cheats...
Vila Restal: [pauses, looks at Jenna] ... smugglers...
Jenna Stannis: Thieves.
Vila Restal: ...and they're the *nice* people!

"Blakes 7: Horizon (#2.4)" (1979)
Cally: I'm going down.
Vila Restal: You can't do that, Cally.
Cally: They are in trouble. Someone must go down!
Olag Gan: I'll go.
Vila Restal: Gan'll go!
Olag Gan: And Vila will go with me, won't you Vila?
Vila Restal: Will I?
Olag Gan: Well, it'd be stupid to go on my own. And you wouldn't want to send Cally in your place, would you?
Vila Restal: Probably not.
[to Avon:]
Vila Restal: What about you?
Kerr Avon: What about me?
Vila Restal: Why don't you go?
Kerr Avon: *You* are expendable.
Vila Restal: And you're not?
Kerr Avon: No, I am not. I am not expendable, I'm not stupid, and I'm not going.
Olag Gan: I'll get the guns.

Kommissar: He's a common thief; he confessed at once. The spaceship is heavily protected by a force field but the man is ignorant - he knows nothing of its technical capacity.
Ro: What are you going to do with him?
Kommissar: Put him to work. It seems he's never done any in his life.
Vila Restal: "Werk"?

Avon: What's a freighter doing this far out? He's in Zone Eight already. Where the hell is he going?
Blake: Zen, plot of the freighter's course?
Zen: Freighter's course is one oh four grid.
Blake: [surprised] That'll take him into Zone Nine.
Avon: [ironically] So, we are free of the Federation.
Blake: Persistent, aren't they?
Avon: Let's just get out of his way.
Blake: It was you that asked the question. Where are they going? We're hiding, already on the edge of the spiral rim. He's going further out.
Blake: [after a moment's pause] Zen, give us a course and speed where we can observe out of range of the freighter's detectors.
Avon: I'm sorry I mentioned it.
Vila: Aren't we all?

Zen: The freighter's present course will take it into Zone Nine in four hours at present speed.
Blake: Where in Zone Nine?
Zen: The freighter is on course for the only habitable planet in Zone Nine.
Blake: Which is?
Zen: Code-named Horizon.
Blake: "Horizon"?
Avon: Code-named by whom?
Zen: Data was obtained via Federation cipher. Data also suggests that it is visited annually by a Federation supply freighter.
Blake: Carrying what?
Zen: There is no information.
[Blake considers for a moment]
Blake: What are the surface conditions on Horizon?
Zen: Negative information.
Blake: Population?
Zen: Negative information.
Blake: Well, is there *any* information on Horizon?
Zen: Negative.
Blake: Well, is the information on Horizon *classified*?
Zen: Negative information.
Vila: Well, that was a whole lot of nothing.

"Blakes 7: Dawn of the Gods (#3.4)" (1980)
[regaining conciousness, Vila sees several Avons kneeling over him]
Vila Restal: I'm in Hell, and it's full of Avons.

[Vila is trying to open a jammed airlock hatch in a spacesuit]
Vila Restal: I am now trying to open the hatch.
Del Tarrant: [on communicator] Use you delicate skillful touch.
[Vila kicks the hatch open]
Vila Restal: I used my delicate skillful boot.

Vila Restal: Tell us about the Thaarn, Cally.
Cally: It's the oldest story in the Book of Auron.
Vila Restal: Well, let's hear it. I like a good story, meself.
Cally: The story goes back to the mists of time, to the Dawn of the Gods. There were seven gods who discovered the planet Auron, and on it left the first man and woman. A million years went by. The gods returned. They were no older even though a million years had past.
Kerr Avon: Not impossible, if they had a spaceship capable of traveling at near the speed of light.
Cally: I did say it was just a legend. The gods returned and were pleased with what they saw, and they bestowed on the people of Auron great gifts: new types of crops, which ended hunger, constant peace ...
Del Tarrant: And telepathy?
Cally: - and telepathy was promised. But one of the gods was very jealous. He didn't believe that the people of Auron deserved all this. He was frightened they would one day become so powerful they would challenge the supremacy of the gods themselves. And in his rage, he killed another god. The five remaining gods were so angry, they built a chariot for him and sent him beyond the threshold of space and time. The mad god swore a terrible vengeance. He said that he would return again. He said that he alone would discover the eternal secrets and become the one great master of the universe.

Del Tarrant: And what do you suggest we do?
Kerr Avon: Examine the outside.
Del Tarrant: If you want to teleport into oblivion, you just go right ahead.
Kerr Avon: The outer teleport transducers were damaged when the force wall collapsed. Someone is going to have go out through the inspection hatch in a spacesuit and replace them.
Vila Restal: The time we've been in space without a refit that - that hatch will be space-welded shut. Anyway, who would risk it?
Kerr Avon: Someone who has a talent for opening locked doors.
Del Tarrant: And has demonstrated a grasp of the problems involved.
Vila Restal: [pauses in realization] Oh no. Not me. Not a space suit. Well, it wasn't my idea! One of you can go outside! I never did trust those things. Nothing, absolutely nothing in the whole galaxy can or will persuade me to wear one. Not a chance.
Vila Restal: [crossfade to Vila standing dejectedly in a spacesuit] I'm now in the inspection compartment.

"Blakes 7: Duel (#1.8)" (1978)
[the tired crew are watching the screen. Avon, bored, activates a tool for moment to break the silence, then gets up to leave.]
Vila Restal: Have you thought of another plan?
Kerr Avon: Yes: I'm going to get some sleep.
Vila Restal: How can you sleep with all this happening?
Kerr Avon: With all what happening? Blake is sitting up in a tree; Travis is sitting up in another tree. Unless they're planning to throw nuts at one another, I don't see much of a fight developing before it gets light.
Olag Gan: You're never involved, are you Avon? You ever cared for anyone?
Vila Restal: Except yourself?
Kerr Avon: I have never understood why it should be necessary to become irrational in order to prove that you care, or, indeed, why it should be necessary to prove it... at all.
[Avon exits]
Vila Restal: Was that an insult or did I miss something?
Cally: You missed something.

Gan: You're never involved, are you Avon? Have you ever cared for anyone?
Vila: ...Except yourself?
Avon: I have never understood why it should be necessary to become irrational in order to prove that you care. Or indeed why it should be necessary to prove it - *at all*.
Vila: Was that an insult, or did I just miss something?
Cally: You missed something!

Roj Blake: [laughs] I get the distinct feeling I offended Zen's professional pride then.
Avon: It's just a machine, Blake.
Vila: And he should know.
Gan: Well Avon is the expert.
Vila: That's not what I meant.
Avon: No, he was calling me a machine, but since he undoubtedly defines himself as a human being, I shall choose to accept that as more of a compliment than anything else.

Vila: Have you thought of another plan?
Avon: Yes. I'm going to get some sleep.
Vila: How can you sleep with all this happening?
Avon: With all what happening? Blake is sitting up in a tree, Travis is sitting up in another tree. Unless they're planning to throw nuts at one another, I don't see much of a fight developing before it gets light.

"Blakes 7: Hostage (#2.8)" (1979)
[Under heavy Federation attack]
Blake: Hang on everyone, this is going to be rough!
Vila: I don't mind rough. It's fatal I'm not keen on!

Vila: What did I do to deserve this?
Avon: How long a list would you like?

Vila Restal: What did I do to deserve this?
Kerr Avon: How long a list would you like?

Vila: Avon, when are you going to repair that detector shield?
Avon: Whenever we stumble across the parts I need.
Cally: Maybe we should give priority to getting them.
Vila: Yes, maybe we should.
Blake: Looks as though the Federation have developed a shield themselves.
Cally: Yes, well they got very, very close before we saw them.
Avon: And that is the most depressing aspect of the whole affair. I was rather hoping to sell them the idea.

"Blakes 7: Rumours of Death (#3.8)" (1980)
[the Federation's top torturer is now Avon's prisoner on the Liberator]
Shrinker: Why? I don't even... I never saw him before. What have I ever done to him?
Dayna: You killed someone he loved.
Vila: And there aren't many of them about. Avon's not a very lovable man, in case you hadn't noticed.

Del Tarrant: Is it done?
Avon: Yes, but it isn't finished.
Vila: Wonderful. Who's next on your list? Servalan?
Avon: [inserts key] Orac.
Orac: [annoyed] What is it *now*?
Avon: Gracious as ever. Orac, I want you to interrogate the Federation Security computers and get me Servalan's present location.
Vila: [astonished] I was *joking*, Avon!

Del Tarrant: [into communicator bracelet] Stay awake.
Vila: [V.O] Of course.
Del Tarrant: And sober.
[Tarrant breaks communication link]
Vila: [alone at teleport controls] That was uncalled for.
Vila: [pours a drink] I only drink to be sociable.
Vila: [raises glass] Cheers, Orac.

Dayna: What do you suppose went wrong down there?
Vila: [ref. to Shrinker's capture] Took longer to trap him than we expected, that's all.
Dayna: No, I didn't mean the plan. I meant the whole thing. What happened to the rebellion? Why is the Earth still controlled by creatures like him?

"Blakes 7: Ultraworld (#3.10)" (1980)
[Vila is teaching Orac riddles]
Vila: No, Orac, you don't understand. I say "Where to space pilots leave their ships?" and you say, "I don't know, where do space pilots leave their ships?"
Orac: And supposing I don't wish to know that?
Vila: But you've got to say it or the riddle won't work.
Orac: It is plainly nonsensical.
Vila: Of course. That's the whole idea.
Orac: I fail to see why I take part in a meaningless, illogical conversation. It doesn't make sense and is therefore a waste of time. I'm shutting down.
Vila: Do it for me this once, Orac, please. Ready? Where do space pilots leave their ships?
Orac: I don't know. Where do space pilots leave their ships?
Vila: At parking meteors.
[Vila laughs. Orac shuts off indignantly]

Vila: Knock, knock.
Orac: Who's there?
Vila: Atch.
Orac: Atch who?
Vila: Sorry, I didn't know you had a cold.
Orac: A cold what?
Vila: No, not a cold what. Just a cold. You know, cold, chill.
Orac: I am not subject to colds and chills. Some trace deposits on my anodizers perhaps, but I am quite capable of dealing with that myself.
Vila: [giving up] Forget it. Go back to sleep.
Orac: Is this another riddle?
Vila: No.

Orac: The idiosyncratic syntax of riddles interests me. They seem to depend for their effect on solecisms and grammatical discrepancies.
Vila: [totally confused] Eh?
Orac: Do you have another riddle for me to analyze?
Vila: You'd only spoil it.
Orac: I thought you liked riddles.
Vila: I do when I'm allowed to tell them properly. All you're interested in is the idiotic tintax or something.
Orac: That's very clever.
Vila: What is?
Orac: For idiosyncratic syntax you substituted idiotic tintax. Yes, very good.
Vila: [brightening] Is it?
Orac: Another one, please.
Vila: Right. What's the best cure for water on the brain?
Orac: I don't know. What is the best cure for water on the brain?
Vila: A tap on the head.
Orac: A tap on the head. Yes, I see. In this instance the word tap has a double meaning, as in to strike something and as a device for controlling the release of fluid from a tank or pipe. The fluid referred to is water, therefore, tap on the head has two ambivalent meanings, one pertaining to the striking of the cranium...
[Vila grabs his head in frustration]

Orac: The idiosyncratic syntax of riddles interests me. They seem to depend for their effect on solecisms and grammatical discrepancies.
Vila Restal: [totally confused] Eh?
Orac: Do you have another riddle for me to analyze?
Vila Restal: You'd only spoil it.
Orac: I thought you liked riddles.
Vila Restal: I do when I'm allowed to tell them properly. All you're interested in is the idiotic tin tax or something.
Orac: That's very clever.
Vila Restal: What is?
Orac: For "idiosyncratic syntax" you substituted "idiotic tin tax". Yes, very good.
Vila Restal: [brightening] Is it?
Orac: Another one, please.
Vila Restal: Right. What's the best cure for water on the brain?
Orac: I don't know. What is the best cure for water on the brain?
Vila Restal: A tap on the head.
Orac: "A tap on the head." Yes, I see. In this instance the word "tap" has a double meaning, as in to strike something and as a device for controlling the release of fluid from a tank or pipe. The fluid referred to is water, therefore, "tap on the head" has two ambivalent meanings, one pertaining to the striking of the cranium...
[Vila grabs his head in frustration]

"Blakes 7: Games (#4.8)" (1981)
Guard: This is a restricted area.
Gerren: I am Academician Gerren doing geological survey work for the Planetary Resources Commission.
Guard: Papers?
[Gerren hands them over]
Guard: That seems to be order.
Guard: [to Vila and Tarrant] You?
Gerren: They are part of my survey team.
Guard: I still need to see their papers.
Vila Restal: I seem to have left mine behind.
Guard: Then I'm sure you won't object to being searched. Search him!
[the other guard frisks Vila and finds the Mecronian knife]
Guard: Four of our men have been killed with a knife like that.
Vila Restal: You don't think - I mean, I'm not the violent type, really I'm not.
Guard: Then why do you carry that?
Vila Restal: I found it.
Guard: Where?
Vila Restal: It was stuck in one of your men.

Kerr Avon: [into communicator] Dayna, we're down safe in Orbiter and proceeding.
Gambit, Orac: [in unison] Countdown twelve minutes, twenty seconds, and running.
Vila Restal: What does that mean?
Kerr Avon: I imagine that if we're not out of here by the time it hits zero, we might regret it.
[Soolin presses the button to reveal the screen and start the game. She picks up the electronic pistol]
Gambit, Orac: Control system feedback is through the weapon. The game adjusts to meet, and on the last shot, exceed the proficiency of the players.
Soolin: You have to outshoot yourself.
Del Tarrant: Stupid game.
Soolin: Not really. Finally a game worth playing.

Orac, Gambit: [in unison] The orbiter is preprogrammed. Flight power depends on the distance and intensity of each star the feldon panels are locked into. The successful completion of a game continues the sequence. To regain control, you must complete the coded sequence of star sources.
Vila Restal: What about the feldon crystals?
Kerr Avon: Gambit?
Orac, Gambit: This game will reveal the entrance.
Soolin: All we have to do is lock on to the right star.
Orac: It is possible that we've just received the right answer to the wrong question.

"Blakes 7: Seek-Locate-Destroy (#1.6)" (1978)
Jenna Stannis: [into comm] Hold on, just checking.
[to Vila]
Jenna Stannis: Are you ready?
Vila Restal: Tell him I've just worked out a completely new strategy. It's called running away.

Vila Restal: There isn't a lock I can't open - if I'm scared enough.

Jenna Stannis: [lays device on control panel] So you got it.
Roj Blake: It was close though.
Kerr Avon: Too close. Another few seconds we'd have all been blown up.
Vila Restal: Well, it wasn't my fault.
Kerr Avon: Well, whose fault was it? I thought you were supposed to guard the corridor.
Vila Restal: You were supposed to disconnect that thing, not rely on Gan to tear it loose with his teeth.
Jenna Stannis: All right, all right, now calm down.

"Blakes 7: Trial (#2.6)" (1979)
Jenna: What are you doing?
Avon: It's a detector shield. I've been working on it for some time.
Vila Restal: Everyone should have a hobby. What's it do?
Avon: It should keep us off everything but the Federation's close range visual scanners.
Vila Restal: You mean their long-range detectors won't pick us up at all? But that's brilliant, Avon, absolutely brilliant! It'll never work.
Avon: There's only one way to find out.

Avon: I'm sure Blake will find us something suitable to attack.
Vila Restal: I see. You've decided to be led like the rest of us.
Avon: I shall continue to follow. It's not quite the same thing.
Vila Restal: I don't see the difference.
Avon: I didn't really think that you would.

[a patrol of six Federation pursuit ships just flew past the Liberator]
Vila Restal: They missed us! Avon's gadget works!
Roj Blake: I never doubted it for a moment.
[Avon looks troubled]
Roj Blake: [to Avon:] Is something wrong?
Avon: It just occurred to me, that as the description of a highly sophisticated technological achievement, "Avon's gadget works," seems to lack a certain style.

"Blakes 7: Stardrive (#4.4)" (1981)
Dayna Mellanby: Sometimes, Vila, you can be quite disgusting.
Vila Restal: [drunkenly] Not so, my lovely. I can be disgusting all the time. It's easy.

[Vila stumbles in carrying a wine carafe]
Vila Restal: [drunkenly] Hello there! Anyone for a party? I'm afraid you'll have to bring your own booze 'cause I've already drunk my own. Anyone got any booze? Huh? And how about my... cold, calculating Soolin? I'd like to see you unbend...
[Soolin moves to a another station]
Vila Restal: ...just a little before we're all... all...
Dayna Mellanby: Sometimes, Vila, you can be quite disgusting.
Vila Restal: Not so, my lovely. I can be disgusting all the time. It's easy. Easy as colliding with an asteroid, eh, Avon? You know, they say all your life passes in front of you when you're about to, about to... y'know. It's what's happening to me now. All my past life.
Avon: That's one misfortune we don't have to share.
Vila Restal: Fourteen I was when I was first sent to a penal colony. Ship was hit in the main drive by a meteoroid. Bang! Y'know what they did to repair it? Activated the force wall and generated an atmosphere inside the force wall so the repair team could work in a vacuum without spacesuits, 'cause it wasn't a vacuum any more if you see what I mean. Very clever, those old prison hulk skippers.

Vila Restal: [drunkenly] Hurray!
Soolin: Out of the mouths of drunks.
Vila Restal: [sober] Drunk? Who's drunk?
Dayna Mellanby: You are.
Vila Restal: [indicating wine carafe] Show me how to get drunk on plain water and I won't waste time.
Dayna Mellanby: Well, then why pretend?
Vila Restal: Because, my lovely Dayna, and Soolin, no one ever tells someone who's drunk to volunteer.
Soolin, Dayna Mellanby: [laugh]
Vila Restal: I don't like to work in main drive chambers! Especially main drive chambers that are separated from space by one of Slave's force walls.

"Blakes 7: Mission to Destiny (#1.7)" (1978)
Vila Restal: [Entering with Blake] Where are Cally and Avon?
Roj Blake: It's a long story.
Vila Restal: Well, what's in the box?
Roj Blake: It's an even longer story.
Vila Restal: I like stories!

Zen: In one point zero three minutes, it will no longer be possible to operate force wall and main drive simultaneously. Please decide which to close down.
Jenna Stannis: Without main drive we'll never get out of this.
Vila Restal: Without the force wall we'll be smashed to pieces!
Roj Blake: Have the locators detected the outer edge of the storm yet?
Vila Restal: [looks at his panel] No. Yes! No... Maybe.
Roj Blake: Which is it, Vila?
Vila Restal: [looks again] It's "Maybe."
Zen: Directive is now required.

Vila Restal: [to Jenna] I don't think I feel very well.
Olag Gan: [retrieving the neutrotope box from the floor] I hope nothing's been broken.
Roj Blake: So do I.
[Blake keys the combination and opens the box. It's empty]
Roj Blake: It's still on the Ortega! We've got to get back to them!
Vila Restal: [to a stunned Jenna] Now I *know* I don't feel very well.

"Blakes 7: City at the Edge of the World (#3.6)" (1980)
Vila: Where did you come from?
Kerril: Here and there. Mostly there.

Vila: I think I just made the biggest mistake of my life.
Orac: It is unlikely. I would predict there are far greater mistakes waiting to be made by someone with your obvious talent for it.

Kerril: Are you playing games with me?
Vila: Games?
Kerril: Yes. Games. If you think what happened in here gives you the right to treat me like some sort of...
Vila: Treat you like some sort o' what? I haven't treated you like any sort of anything. We're out there in the sunshine, when all of a sudden for no good reason at all you throw a tantrum and go off in all directions.
Kerril: "For no good reason at all"?
Vila: All right then, give me a good reason. I'm a reasonable man. I'll accept a good reason. I'll accept a bad reason. I'll accept any damn reason at all, just tell me what the *hell* it is I'm meant to have done.
Kerril: You really don't know, do you?
Vila: Isn't that what I just said?
Kerril: Oh!

"Blakes 7: Cygnus Alpha (#1.3)" (1978)
Vila: [looking around Cygnus Alpha] This is nice, isn't it. What a miserable hole. If we all complained do you think they'd give us a refund.
Arco: Shut up.

Selman: What do you think it will be like, Arco?
Arco: How should I know? It won't be good, will it? They don't put penal colonies on easy-living planets.
Selman: What about guards, authorities?
Vila: Why should they bother? It's a long walk back.

[regarding a temple on Cygnus Alpha]
Vila: The architectural style is early maniac.
Arco: We need food and shelter.
Vila: But do we need them that badly?

"Blakes 7: Rescue (#4.1)" (1981)
Vila Restal: [to himself] No. Why should I? I don't have to justify my existence by going through the motions of trying to open a door which I know is impossible. I'm the expert. If I say it's impossible, then it's impossible. To hell with it. I wonder where they keep that wine!

Vila Restal: [to himself] You know, Avon could be right about getting out of here. There's something very suspicious about a man who keeps his booze under lock and key.

Dayna: Cheer up, Vila. You've got a lot of very bright associates too.
Vila: Oh yeah? Name six.

"Blakes 7: Headhunter (#4.6)" (1981)
Vila Restal: If Avon rates this Muller as such a genius why didn't he come for the man himself?
Del Tarrant: He probably just wanted to get you away from the base, to avoid more bother over Muller's lady.
Vila Restal: I was a perfect gentleman towards her.
Del Tarrant: That's what bothered us.

[Things are going awry with Muller's rescue]
Vila Restal: A straightforward pickup job you said. As last words go, they're not likely to be famous.
Del Tarrant: You should worry.
Vila Restal: I do! Supposing they fire off a few interceptors in this direction?
Del Tarrant: Duck.

[Vila is hiding from the android in a closet when Soolin finds him]
Soolin: Is this a private game or can anyone play?
Vila Restal: [coming out of the closet] We've been looking for you.
Soolin: In there?

"Blakes 7: Voice from the Past (#2.10)" (1979)
Roj Blake: Got us back on course for Del Ten, have they?
Vila Restal: That's right.
[Vila moves to replace the tranquilizer pad on Blake's forehead]
Roj Blake: Not just yet. You know what's happening, don't you?
Vila Restal: Happening?
Roj Blake: Avon and Cally.
Vila Restal: What about them?
Roj Blake: Paired up. Mutual affinities.
Vila Restal: You mean - ?
Roj Blake: Oh, it's been going on for some time now. I didn't realize it had gone as far as this.
Vila Restal: As what?
Roj Blake: Well, why do you think they're so keen to get us to Del Ten?
Vila Restal: The beta particles.
Roj Blake: Who said?
Vila Restal: Well... *you* did!
Roj Blake: No, *Avon* said. I didn't want to resist him, block him or it. Would arouse his suspicion. I needed time to form a counter plan.
Vila Restal: What are you saying?
Roj Blake: Our only hope is this asteroid. Correction, our nearest hope.

Vila Restal: But you're suggesting...
Roj Blake: Oh, betrayal, treachery, piracy, call it what you will: that is what Avon and Cally are up to.
Vila Restal: And Jenna?
Roj Blake: No, not Jenna. I think she was probably duped by the other two.
Vila Restal: How?
Roj Blake: Space fatigue, is that what they're saying?
Vila Restal: Yeah.
Roj Blake: Well, It's obvious, isn't it? They gave me some form of drug, and then put on a show for you and her.
Vila Restal: [considering] Wow, Avon has been excluding me a bit lately.
Roj Blake: It's nothing to what he'll do when they get to Del Ten.
Vila Restal: What?
Roj Blake: He *might* allow you to stay on afterwards. He'd be stupid to reduce his manpower more than absolutely necessary.
Vila Restal: Well, what do we do?
Roj Blake: The first thing to do is to resume course for that asteroid.
Vila Restal: Right.
Roj Blake: [indicating his restraints] One more thing, Vila.
Vila Restal: Oh yes, sorry.
[Vila releases Blake]
Roj Blake: Thank you. Asteroid PK, One, One, Eight.
Vila Restal: Right.
Vila Restal: [Moves in front of Zen] Zen, abort course for Del Ten. Resume course for asteroid PK One One Eight. Confirm with arrival time.
Zen: Arrival asteroid PK One One Eight at nineteen zero eight.
Vila Restal: Just over half an hour.
Vila Restal: [turns around] Blake?
[Blake is gone]

"Blakes 7: Shadow (#2.2)" (1979)
Vila Restal: Where are all the good guys?
Roj Blake: You could be looking at them.
Kerr Avon: What a very depressing thought.

Cally: [using communications] Vila, this is Cally. Come in please. Vila!
Vila Restal: [V.O., dreamily] What do you want, Cally?
Cally: I want you back here. Get ready to teleport.
Vila Restal: Wasting your time, Cally. I'm not wearing the bracelet. I'm not going to be snatched away in the middle of... in the middle of anything. Sightseeing. And you should see some of the sights I'm seeing. No. Perhaps you shouldn't.
Cally: [firmly] Where is Orac?
Vila Restal: Promised not to tell. I never break a promise.
Cally: Oh yes, you do!
Vila Restal: Almost never. Orac's all right. He can't run away.
Cally: Oh, you fool, Vila!
Vila Restal: Stop worrying, Cally. I'll be back soon. Tell you what, I'll bring you back a present. What would you like, Cally? Name it and it's yours.
Cally: A necklace, Vila, made from your teeth!

"Blakes 7: Bounty (#1.11)" (1978)
Vila: I'm entitled to my opinion.
Avon: It is your assumption that *we* are entitled to it as well that is irritating.

[Vila can't contact anyone else on the Liberator]
Vila: Zen, has something happened to them?
Zen: Data is not available.
Vila: I don't want data, I want to know what's happening.
Zen: It will be necessary for you to make a personal investigation.
Vila: Oh, you're a big help. "Personal investigation."
[Vila worriedly begins putting on a gunbelt]
Vila: "Personal investigation!" The next time Avon wants to make a personal investigation on how you work I shall make a personal point of handing him the instruments... personally!

"Blakes 7: The Web (#1.5)" (1978)
Blake: Vila.
Vila Restal: Yes.
Blake: It's time to use the neutron blasters.
Vila Restal: At last. I've been looking forward to this.
Blake: Take it easy. It might blow us all up. See if you can blast a hole through that web. Fire!
[Vila presses a button to fire. An alarm sounds]
Zen: Neutron flare shield has not been activated.
Vila Restal: Which one's that?
Blake: [angrily to Zen:] *Activate* the neutron flare shield!
[Alarm stops. A parallel hatch pattern overlays the main screen]
Zen: Confirmed. Blasters are cleared for firing.

Zen: Limited range forward vision is available should you require it.
Vila Restal: Why couldn't you tell us that before?
Blake: Put up forward vision.

"Blakes 7: Terminal (#3.13)" (1980)
[in the Teleport Bay, Dayna and Cally are playing an electronically enhanced board game]
Vila Restal: That was it! Go on, you've got her! What are you waiting for?
Dayna Mellanby: Well, I'm not sure. It's risky.
Vila Restal: Make the move. You'll wipe her out.
Dayna Mellanby: [hesitates] Are you sure you can't read my mind, Cally?
Cally: Of course I can't. Even if I could, I wouldn't. That *would* be cheating.
Vila Restal: [ignoring or ignorant of the slight] Go on, make the move. Take my word for it. Remember, I play this game right up to Galactic Master standards.
Dayna Mellanby: Well, all right, if you're sure.
Vila Restal: Just do it. Trust me.
[Dayna makes the move and presses a button, locking it in]
Vila Restal: [to Cally] Let's see you get out of *that*, then.
[Cally confidently makes her countermove. The center of the playfield lights up and it emits an airy noise. Dayna looks accusingly at a stunned Vila]
Cally: My game in nine thousand, seven hundred and twenty-one moves.
Dayna Mellanby: [sarcastically] "Galactic Master". Thanks a lot.
Vila Restal: Wasn't my fault. Cally responded with the wrong move. If she'd made the right one, she'd have lost that game.

Del Tarrant: [to Vila] Aren't you supposed to be on watch?
Vila Restal: Avon's doing it.
Del Tarrant: [incredulous] Still? He's been on that flight deck more than thirty hours now.
Vila Restal: I offered. He said he was handling things and would I please leave. No, that's not true. He didn't say anything. He yelled. Told me to get out and stay out.
Cally: Same with me.
Dayna Mellanby: And me.
Del Tarrant: What the hell is he up to?
Dayna Mellanby: Well, why don't you ask him?
Del Tarrant: Why don't I do that?
[Tarrant leaves for the Bridge]
Cally: [calls after] Rather you than me!
Vila Restal: [also calls after] Watch yourself!

"Blakes 7: Space Fall (#1.2)" (1978)
[Blake's first encounter with Avon]
Vila: Blake - Kerr Avon. When it comes to computers, he's the number two man in all the Federated worlds.
Nova: Who's number one?
Vila: The guy who caught him.

[two guards turn the corner; Gan grabs them by their gun arms]
Olag Gan: Grab the guns!
[Vila and a prisoner each grab a gun as two more guards turn the corner]
Olag Gan: [to two new guards] Stay right there, or we'll kill them. Drop your guns!
[Vila promptly throws down his gun to everyone's surprise]
Dainer: [opportunistically shoots the armed prisoner, then covers Gan]
[to Gan]
Dainer: Move, and *you're* dead!
Olag Gan: [releases the first two guards and, when prompted, stands in surrender]
Olag Gan: Vila!
Vila: I got confused.

"Blakes 7: Powerplay (#3.2)" (1980)
[last lines]
Kerr Avon: [to Dayna and Tarrant:] Welcome to the Liberator.
Vila Restal: And you are, welcome to it.
Cally: Oh? Given the choice would you rather be a load of spare parts down there?
Kerr Avon: Or one spare part up here?

"Blakes 7: The Keeper (#2.12)" (1979)
Vila: Don't leave me here! At least leave me a torch. I don't like the dark. I like to see what I'm scared of.

"Blakes 7: Sarcophagus (#3.9)" (1980)
Vila Restal: My head is killing me.
Del Tarrant: You should learn self defense.

"Blakes 7: Assassin (#4.7)" (1981)
Vila: You're going to shoot an unarmed prisoner?
Soolin: When did you get religion?

"Blakes 7: Sand (#4.9)" (1981)
Kerr Avon: Orac, teleport.
Orac: Teleport? I am not programmed. Three squared to the principal.
Dayna Mellanby: Oh, no.
Orac: I love you.
Vila Restal: Orac!
Orac: My emotions are deeper than the seas of space. One times one is only possible in the ultra-dimensional.
Kerr Avon: Turn Orac off.
Orac: [breathily] I love you.
Kerr Avon: [offended] *Off*!
Orac: We will be lovers for a little while, or maybe for a long while, who knows?
Soolin: I do.
[Soolin pulls Orac's key]
Vila Restal: What a thought.

"Blakes 7: Warlord (#4.12)" (1981)
Vila Restal: Avon's idea of diplomacy is like breaking someone's leg, then saying, "Lean on me."

"Blakes 7: Animals (#4.5)" (1981)
Vila: Why do I get all the dirty jobs?
Soolin: Typecasting?