Duchess of York
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Duchess of York (Character)
from Richard III (1995)

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Richard III (1995)
Richard III: Madam, mother, I do humbly crave your blessing.
Duchess of York: God comfort you; and put meekness in your breast, love, charity, obedience and true duty!
Richard III: Amen;
Richard III: and make me die a good old man! That is the butt-end of a mother's blessing.

Duchess of York: Are you my son?
Richard: Yes. I thank God, my father, and yourself.

Duchess of York: [to Richard III] You came on earth to make the earth my hell.

Duchess of York: [to Richard III] To war take with you my most gravest curse! My prayers shall on Richard's party fight. Bloody you are! Bloody will be your end! Shame serves your life and will your death attend.