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Solid Snake (Character)
from Metal Gear Solid (1998) (VG)

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Metal Gear Solid (1998) (VG)
Naomi: Well, if you come back in one piece, maybe I'll let you do a strip search on me.
Solid Snake: I'll hold you to that, doctor.

Solid Snake: Unfortunately, killing is just one of those things that gets easier the more you do it.

[Liquid suddenly appears in the Hind]
Liquid Snake: So the Snake's finally come out of his hole? Are you ready now... my brother?
Solid Snake: Why are you calling me brother? Who the hell are you?
Liquid Snake: I'm YOU. I'm your shadow.
Solid Snake: What?
Liquid Snake: Ask the father that you killed. I'll send you to hell to meet him.

Otacon: Have you ever... loved someone?
Solid Snake: That's what you came to ask?
Otacon: No, I was wondering if even soldiers fall in love.
Solid Snake: What are you trying to say?
Otacon: I want to ask you. Do you think love can bloom even on a battlefield?
Solid Snake: Yeah. I do. I think at any time, any place, people can fall in love with each other. But if you love someone, you have to be able to protect them.

Vulcan Raven: You live in Alaska too? You are aware of the Alaskan Indian-Eskimo Olypmics?
Solid Snake: Yeah, I know it. You must be a real threat in the muktuk eating contest.
Vulcan Raven: Yes, but there is another event that I excel at. It is called the ear pull. It is an event where two contestents pull each others' ears while enduring the harsh cold. It tests pysical as well as spiritual strength.
Solid Snake: You wanna pull each other's ears?

Solid Snake: [Suspenseful music and sound effects play just like before the DARPA cheif and Baker's deaths. The music stops] You're not in pain are you?
Otacon: Huh?
Solid Snake: [Pats Otacon on the back] You feel okay? Nothin' bothering you?
Otacon: What's wrong? Getting all friendly all of a sudden.
Solid Snake: Oh, nothing. I'm glad you're okay.
Otacon: You're strange...
Solid Snake: I'm a little nervous. Everybody else I've saved suddenly dies.
Otacon: You're bad luck.

[repeated line]
Solid Snake: Damn!

Solid Snake: Who are you?
Gray Fox: I am like you. I have no name.

Solid Snake: It's easy to forget what a sin is in the middle of a battlefield.

Otacon: The truth is... my grandfather was part of the Manhattan Project. He lived with the guilt for the rest of his life. And my father... he was born on August 6, 1945.
Solid Snake: The day of the Hiroshima bomb. God's got a sense of humor, all right.

Solid Snake: If you ask me, there's no happiness to be found in death... no peace either. I'm leaving here alive.

Sniper Wolf: Snake, I'm near. Can't you sense me near you?
Solid Snake: It's a mistake for a sniper to reveal her location.
Sniper Wolf: Is that right? Well I'm going to send you a love letter, my dear. Do you know what that is? It's a bullet straight from my gun to your heart.

Solid Snake: [during the briefing of the mission] I told you. Even if I do owe you, I don't owe anything to this army or this country!
Roy Campbell: You will accept this assignment.
Solid Snake: Why should I be stupid enough to do that? I'm no patriot.
Roy Campbell: Snake, there's enough dirt in your file, from your days as an agent, to keep you in the stockade until you're a very old man.
Solid Snake: Oh I see... blackmail.
Roy Campbell: No, Snake. I prefer to look at it as helping you come to a decision more easily.

Solid Snake: Fox, why? What do you want from me?
Gray Fox: I'm a prisoner of Death. Only you can free me...
Solid Snake: Fox, stay out of this... What about Naomi? She's hell bent on taking revenge for you.
Gray Fox: Naomi...
Solid Snake: You're the only one that can stop her.
Gray Fox: No... I can't.
Solid Snake: Why?
Gray Fox: Because I'm the one who killed her parents. I was young then and couldn't bring myself to kill her too. I felt so bad that I decided to take her with me. I raised her like she was my own blood to soothe my guilty conscience. Even now she thinks of me as her brother...
Solid Snake: Fox...
Gray Fox: From the outside, we might have seemed like a happy brother and sister. But every time I looked at her, I saw her parents' eyes staring back at me... Tell her for me. Tell her that I was the one who did it.

Sniper Wolf: [as she is dying] I was born on a battlefield. Raised on a battlefield. Gunfire, sirens and screams... they were my lullabies... Hunted like dogs, day after day... driven from our ragged shelters... That... was my life. Each morning, I'd wake up... and find a few more of my family or friends dead beside me. I'd stare at the morning sun... and pray to make it through the day. The governments of the world turned a blind eye to our misery. But then... he appeared. My hero... Saladin... he took me away from all that...
Solid Snake: Saladin... You mean Big Boss?

Solid Snake: Metal Gear is in an underground maintenance base to the north.
Meryl Silverburgh: Take me too. I know this place better than you do.
Solid Snake: You'll just slow me down. You don't have enough battle experience.
Meryl Silverburgh: I won't slow you down. I promise...
Solid Snake: And what if you do?
Meryl Silverburgh: Then you can shoot me.
Solid Snake: I don't like to waste bullets.

Roy Campbell: [Talking about Snake face his twin Liquid ] That's why we really need you for this mission.
Naomi: You're the only one who can beat him. Now that I've met you, I know. You've got something that he doesn't. I can see it in your eyes.
Snake: Why don't I find that thought more conforting?

Solid Snake: I'll only accept orders directly from you, Colonel. No cutoffs involved, okay?
Roy Campbell: Agreed. That's why I was called. But one thing...
Solid Snake: What?
Roy Campbell: I'm not a Colonel anymore, just a retired old warhorse.
Solid Snake: I understand... Colonel.

Vulcan Raven: [as the ravens begin to eat him alive] Snake, in the natural world, there's no such thing as boundless slaughter; there's always an end to it. But you're different.
Solid Snake: [walking away] What are you trying to say?
Vulcan Raven: The path you walk on has no end. Each step you take is paved with the corpses of your enemies. Their souls will haunt you forever. You shall have no peace. Hear me, Snake; my spirit will be watching you
[Snake turns around to find Raven's body gone, completely consumed by the ravens]

Solid Snake: I never felt truly alive unless I was staring death in the face.

Solid Snake: People call mercenaries like us "Dogs of War." But you're different. You are a Wolf... You will die the proud wolf you are.

[Solid Snake, locked up, sees the DARPA Chief's corpse]
Solid Snake: Looks like I got a roommate...

Gray Fox: I've come from another world to do battle with you.
Solid Snake: What is it? Revenge?
Gray Fox: It is nothing so trivial as revenge. A fight to the death with you. Only in that can my soul find respite.

Sniper Wolf: Do you want to die now? Or after your female friend? Which will it be?
Solid Snake: I'll die after I kill you.
Sniper Wolf: Is that right? Well at least you've got spirit.

Meryl Silverburgh: So... tell me Snake, what's your name? Your real name?
Solid Snake: A name means nothing on the battlefield.
Meryl Silverburgh: How old are you?
Solid Snake: Old enough to know what death looks like.

[about Wolf]
Otacon: I don't know why, but she's nice to me.
Solid Snake: Sounds like Stockholm Syndrome to me.

Solid Snake: Well, I don't believe in coincidences.

Solid Snake: Okay, let me try to say this another way... stay the hell out of my way.
Meryl Silverburgh: You're a real bastard, just like my uncle said.
Solid Snake: Ha ha, I told you. The real me is no match for the legend.
Meryl Silverburgh: It looks like you were right.

Meryl Silverburgh: Don't worry, I'm disguised in this enemy uniform.
Solid Snake: You won't be for long with the way you walk.
Meryl Silverburgh: What does that mean?
Solid Snake: Oh... nothing.

Solid Snake: This isn't a training exercise. Our lives are riding on this. There are no heroes or heroines. If you lose, you're worm food.

Roy Campbell: I just invited you here so we could have this chat.
Solid Snake: Invited? That's what you call sending armed soldiers after me?
Roy Campbell: Sorry if they were a little rough with you.

[about Wolf]
Otacon: Snake. What was she fighting for? What am I fighting for? What are you fighting for?
Solid Snake: If we make it through this I'll tell you.
Otacon: Okay. I'll be searching too.

Vulcan Raven: You know of the World Eskimo-Indian Olympics?
Solid Snake: Yeah, I know it. You must be a real threat in the "Muktuk Eating" contest.
Vulcan Raven: Yes, you are right.

Meryl Silverburgh: Any family?
Solid Snake: No, but I was raised by many people.
Meryl Silverburgh: Is there anyone you like?
Solid Snake: I've never been interested in anyone else's life...
Meryl Silverburgh: So you are all alone. Just like Mantis said...
Solid Snake: Other people just complicate my life. I don't like to get involved.
Meryl Silverburgh: ...You're a sad, lonely man.

[about Meryl]
Liquid Snake: Stupid woman. Falling in love with a man who doesn't even have a name...
Solid Snake: I have a name.
Liquid Snake: NO. We have no past, no future. And even if we did, it wouldn't truly be ours!

Snake: Looks like you're more than even now, his was sliced off.

Solid Snake: How did they get your password?
Kenneth Baker: I never had any training on how to resist torture.
[coughs violently]
Solid Snake: [about Ocelot] It looks like he had some fun with you alright.
Kenneth Baker: Oh he isn't human, I tell you he loved every second of it.
Solid Snake: What happened to your arm?
Kenneth Baker: He broke it.
Solid Snake: Looks like you're more than even now, his was sliced off.
Kenneth Baker: Ha! You're a funny man.

Solid Snake: A strong man doesn't need to read the future, he makes his own.

Solid Snake: Are you telling me Naomi was working with the Pentagon?
Liquid Snake: They thought she was.

Revolver Ocelot: So you're the one that the Boss keeps talking about.
Solid Snake: And you?
Revolver Ocelot: Special Operations FOX-HOUND... Revolver Ocelot. I've been waiting for you, Solid Snake. Now we'll see if the man can live up to the legend.

Mei Ling: Snake. That's a ladies bathroom.
Solid Snake: I know that. I saw Meryl come in here.
Mei Ling: So you went in after her? Are you some kind of pervert? I won't let you save your mission now.
Solid Snake: Listen Mei Ling, this is the only place on this base that I can talk to Meryl alone.
Mei Ling: Whatever, weirdo. Don't call me again.

Dr. Naomi Hunter: Are you smoking?
Solid Snake: Yeah, so what?
Dr. Naomi Hunter: Didn't you know that cigarettes contain benzopyrene, a chemical that leads to lung cancer? We now know that when benzopyrene enters the body, it changes to benzopyrene diolepoxide and attaches to the receptors on the P53 gene, the gene which causes lung cancer. The BPDE attaches to the P53 gene in three specific locations and causes pre-cancerous changes to the lung tissue.
Solid Snake: You know a lot about science, but you don't know how good a cigarette tastes in the morning.

Roy Campbell: If you ask me, these so-called Next-Generation Special Forces should to be called "simulated soldiers". They have no real battle experience.
Solid Snake: Video game players, huh?

Kenneth Baker: Secret projects paid for by the Pentagon's black budget. You can avoid a lot of red tape and get a great lead time on your weapons production. And no one can bother you... not even those bleeding heart liberals on the military oversight committee...
Solid Snake: Bribes...
Kenneth Baker: I prefer to think of it as good business...

Meryl Silverburgh: So, there's something you like?
Solid Snake: Yeah, you've got a great butt!
Meryl Silverburgh: Oh, I see! First it's my eyes, now it's my butt! What's next?
Solid Snake: On the battlefield, you never think about what's next.

Solid Snake: Colonel, about Meryl...
Roy Campbell: I... I already know!
Roy Campbell: Meryl was... my daughter!
Solid Snake: What?

Solid Snake: There are no heroes in war. The only heroes I know are either dead or in prison. One or the other.
Meryl Silverburgh: But Snake, you're a hero, aren't you?
Solid Snake: I'm just a man who's good at what he does: Killing.

Solid Snake: A surveillance camera?

Solid Snake: It looks like they were cut by some type of blade!

Gray Fox: Snake, be careful! There are Claymore mines around there. Use a Mine Detector!
Solid Snake: Who are you?
Gray Fox: Just call me "Deepthroat".
Solid Snake: Deepthroat? The informant from the Watergate scandal?
Gray Fox: Never mind about that.
Solid Snake: You're not using burst transmission. Are you nearby?
Gray Fox: Listen. There's a tank in front of your position waiting to ambush you.
Solid Snake: Who are you, anyway?
Gray Fox: One of your fans.

Solid Snake: I gave into my fear! I gave into my pain! I sold your life to save my own. I'm a loser. I'm not the hero you thought I was! I'm nothing!

Roy Campbell: You okay, Snake?
Snake: I'm not the right guy. I can't save the world.
Naomi: What's wrong?
Snake: I gave into the pain. I'm sorry, Colonel. I sacrificed Meryl to save myself...
Roy Campbell: Snake... She was a soldier. She knew the risks. Battlefield casualties are always tragic, but they're an unavoidable part of war.
Naomi: Don't blame yourself. You still have a mission to do.

Solid Snake: There's no winning or losing for a mercenary.

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (2001) (VG)
Solid Snake: Building the future and keeping the past alive are one in the same thing.

[Solid Snake hides in a locker]
Solid Snake: This reminds me of when we first met.
Otacon: I was the one inside the locker that time. We're equal now, huh?
Solid Snake: Not unless I wet my pants.
Otacon: That's a low blow, Snake.

Otacon: Another Chinese proverb: "Those who look to the Heavens prosper, those who defy it are no more." Do you know this one? The meaning here is - hold on a sec - that you can only survive as long as you're a part of the natural order of things. You remember pre-ripped jeans? Manufacturers thought that just because people loved old, broken-in jeans, they would want to buy new jeans that looked old. So they purposefully...
Solid Snake: What do jeans have to do with nature and order?

Solid Snake: Recognized, but still fringe, Otacon.

Raiden: So you're the boss around here?
Solidus Snake: No, not just here. I'm the boss to surpass Big Boss himself. Solid Snake!
Solid Snake: No! That is NOT Solid Snake!

Raiden: Why didn't you tell me you were the real Snake?
Solid Snake: You never asked.

Otacon: As for the equipment... Hey! Snake! Cigarettes? What's wrong with you?
Solid Snake: It's kind of a lucky charm.

[when Raiden is naked trying to find Snake]
Solid Snake: Amazing how you walk around like that.

Solid Snake: You want eternal rest? I got it right here!

Solid Snake: Find something to believe in, and find it for yourself. When you do, pass it on to the future.
Raiden: Believe in what?
Solid Snake: That's your problem.

[When Snake tries to kill Fortune]
Raiden: What are ya gonna do? Bullets can't get near her.
Solid Snake: I'll think of something. There's no such thing as a witch.

Solid Snake: We can tell other people about - having faith. What we had faith in. What we found important enough to fight for. It's not whether you were right or wrong, but how much faith you were willing to have, that decides the future.

Solid Snake: [reciting Grey Fox's last words] "We're not tools of the government, or anyone else. Fighting was the only thing I was good at, but at least I fought for what I believe in."

Solid Snake: We don't use guns to take people down, and we're not here to help some politician either.
Raiden: What are you and Otacon fighting for?
Solid Snake: A future.

Raiden: Snake, you're a legend!
Solid Snake: A legend is usually bad news. Someone tells it, someone else remembers, everybody passes it on.

Raiden: Snake, have you ever enjoyed killing someone?
Solid Snake: Diminished sense of reality, huh? VR Training will do that.

Solid Snake: If you run out of ammo, you can have mine.
Raiden: You got enough?
Solid Snake: [points to his bandanna] Absolutely. Infinite ammo.

Solid Snake: [recurring line in the series]
[with puzzled amazement]
Solid Snake: Metal Gear?

Solid Snake: Freeze-dried, the rations are easy to carry and keep well. It ain't home cookin', but it'll satisfy your nutritional needs.
Raiden: Hmmm.
Solid Snake: What's on your mind?
Raiden: Well, just between you and me?
Solid Snake: Sure. What is it?
Raiden: I prefer rations over Rose's home cooking...
Solid Snake: That bad, huh?

Solid Snake: [thinking] You were watching?

Solid Snake: [thinking] Not in a million years!

[to Peter Stillman]
Raiden: So you're the bomb disposal guy?
Solid Snake: Kid, this is THE bomb disposal guy.

Solid Snake: Okay, Raiden, it's time to play Sniper!

Solid Snake: Choose your own legacy. It's for you to decide.

Raiden: They said you were dead?
Solid Snake: No, not me. There are still too many things I need to do.

Raiden: You're changing sides now?
Solid Snake: I don't recall saying I was on yours.

Raiden: People will remember only the good part, the right part about what you did.
Solid Snake: There's nothing right part in murder, not ever.

Solid Snake: We've inherited freedom from all those who have fought for it.

[Raiden is guarding Emma with a PSG1 sniper rifle]
Solid Snake: Think you can handle it?
Raiden: Yeah. I know the drill. I've faced a similar situation in Advanced Mode Level 4 VR training with the PSG1.
Solid Snake: VR...? Guess that's better than nothing. Make sure you don't hit Emma.

Solid Snake: OCELOT!
[Revolver Ocelot's arm goes haywire and shows an image of Liquid Snake]
Liquid Snake: It's been a while, brother!
Solid Snake: Who are you?
Liquid Snake: You know who I am!
Solid Snake: Liquid?
Liquid Snake: You're drowning in time. I know what it's like, brother. No wonder Naomi passed you over for the FOXDIE program!
[Revolver Ocelot goes haywire]
Liquid Snake/Revolver Ocelot: OUT!... Get out of my mind, Liquid!

Otacon: Raiden? About this Colonel of yours - I found out where he is.
Raiden: Where?
Otacon: Inside Arsenal.
Raiden: What?
Otacon: I've checked out all the possibilities, but I keep coming back to Arsenal. It isn't a relay point, it's the origin of the signal. And the encryption protocol it uses is exactly the same as that of Arsenal's AI - the so-called GW.
Raiden: What the hell does this mean?
Otacon: I think it means - you've been talking to an AI.
Raiden: That's impossible!
Otacon: The Colonel probably isn't GW per se. GW was most likely stimulating cortical activity in the dormant part of your brain through signal manipulation of your own nanomachines. The Colonel is in part your own creation, cobbled together from expectations and experience.
Raiden: That's crazy!
Otacon: But it's probably the truth. The virus may be starting to affect GW, which would explain the Colonel's behavior.
Raiden: It was all - an illusion? Everything I've done so far...?
Solid Snake: Raiden!
Raiden: Snake - what's happening around here?
Solid Snake: I don't know. What I do know is that you're standing right here in front of me. Not an illusion - flesh and blood. It's your call. You can drop this if you want.
Raiden: No, I can't do that. Let's go!

Solid Snake: This is Snake. Do you read me, Otacon?
Otacon: Loud and clear, Snake.
Solid Snake: Kept you waiting, huh? I'm at the sneak-point.

Solidus Snake: Good luck.
Fortune: Thanks, but I already have quite enough of that.

[Raiden lies unconscious on the examination table]
Solidus Snake: Is he still alive?
Revolver Ocelot: He was when Olga brought him in. I've checked everything, including the Genome data, but there's nothing on this guy; NSA, CIA, FBI, he doesn't exist in any database. He's a non-existent operative from a non-existent organization.
Solidus Snake: I suspected as much. However, I know this man.
Revolver Ocelot: [shocked] Hm?
Solidus Snake: Wake him up.
[the examination table tilts forward, bringing Raiden face-to-face with Solidus and Ocelot]
Solidus Snake: It's been a while hasn't it, Jack the Ripper?
Revolver Ocelot: You know this fellow?
Solidus Snake: You remember me, don't you? You've grown.
Solidus Snake: [snags Raiden's head with one of his mechanical arms and begins scanning] High concentration of cerebral implants. Have they altered your memory too?
[Raiden chokes and screams as Solidus scans him]
Solidus Snake: This is my son, I taught him everything I know.
[Solidus looks up in nostalgia]
Solidus Snake: Jack, I thought I'd never see you again.
Raiden: You... know me?
Solidus Snake: You don't remember? Your name, your skills, everything you know you learned from me.
Solidus Snake: [cuts to flashbacks while Solidus narrates] The 80s... the civil war... you were one of the best amongst the child soldiers that fought in that conflict. When you were barely ten years old, you became the platoon leader of the "Small Boy" unit. At the time, your outstanding kill record earned you several nicknames including "White Devil" and "Jack the Ripper." Jack, I was your godfather, I named you. When the war ended, you disappeared from the relief center. I wondered what happened to you, but I should have known they would recruit you!
Revolver Ocelot: [cuts back to present day] It's an interesting coincidence.
Solidus Snake: If he's a lackey for the Patriots, I doubt he knows anything of interest.
Revolver Ocelot: What shall we do with him?
Solidus Snake: We'll use him like you suggested.
Revolver Ocelot: What about Dead Cell?
Solidus Snake: ...Ignore them.

Solidus Snake: How much do you think we spent on that arm in Lyon? The best transplant surgery in the world!
Revolver Ocelot: I never trust a Frenchman.

Solidus Snake: Jack, listen to me. We're all born with an expiration date. No one lasts forever. Life is nothing but a grace period - for turning our genetic material into the next generation. The data of life is transferred from parent to child. That's how it works. But we have no heirs, no legacy. Cloned from our father, with the ability to reproduce conveniently engineered out. What is our legacy if we cannot pass the torch? Proof of our existence - a mark of some sort. When the torch is passed on from parent to child... it extends beyond DNA; information is imparted as well. All I want is to be remembered. By other people, by history.

Olga: I know I'm going to hell, but at least my child...
Solidus Snake: I applaud your attitude. If you have a death wish, I'll be happy to accomodate you! See you in hell!

Solidus Snake: The data of life is transferred from parent to child. That's how it works. But we have no heirs, no legacy. Cloned from our father, with the ability to reproduce conveniently engineered out. What is our legacy if we cannot pass the torch?

Solidus Snake: Brother, I'm a whole different game from Liquid!

Solidus Snake: The world has room for only one big boss!

Solidus Snake: Enjoy the show, Jack?

Solidus Snake: BURN, BABY!

Solidus Snake: I'll let you go out in style!

Solidus Snake: Only one more step to Outer Heaven!

Solidus Snake: I'll drown you fools for interfering!

Solidus Snake: Jack, those days during the civil war were as real as they come, split between life and death. You ran from it! And now you've been led back to war by something less than real.

Solidus Snake: No more games Raiden, at least you know. There's no reason to keep you alive any longer.

[all the Metal Gear RAYs around Snake begin to tremble violently]
Solidus Snake: What's happening?
Revolver Ocelot: [over Solidus's radio] The AI, GW, it's out of control!
Solidus Snake: WHAT?
Revolver Ocelot: I'm reading an abnormal impulse cascade throughout the neural network. I can't shut it down!
Solidus Snake: The Patriots?
Revolver Ocelot: I don't know. Maybe some kind of virus?
Solidus Snake: Ocelot, what have you been up to?
Revolver Ocelot: It's too late! Arsenal's system has gone haywire. It's on an emergency assent course.
Solidus Snake: Stupid machines!

Solidus Snake: [walking slowly towards Raiden] Jack, my son, my brothers and I are called "Les Enfant Terribles," replicas of evil genes. You are different; one-of-a-kind, but still a monster. We must decide now which monstrosity will have the privledge of survival. Oh, and by the way Jack, I was the one who killed your parents.
[Raiden looks up at him in shock]
Solidus Snake: I claimed you for my own and raised you as a soldier in the army of the Devil. I am your foster-father and your worst enemy!
Raiden: Why?
Solidus Snake: Because I needed to know if we were really someone else's creation. We're repeating history here, Jack; Liquid and Solid hunted down Big Boss trying to sever the tie that bound them to him. Unless you kill me and face your past, Jack, you will never escape. You'll stay in the endless loop: your own double helix.

Raiden: All you want is power, at any cost.
Solidus Snake: Jack, it's not power I want. What I want to take back from the Patriots are things like... freedom, civil rights, opportunities. The founding principles of this country. Everything that's about to be wiped out by their digital censorship.

Solidus Snake: I was planning to give you Arsenal to begin with.
Fortune: Why the uncharacteristic generosity?
Solidus Snake: I'm no philanthropist. Arsenal is far from impregnable. It needs other Metal Gears as guards, a huge payload of warheads, and full air, sea, and land support to function efficiently. Against a large attack force without support, Arsenal is nothing more than a gigantic coffin. Seizing Arsenal Gear was never the real objective!

Super Smash Bros. Brawl (2008) (VG)
Solid Snake: It's show time!

Solid Snake: Mei Ling, Samus took her clothes off!
Mei Ling: That's just her in her zero suit, Snake
Solid Snake: Without that bulky power suit, she's gotten alot more agile. You know, I bet if I took of all this heavy gear, I could catch her...
Mei Ling: Um, yeah, you wish. Even without the Power Suit, all that training she did with the Chozo has made her a super athlete. I don't think a normal human could keep up. Just look at her.
Solid Snake: ...Her loss.

Solid Snake: Otacon! What's this lizard thing?
Otacon: That's a Yoshi. It's a dinosaur from Yoshi's island. Watch out for it long chameleon-like tongue. If it gets you, you'll be swollowed whole.
Solid Snake: It lays eggs and throws them, right?... then it must be female.
Otacon: ...actually it's a "he." At least, that's what it says.
Solid Snake: It talks?
Otacon: Yes! It talks! Well kind of...
Solid Snake: Now you've got me curious... how about I capture one so we can see what it tastes like?
Otacon: Uhh, Snake...

Solid Snake: This guy kind of gives me the creeps.
Roy Campbell: That's Wario, Snake. Wario first appeared as Mario's rival, but he really made his name in the WarioWare games. Watch out for Wario's bite. It's not just damage you take from it.
Solid Snake: What do you mean, Colonel?
Roy Campbell: Wario loves garlic. He eats whole cloves of it day and night. So try not get caught in his mouth. Once that smell gets on you, it'll stick to you for quite a while.
Solid Snake: That's a scary thought.
Roy Campbell: He also attacks by farting. He can fart to fly around, too.
Solid Snake: By farting? are you kidding me?
Roy Campbell: Sadly, no. I am not kidding. If his belly starts to bulge, watch out.

Roy Campbell: Snake, you know who that is?
Solid Snake: You're kidding, right? It's Mario.
Roy Campbell: Mario made his first appearance in 1981, and since then, he's become a worldwide phenomenon. There's probably not a single person who doesn't know Mario. He's that famous.
Solid Snake: Good thing I survived long enough to meet him on the field of battle, huh.
Roy Campbell: This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance, Snake. Now get out of there and show him what you're made of. No regrets.
Solid Snake: Got it.

Solid Snake: Otacon, there's a gorilla wearing a tie here. He's huge.
Otacon: That's Donkey Kong. As you can tell, he's got strength to spare. He may be king of the jungle, but he lives in a house just like you or me. And he seems pretty smart - well, for an ape, anyway. The Donkey Kong who fought that epic battle with Mario was this guy's grandfather.
Solid Snake: That was a long time ago. What about this Donkey Kong? Does he get along with Mario?
Otacon: Nope, they're still at it. Seems like they're still always competing in something - kart racing, sports, you name it.
Solid Snake: A chip off the old block...

Solid Snake: Hey, that's Captain Falcon, isn't it?
Otacon: Good eye, Snake! He's F-Zero Pilot Number 07!
Solid Snake: You know... seeing Captain Falcon here reminds me... we should do that thing we've always wanted to try!
Otacon: Ohhh, yeah! That thing! Good idea! Ok, ready? Go!
Solid Snake: Falcooon PUNCH!
Otacon: Falcon Kiiiiick!

Otacon: Snake! Watch out!
Solid Snake: For what? That pink marshmallow?
Otacon: That's Kirby, also known as "Kirby from Dream Land." He's from another planet - in other words, an extraterrestrial.
Otacon: He's got a powerful stomach that lets him swallow and digest anything, and he also has a "Copy Ability" that allows him to mimic opponents, steal their moves, and use those moves against them!
Otacon: On top of that, he has the power to fly around the stage, so once he's got you in his sights, there's no place to run!
Solid Snake: [distracted] ... Huh? Yeah, got it. I'll... keep an eye out.

Solid Snake: Colonel! That fox is fast!
Roy Campbell: You're fighting Fox, eh, Snake? His full name is Fox McCloud. He's the leader of the commando-for-hire unit Star Fox.
Roy Campbell: They're mostly active in a galaxy known as the Lylat System. Fox and his comrades pilot all-terrain fighter crafts called Arwings. His skills in combat can turn the tide of any battle.
Roy Campbell: ...You seem to have a thing with foxes, don't you, Snake?
Solid Snake: Eugh, don't remind me. First FOXHOUND and now this guy... I'm sick of foxes...
Roy Campbell: You and foxes have a long history together. You ought to be proud.

Mei Ling: [noticing Pikachu] Ohh, how cute!
Solid Snake: What? The yellow thing?
Mei Ling: That's Pikachu. It's a Pokemon. They're popular all over the world, you know. It may look cute, but be careful. It can store up large amounts of electricity in those adorable little cheeks. It'll try to pepper you with electric shocks.
Solid Snake: Couldn't be much worse than Ocelot's old torture device...
Mei Ling: Oh, and, Snake?
Solid Snake: What?
Mei Ling: I was wondering, could you maybe try to catch Pikachu for me? Pleeeeaaaase!
Solid Snake: Eugh, give me a break! What do I look like, a Pokemon Trainer?
Mei Ling: Fine... sorry I asked.

Mei Ling: Snake, have you heard the saying "Politics make strange bedfellows"?
Solid Snake: Don't tell me *that's* a Chinese proverb?
Mei Ling: Err, no... it means that when the going gets tough, you might need unexpected partnerships to succeed. Marth was a prince who's kingdom was usurped. He didn't even have an army to fight with him.
Mei Ling: But, as he battled his way forward, he found new allies to fight at his side, and in the end, he was able to reunite the war-torn land of Altea.
Solid Snake: So, he built his army from the ranks of his defeated enemies...
Mei Ling: Marth did his share of fighting, too. Even when he had an army, he was always alongside his men in the thick of battle. Then he was betrayed by one of his most trusted friends. I can't even imagine how that feels...
Solid Snake: ...I can.

Solid Snake: Otacon, there's a guy walking around in here... and he's only got two dimensions!
Otacon: That's Mr. Game & Watch. He comes from a world where everything is flat. Game & Watch was a series of portable games released by Nintendo in 1980.
Otacon: They were powered by large-scale integrated circuits and only had monochrome LCD displays, so characters kind of looked like the numbers on a calculator.
Otacon: The guy you're looking at now, Mr. Game & Watch, was a character who appeared in these games.
Solid Snake: ...This is making my head hurt.
Otacon: Well, um... He's... I mean... Look, just start fighting him, and I'm sure everything will make sense.

Solid Snake: Otacon, who's the guy with the sword?
Otacon: That's Link. He's the hero of Hyrule. That blade in his hand is called the Master Sword, also known as the "Blade of Evil's Bane."
Otacon: He also has a whole arsenal of items at his disposal - bombs and arrows, a shield, a boomerang, and a Clawshot. He's a force to be reckoned with.
Solid Snake: Gear is only useful when it's used at the right time and place. Just lugging a ton of it around doesn't do you any good.
Otacon: ...I, uh... I wouldn't be talking if I were you, Snake...
Solid Snake: What's that supposed to mean?
Otacon: You tell me, Mr. Utility Belt.
Solid Snake: [grumbles] ...

Solid Snake: Hey, Otacon. I got a woman here in a power suit.
Otacon: Huh? How'd you know she was a woman? Yeah, that'd be Samus Aran, the most renowned bounty hunter in the galaxy.
Otacon: Her arm cannon packs quite a wallop. If you get hit with a charged shot from that thing, you can kiss your butt good-bye.
Solid Snake: Hmm... sounds like my kind of woman...
Otacon: Yeah, well, just don't get too close, Snake. Samus is deadly. After space pirates killed her parents, she was raised by the Chozo and trained in the fighting arts.
Otacon: She's been places and seen things that people like you and me can't even begin to imagine.
Solid Snake: But underneath that cold, metal exterior beats the heart of a woman...

Solid Snake: That guy with the mustache...
Roy Campbell: Ha. You mean the "King of Second Bananas?"
Solid Snake: Hey, that's Luigi! Show him a little respect!
Roy Campbell: Look at that pale skin. He's been living in his brother's shadow for too long.
Solid Snake: That's a low blow, Colonel!
Roy Campbell: Face it, Snake! Once a kid brother, always a kid brother!
Solid Snake: Colonel, what's gotten into you?
Roy Campbell: La li lu le lo! La li lu le lo! La li lu le lo!
Solid Snake: Colonel, snap out of it! Colonel! Cooooooloneeeeeeel!

Solid Snake: This is Snake...
Slippy: Copy, Snake! This is Slippy!
Solid Snake: Whaa - ! Who is this? What are you, some kind of frog?
Slippy: Easy there, buddy! Just thought I'd hope on the wireless and give you a holler. Don't get mad!
Solid Snake: Hacked right into my channel, huh...
Slippy: But I'm not there to mess nothin' up. Don't worry.
Solid Snake: [grumbles] ...
Slippy: Just so ya know, Falco uses a Blaster and Reflector that I designed, Just like Fox does. But Falco will kick his Reflector and send it flyin' around. Just showin' off, if you ask me.
Solid Snake: No reason a weapon can't have more than one use. in fact, I'd say it's versatility shows how well you designed it.
Slippy: Hey, maybe so! I feel all fuzzy now! Thanks, Snake!
Solid Snake: Maybe next time we meet, you can design me a weapon...

Solid Snake: Mei Ling, tell me what you know about Peach...
Mei Ling: Princess Peach is the beloved ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom. She's been kidnapped numerous times by Bowser.
Solid Snake: Sounds pretty serious...
Mei Ling: Yes, but every time it happens, Mario ends up saving her. Sure, he may not like like your ideal "knight in shining armor." A little on the short side, I'd say...
Mei Ling: But, still, don't you think it's romantic? I mean, to have a guy who's always there for you?
Solid Snake: If he was smart, he'd tell her to stop getting kidnapped!
Mei Ling: ...You don't get a lot of dates, do you, Snake?

Roy Campbell: Careful, Snake! That's the great and terrible Bowser!
Solid Snake: 'Bowser'? Looks like a... cheap movie monster.
Roy Campbell: Hardly. Bowser leads an entire army of monsters. But I'd worry more about his claws and fire, if I were you.
Solid Snake: Doesn't look that tough to me... seems kind of slow, actually...
Roy Campbell: Well, he is the King of Koopas. It's only natural he'd be slow. But that's only because he's the heaviest fighter here - by far! He's a powerhouse of destruction! Careful he doesn't flatten you!

Solid Snake: Otacon, there's a chimpanzee here wearing a Nintendo hat.
Otacon: That's Diddy Kong. He's Donkey Kong's partner. Not only is he lightweight, he can use a wide range of weapons as well.
Otacon: He can fly using those barrel jets on his back, and he can shoot nuts with his Peanut Popgun.
Solid Snake: Peanuts? As in the ones in the little shells? Are you serious?
Otacon: Wait, here's the best part. You see them lying on the ground after he shoots?
Otacon: If you pick up some of those peanuts, they'll restore your health a little.
Solid Snake: Hmm... edible ammunition, huh? Times sure have changed...

Roy Campbell: Snake, I see you're fighting Zelda.
Solid Snake: Yeah, I guess. Doesn't feel right fighting someone in a dress, though...
Roy Campbell: Don't underestimate her just because she's a woman. Zelda's attacks are backed by powerful magic.
Roy Campbell: Her hand-to-hand combat may look weak, but her magic makes it cut to the bone.
Solid Snake: So,this rose has thorns... interesting...
Roy Campbell: ...This is no time for pick-up lines, Snake.
Solid Snake: Don't worry. I know from experience that it's the quiet ones you have to watch out for.

Solid Snake: What's going on here? What happened to Zelda?
Mei Ling: Snake, Princess Zelda transformed into Shiek.
Mei Ling: I can understand the clothes, but to change her skin and eye color? That must take some powerful magic.
Solid Snake: ...Magic...?
Mei Ling: Come on, Snake! Don't get all grumpy and start talking about how unscientific it is.
Mei Ling: Science is basically just another form of magic that makes our lives easier.
Solid Snake: I never thought I'd hear that coming from you, Mei Ling...
Mei Ling: Don't you think talking to someone halfway around the world is a kind of magic? Or flying across entire continents?
Solid Snake: ...Noooo, I think this is completely different...

Solid Snake: This guy is giving off a murderous vibe! Even getting close to him makes my skin crawl...
Otacon: Snake! Ganondorf is dangerous! His ambition is to rule the world, and he's got the power to do it.
Otacon: It's no wonder they call him "King of Evil."
Solid Snake: Do modern weapons even work against him? Do I even have a chance?
Otacon: Take a look around you! There are plenty of people fighting with swords, or even their bare hands! At least you've got firepower, count yourself lucky! It's not like you to whine, Snake.
Solid Snake: I was just *asking*, sheesh. Well, it's back to the mission for me...

Otacon: Snake, what is it?
Solid Snake: Something about that hedgehog rubs me the wrong way...
Otacon: Oh, you mean Sonic the Hedgehog? But everyone loves Sonic. He's a big star. Do you have any idea how excited people are that he's here in Brawl?
Solid Snake: Yeah, yeah, I know, but there's something about him I just don't like.
Otacon: But why? You must have some kind of reason.
Solid Snake: Nope, just don't like him.

Solid Snake: [Sarcastically] Wolf. There's a real imaginative name.

Solid Snake: [first appearance in the Subspace Emissary or when starting a match] Kept you waiting, huh?

Roy Campbell: [Conversation at the end of the 2006 E3 trailer, on a codec, subtitled from Japanese] Snake! Sorry to bother you, but I've got big news!
Snake: What? Not another absurd objective, I hope.
Roy Campbell: Are you familiar with Super Smash Bros.?
Snake: Ah... That Nintendo thing...
Roy Campbell: Yes. Actually, we've received an invitation for you to join. Are you up for it?
Snake: ...
Roy Campbell: Where are you right now, anyway?
Snake: [Cut to outside the cardboard box, on the Battlefield, where Mario, Link, Pikachu, and Kirby are fighting] I'm on reconnaissance duty.
Roy Campbell: Reconnaissance? Of what kind?
Snake: Knowing your enemy is the quickest path to victory.
[Snake jumps out from under his cardboard box]
Snake: It's showtime!

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (2008) (VG)
[from trailer]
Solid Snake: I'm no hero... Never was. I'm just an old killer... Hired to do some wet work.

[holds up Snake]
Johnny Sasaki: Drop your weapon!
[Snake holds up his hands and turns around]
Solid Snake: You haven't even taken the safety off, rookie.
Johnny Sasaki: Careful, I'm no rookie! I'm a ten year vet.
[looks closer to check. Snake uses CQC to snatch his rifle and throw him to the floor]
Solid Snake: How the hell did you ever survive ten years?

Solid Snake: Now you're a mere mortal, just like us.
Vamp: But can you kill this mere mortal?

Otacon: Look.
Solid Snake: It's Naomi.
Otacon: ...And Vamp!
Solid Snake: The Beauty and the Beast...

Solid Snake: [screams] Liquid!
Liquid Ocelot: [screams] Snake!

Solid Snake: [after crawling into a trash dumpster, then using the codec to contact Otacon] I'd crawl into a toilet if it kept me out of sight.

Raiden: It was never going to work out for me. It even rained the day I was born.
Solid Snake: You've got it all wrong. You were the lightning in that rain. You can still shine through the darkness.

Solid Snake: I'm no hero. Never was. I'm just an old killer... hired to do some wet work.

Hal 'Otacon' Emmerich: [codec call] Hold it, Snake. Time to change the disc. I know. I know. It's a pain. But you need to swap disc 1 for disc 2. You see the disc labeled 2?
Solid Snake: Uhh... No.
Hal 'Otacon' Emmerich: Huh? Oh, wait! We're on Playstation 3! It's a Blu-Ray Disc. Dual-layered, too. No need to swap.
Solid Snake: Damnit, Otacon! Get a grip!
Hal 'Otacon' Emmerich: Yeah, what an age we live in, huh, Snake? Wonder what they'll think of next.

Solid Snake: [codec call] Otacon, what's wrong? Why are you calling me over there?
Hal 'Otacon' Emmerich: Huh? What are you talking about? I didn't say anything!
Solid Snake: It was you!
Hal 'Otacon' Emmerich: I told you I didn't call you! This is no time for jokes! You're suppose to fighting Octopus, come on!
Solid Snake: I... Hey! Otacon...

Solid Snake: [codec call to Otacon, inside the trash]
Hal 'Otacon' Emmerich: Snake, where are you now?
Solid Snake: Trash can.
Hal 'Otacon' Emmerich: A trash can?
Solid Snake: Looks like this is where they dump their household trash.
Hal 'Otacon' Emmerich: Huh. How can you tell?
Solid Snake: Cause it's stinks in here... Bad. Leftovers for last dinner, probably.
Hal 'Otacon' Emmerich: Ewww, leftovers...
Solid Snake: And there's some... bugs crawling around on my face.
Hal 'Otacon' Emmerich: Ewww...
Solid Snake: It feels like roaches. There's a whole bunch of them scurrying around.
Hal 'Otacon' Emmerich: [feels disgusted] Ugh! Make sure you get the smell of them off you before coming back here!
Solid Snake: Yep. I'll see what I can do.
Hal 'Otacon' Emmerich: Ugh... seriously. Doesn't it make you sick?
Solid Snake: I'd crawl into a toilet if it kept me out of sight. Something crawling my leg...
Hal 'Otacon' Emmerich: Ughhh... I can't even imagine! Ewww! You know, you might want to get out of there as soon as the coast is clear!
Solid Snake: Yeah... not a best place for a nap.
Hal 'Otacon' Emmerich: No kidding...

Solid Snake: War has changed. It's no longer about nations, ideologies, or ethnicity. It's an endless series of proxy battles fought by mercenaries and machines. War - and its consumption of life - has become a well-oiled machine. War has changed. ID-tagged soldiers carry ID-tagged weapons, use ID-tagged gear. Nanomachines inside their bodies enhance and regulate their abilities. Genetic control. Information control. Emotion control. Battlefield control. Everything is monitored and kept under control. War has changed. The age of deterrence has become the age of control... All in the name of averting catastrophe from weapons of mass destruction. And he who controls the battlefield... controls history. War has changed. When the battlefield is under total control... War becomes routine.

Hal 'Otacon' Emmerich: Hey Snake, something I've been meaning to ask you. That canyon... Isn't that where you demolished Raven's tank? How'd you do it, anyway?
Solid Snake: How? Well... Grenades.
Hal 'Otacon' Emmerich: That's it? You didn't use an anti-tank missile or something?
Solid Snake: Didn't have one.
Hal 'Otacon' Emmerich: Your technique is kind of... how do I put this... archaic when it comes to fighting tanks. Honestly, I don't think it'd work on today's main battle tanks.
Solid Snake: Well, that's how I did it. What do you want me to say?
Hal 'Otacon' Emmerich: You know, I asked an active-duty Army officer once: If an infantryman had to take on a tank one-on-one, how should he do it?
Solid Snake: And what was his answer?
Hal 'Otacon' Emmerich: "Don't." He swore there's no way in hell a single infantryman could take down a tank by himself.
Solid Snake: Interesting.
Hal 'Otacon' Emmerich: I always suspected there was a little something crazy about you, Snake. But after hearing that story... Now I know it. You're nuts! Single-handedly taking out a tank? That's crazy! You're insane!
Solid Snake: Otacon, is this your idea of a compliment?
Hal 'Otacon' Emmerich: Yes! You're the toughest, craziest, most hardcore badass on the planet! You're... the shit!

Solid Snake: LIQUID!

Solid Snake: Am I going to die?
Big Boss: Everyone Dies. You can't stop it. You can't run from it. Let me tell you something... Don't... Don't waste the life you have left fighting.

[from trailer]
Otacon: Hey Snake, it's me.
Solid Snake: Who?
Otacon: [Otacon's face appears on the robot] Snake, it's me.
Solid Snake: Otacon?
Otacon: Sorry to keep you waiting. I'm here to help you from here on out.
Solid Snake: Where are you now?
Otacon: Out of harm's way.
Solid Snake: Is that remote control?
Otacon: Yup. And this mechanism is equipped with a Cell Processor.
[the robot starts dancing]
Solid Snake: [Snake looks out the window] Otacon, we're surrounded.
Otacon: Any ideas?
Solid Snake: Can you lend me a hand?
Otacon: Not at the moment... Snake, you'd better get moving.
[the robot gives Snake bullets]
Solid Snake: OK. I'll take what I can get.
[Snake gets up and leaves]
Solid Snake: You coming?
Otacon: Of course. I'll be behind you all the way.
Otacon: [after Otacon spots a cigarette in Snake's mouth] Uhh, Snake?
Solid Snake: What now?
Otacon: Didn't you quit?
Solid Snake: Nah, just found a light.
Otacon: Even in the middle of a battlefield...
Solid Snake: Go!

[from trailer]
Solid Snake: War has changed.

Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes (2004) (VG)
Sniper Wolf: Do you want to die now? Or after your female friend? Which will it be?
Solid Snake: I'll die after I kill you.

Ninja: I've been waiting for you Snake.
Solid Snake: Who are you?
Ninja: Neither enemy nor friend

Solid Snake: [to the Cyber Ninja] Hey, you're that ninja.

Mei Ling: [on the codec] What's wrong?
Solid Snake: Nothing. I just didn't expect a world-class designer of military technology to be so... cute.
Mei Ling: You're just flattering me.
Solid Snake: No, I'm serious. Now I know I won't be bored for the next 18 hours.

Solid Snake: Can you shoot me rookie?
Meryl Silverburgh: Careful, I'm no rookie!
Solid Snake: Liar. Your eyes wonder. There's no confidence in them. The eyes of a rookie. You've never shot a person, have you?
Meryl Silverburgh: You talk too much.
Solid Snake: You haven't even taken the safety off rookie.
Meryl Silverburgh: I told you I'm no rookie!

Dr. Hal 'Otacon' Emmerich: The truth is, my grandfather was part of the Manhattan Project. He suffered with the guilt for the rest of his life. And my father, he was born on August 6, 1945.
Solid Snake: The day of the Hiroshima Bomb. God's got a sense of humor all right.

Solid Snake: A disguise?
Dr. Hal 'Otacon' Emmerich: She had such a cute way of walking. She kind of wiggles her behind.
Solid Snake: You were really looking.
Dr. Hal 'Otacon' Emmerich: Well, she's got a very cute behind.
Solid Snake: Way of walking, huh?

Liquid Snake: From today on, you can call this place..."Outer Heaven".
Solid Snake: Big Boss's dream...

Liquid Snake: [Liquid has the Ninja held against a wall by Metal Gear Rex] In the Middle East, we don't hunt foxes, we hunt jackals! Instead of foxhounds we use royal harriers! I wonder, just how strong IS that exoskeleton of yours!
Ninja: [fires at Rex's weak point] A CORNERED FOX IS MORE DANGEROUS THAN A JACKAL!
Solid Snake: He destroyed the raydome!
Liquid Snake: [Liquid's cockpit opens] IMPRESSIVE! You are indeed worthy of the codename FOX, but now you're finished!
Ninja: NOW! Fire the stinger!
Liquid Snake: Can you really shoot? You'll kill him too!

Solid Snake: What's Metal Gear really designed for?
Dr. Hal 'Otacon' Emmerich: It's a mobile TMD. It's designed to shoot down nuclear missiles - only for defensive purposes, of course.
Solid Snake: Liar! I already know Metal Gear is nothing more than a nuclear-equipped, walking death-mobile!

Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops (2006) (VG)
Soldiers: [Injured] Go on without me, Boss...
Naked Snake: Quit your whining. The bullets went straight through. Now get up!

Naked Snake: The meaning of justice can change from one day to the next. A professional soldier never brings justice into the mission. Politics are fickle, they change with the times. So long as we remain loyal to our countries, soldiers like us need nothing to believe in.

Gene: Join me Jack! I will give you your calling!
Naked Snake: I'll find my own!

Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance (2002) (VG)
[sometimes says it if you intentionally make Raiden aim his firearms at Pliskin while he sleeps]
Solid Snake: [immediately wakes up and aims back] I wouldn't do that if I were you!

[says it sometimes if you intentionally make Raiden shoot Solid Snake]
Solid Snake: Damn kid!

MGS: Philanthropy (2009)
Harrison Bishop: Your mission is to find and secure Senator Abraham Bishop,In case you're wondering, the answer is yes, he is my father. I believe I might have told you about his role in my "decision" to enter politics.
Solid Snake: I'll find him, be sure of that!
Harrison Bishop: Make no mistake, Snake. I feel nothing for my father. There is nothing personal in this objective I'm assigning to you. Nothing inside of me, with the exception of my DNA, still links me to that person.

Metal Gear (2011)
Big Boss: You're bleeding, soldier.
Solid Snake: [gets up] As long as it's on the outside, sir.
Big Boss: [pause] Someone very special gave this to me. I believe it still carries her spirit.
[hands Snake what appears to be an old bandana]
Big Boss: You'll make the Foxhounds very proud one day.
Solid Snake: I hope to make my country very proud one day, sir.
Big Boss: [pause] That's not always the same thing, son.