Marquis de Sade
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Marquis de Sade (Character)
from Quills (2000)

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Quills (2000)
Marquis de Sade: Conversation, like certain portions of the anatomy, always runs more smoothly when lubricated.

Coulmier: It's nothing but an encyclopedia of perversions. One man killed his wife after reading them.
Marquis de Sade: It's a fiction, not a moral treatise.

Marquis de Sade: Are your convictions so fragile they cannot stand in opposition to mine? Is your god so flimsey, so weak! For shame.

Coulmier: Murderer... Your words... your words drove Bouchon...
Marquis de Sade: Oh, for fuck's sake, Abbe! Suppose one of your precious inmates attempted to walk on water and drowned. Would you condemn the Bible? I think not.

Coulmier: An innocent child is dead.
Marquis de Sade: So many authors are denied the gratification of a concrete response to their work. I am blessed.

Marquis de Sade: I didn't create this world of ours. I merely recorded it.

Dr. Royer-Collard: I won't sully my hands with him.
Marquis de Sade: Nor should you. That's the first rule of politics, isn't it? The man who orders the execution never drops the blade.

Marquis de Sade: You've already stolen my heart... as well as another more prominent organ, south of the Equator.

Marquis de Sade: Ah, you've come to read my trousers.

Marquis de Sade: I write what I see, the endless procession to the guillotine. We're all lined up, waiting for the crunch of the blade... the rivers of blood are flowing beneath our feet... I've been to hell young man, you've only read about it.

Madeleine: Your publisher says I'm not to leave without another manuscript.
Marquis de Sade: I've just the story. It's the unhappy tale... of a virginal laundry lass. The darling of the lower wards where they entomb the criminally insane.
Madeleine: Is it awfully violent?
Marquis de Sade: Most assuredly.
Madeleine: Is it terribly erotic?
Marquis de Sade: Fiendishly so. But it comes with a price. A kiss for each page.

Marquis de Sade: Why should I love God? He strung up his only son like a side of veal. I shudder to think what he'd do to me.

Marquis de Sade: In order to know virtue, we must acquaint ourselves with vice. Only then can we know the true measure of a man.

Marquis de Sade: [voiceover, as Coulmier writes] Beloved reader, I leave you now with a tale penned by the Abbe du Coulmier, a man who found freedom, in the most unlikeliest of places: at the bottom of an inkwell, on the tip of a quill. However, be forewarned, it's plot is blood-soaked, it's characters depraved, and it's themes... unwholesome at best. But in order to know virtue, we must acquaint ourselves with vice. Only then can we know the full measure of man. So come... I Dare you... Turn the page...

Marquis de Sade: If someone would try to walk on water and drowned, would you blame the Bible?

Abbe du Coulmier: You are not to entertain visitors in your quarters.
Marquis de Sade: I'm entertaining you now, aren't I?
Abbe du Coulmier: Yes, but I'm not a beautiful young prospect ripe for corruption.
Marquis de Sade: Don't be so sure.

Marquis de Sade: Welcome to our humble madhouse, Doctor. I trust you'll find yourself at home.

Marquis de Sade: It's an entire religion based on an oxymoron.

Marquis de Sade: It's only a play.

Coulmier: It's not even a proper novel. It's nothing but an encyclopedia of perversions. Frankly, it even fails as an exercise in craft. The characters are wooden, the diologue is inane. Not to mention the repetition of words like "nipple" and "pikestaff".
Marquis de Sade: There I was taxed; it's true.
Coulmier: And such puny scope. Nothing but the worst in man's nature.
Marquis de Sade: I write of the great, eternal truths that bind together all mankind. The whole world over, we eat, we shit, we fuck, we kill and we die.
Coulmier: But we also fall in love, we build cities, we compose symphonies, and we endure. Why not put that in your books as well.

Marquis de Sade: Prepare yourself for the most impure tale ever to spring from the mind of man.

Marquis de Sade: What you need, darling, is a long, slow screw

The Marquis de Sade: I have a proposition.
Coulmier: You always do.
The Marquis de Sade: Madeleine. She's besotted with me. She'd do anything I asked. She could pay you a visit.
Coulmier: I don't know who you insult more, her or me.
The Marquis de Sade: Part the gates of heaven, as it were.
Coulmier: That's enough!
The Marquis de Sade: You're too tense, darling. You could do with a long, slow screw.
Coulmier: Good night, Marquis.
[walks out the room]
The Marquis de Sade: [shouts] Then bugger me! Goddamn you, Abbe! Have you no true sense of my condition? Of its gravity? My writing is involuntary, like the beating of my heart. My constant erection!

The Marquis de Sade: My glorious prose filtered through the minds of the insane. Who knows, they might improve it.

Renee Pelagie: I've brought you chocolate pastilles.
Marquis de Sade: Filled with cream, yes?
[advancing on Renee]
Marquis de Sade: You know I shan't touch them unless they're positively bursting - erupting - with cream.

Marquis de Sade: It's a powerful aphrodisiac, isn't it? Having power over another man.

Marquis de Sade: These chastity vows of yours. How strict are they? Suppose you only put it in her mouth?

Marquis de Sade: This is a rare vintage from an obscure village in Bordeaux. Rather than crush the grape underfoot, they place the fruit on the belly of a bride, and reap its juices when the young husband steers his vessel into port. Full-bodied flavor, with just a hint of wantonness. Bottoms up.
Coulmier: It's from our own cellar. I recognize the taste.
Marquis de Sade: I should have told you it was the blood of Christ. You'd believe that, wouldn't you?

"Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers: Le Purrfect Crime (#2.41)" (1990)
Maltese de Sade: Sacre bleu! Rodents!
Ratatouille: I despise rodents!
Mosieur Le Sewer: You are the rodent, Ratatouille.
Ratatouille: Non, Monsieur. I am an artiste!

Maltese de Sade: There is the key to my plan diabolique: La Tour Eiffel!
Dale: Looks just like the Eiffel tower.
Maltese de Sade: It *is* the Eiffel tower, souffle brain!

Maltese de Sade: Ready! Aim! Champagne!

Maltese de Sade: My device! She is smashed flat as a Crepe Suzette! What have you done?
Rat Philosopher: What have any of us done? To exist is to do. To do is to be done. What is the big...
[de Sade grabs him and throws him off the tower]
Rat Philosopher: to-dooooooooo...?
Maltese de Sade: AAAAAHHH!

Marquis de Sade's Justine (1969)
Marquis de Sade: In truth, Not meet the virtuous but briars when the wicked only gather as roses.

Marquis de Sade: Is it true that prosperity may accompany the more bad behavior while the misfortune tirelessly heels virtue?

Marquis de Sade: Nature does not leave our hands free to commit crimes which would defeat its needs. The balance be preserved do it and it can not be by crime. Further claims in words, crime serves Nature.

Marat/Sade (1967)
Marquis de Sade: And what's the point of a revolution without general copulation?

Marquis de Sade: To me, the only reality is imagination; the world inside myself. The revolution no longer interests me.

Marquis de Sade: Man has given a false importance to death. Any animal, man or plant that dies adds to Nature's compost heap becomes the manure without which nothing could grow, nothing could be created. Death is simply part of the process. Every death, even the cruellest death drowns in the total indifference of Nature. Nature would watch unmoved if we destroyed the entire human race. I hate Nature!

Marquis de Sade (1996)
Marquis de Sade: This will be a night to tell your illegitimate grandsons about, my friends.

Justine: I must ask that you hold your tongue.
Marquis de Sade: I'd rather you held it for me.

Marquis (1989)
Marquis: My one and only noble point may be found in my bodily appendage, whom I will consult democratically as he is rather whimsical.