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Quotes for
Tim (Character)
from SubUrbia (1996)

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SubUrbia (1996)
Jeff: Nothing ever changes, man. Fifty years from now we're all gonna be dead. And there will be another group of people standing here drinking beer, eating pizza, bitching about the price of Oreos and they'll have no idea we were ever here and fifty years after those suckers will be dust and bones and there'll be all these generations of suckers, all trying to figure out what the fuck they're doing on this fucking planet and it'll all be full of shit. It's all so fucking futile.
Tim: If it's all so fucking futile, what the fuck are you so fucking upset about, fuckhead?

Bee-Bee: Didn't you see their video on MTV?
Tim: No, I shot my TV.

Tim: Well, dad, she said she wanted to suck my cock.
Pony: Oh. Uh-huh.
Tim: She said you wanted to suck my cock, too.
Pony: I think I gotta go.
Tim: Don't go! You're not gonna suck my cock?

Tim: I expanded my horizons, you know, served my country, saw the world, you know. I've gained wisdom and now I'm back, baby, back from the road, me and Jack Kerouac.

Buff: Hey, I've been making these tapes, you know, video tapes. I ripped off a camcorder up at the mall and I thought, you know, it could be something that I do, be a video artist, you know.
Tim: Ladies and gentlemen, Buff, the postmodern idiot savant. He willl outdo us all.