Duchess of York
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Biography for
Duchess of York (Character)
from Richard III (1995)

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Duchess of York (Cecily Neville) is a historical character from William Shakespeare's play Richard III and the film adaptations based on the play. The Duchess is the matriarch of the York Family, who fights against the Lancaster Family. Both families claim the crown of England, but after all, the Yorks will get the throne.

Duchess of York's husband has died in the battle, but she still has three sons: Edward, who becomes a king; the beloved George, Duke of Clarence; and Richard, Duke of Gloucester, hated fiercely by his mother. Indeed, the Duchess loathes her crippled and ugly youngest son and by that partly ruins her son's self-esteem.

When Richard decides to claim the crown, he kills Clarence and the Duchess arrives to grief for his favourite son, but does not want Richard to be her comforter. Soon Edward dies too, Richard murders his nephews and at last he's the king. He has fooled everybody and they think Richard is a mere innocent saint, who has to be the king, but Duchess of York knows her shameful son and guesses that he is behind everything. She curses Richard and announces that she doesn't want to see Richard ever again. Soon after that Richard dies in a battle.

In the play, Duchess stays in England during Richard's tyranny, but in some film versions she flees for France.

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