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Harry Senate (Character)
from "Boston Public" (2000)

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"Boston Public: Chapter Nine (#1.9)" (2001)
Harry Senate: Should I go get my gun?
Scott Guber: Is there anything that you *don't* find funny?
Harry Senate: Well... your tie.

Scott Guber: Mr. Senate, I need a favor.
Harry Senate: Is it sexual?

"Boston Public: Chapter Thirty-Four (#2.14)" (2002)
[after Harry Senate knocked out a student, in self-defense]
Scott Guber: Do you think this is funny?
Harry Senate: No, funny would be if I knocked you out, Scott.

"Boston Public: Chapter Thirty-Three (#2.11)" (2002)
Steven Harper: [When listening to Harry Senate complain about Scott Guber] What exactly are you asking me for, Harry?
Harry Senate: The right to tell him to go to hell.

"Boston Public: Chapter Three (#1.3)" (2000)
Scott Guber: [to the School Board] If you choose to remove Steven Harper, you'll be getting rid of me. If he goes, so do I!
Kevin Riley: You'll get my resignation!
Lauren Davis: And mine!
Milton Buttle: I won't stay!
Marla Hendricks: Me neither!
Harry Senate: [sarcastically] Oh, I'll stay forever.
Marilyn Sudor: We'll ALL leave!
Teacher: Here's MY resignation!
[all the teachers stand up]

"Boston Public: Chapter Two (#1.2)" (2000)
[female students are taking off their bras and hanging them from lockers]
Harry Senate: Lipschultz told them to wear their brassieres for the good of their country. Turns out they're a bunch of Communist sluts.

"Boston Public: Chapter One (#1.1)" (2000)
[Harry just shot three blank rounds from his gun, all the students are cowering under their desks in fear]
Harry Senate: [jubilant] Aren't these things GREAT! Hell, you can use them to kill a classmate.
Harry Senate: Maybe even shoot a TEACHER! Yeah, you kids really know what to respect! Stay down there until I tell you to get up!

"Boston Public: Chapter Seven (#1.7)" (2000)
[addressing the Winslow High chapter of the NRA]
Harry Senate: Anyone I suppose could contribute to a shelter or help the needy, but it takes a true American to dedicate himself to firearms. And you know what? We need people like you. Our country's getting a bad rep just because we kill each other. Well, that's manly... shooting people. United States, this is were men live. Australia - all their stupid bragging about how tough they are in the outback. They get about... 15 gun homicides a year. What the hell is that? We get ten thousand. The Japanese are even more pathetic. In 1999, for kids between 15 and 19, they didn't have one handgun murder, not one! We had over five thousand! Our teenagers are tough, but it can't happen unless we get the guns out there into their hands. And for that we need committed, good people like all of you. Look at these idiots in Washington who think it's wrong for teenagers to have assault rifles. And the stupid Democrats think we should have ten-day waiting periods. What happens if you need to kill somebody today? Next thing the government will try to crack down on incest and we won't be able to breed future NRA members. I mean, we are talking about the toothless illiterates that make this country great. This is America. Get a gun!

"Boston Public: Chapter Four (#1.4)" (2000)
Lauren Davis: Sometimes i feel so clueless as to how to do this job.
Harry Senate: Just follow the teachers manual. I do. To the letter. Kid doesn't wanna come to class just let him touch a corpse or give a lecture on premature ejaculation. It's all in there. Teachings easy. Just use the manual.

"Boston Public: Chapter Twenty-Five (#2.3)" (2001)
Harry Senate: The spirit of Winslow High is to give kids second chances.