Gloria Swenson
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Gloria Swenson (Character)
from Gloria (1980)

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Gloria (1980)
Gloria Swenson: ...Had to shoot me with a Magnum!

Gloria Swenson: Okay, you... you bananas! Inside!

[In a bar]
Gloria Swenson: There's reasons I can't turn and just look, but is there a little kid headed in here or across the street or whatever?

Gloria Swenson: In exactly twenty seconds I'm going to start shooting through that door, so get down on your stomachs!
Phil Dawn: Gloria, what are you doing?
Gloria Swenson: I'm saving your life, stupid.

Gloria Swenson: You let a WOMAN beat ya, huh?
[yelling at mobsters in the subway as she and the boy are escaping]

Gloria Swenson: If I'm gonna get you out of here, I gotta have your help.
Phil Dawn: How can I help you?
Gloria Swenson: They're gonna kill us, you little jackass... I don't wanna die!

Phil Dawn: I'm not going with you.
Gloria Swenson: Hey; I got no time to play games with you, kid.
Phil Dawn: I am the man. I am the man. I am the man, do you hear me? I am the man! I am the man! Not you, you're not the man! Do you hear me?I'll do anything I can. I am the man!

Gloria (1999)
Nicholas 'Nicky' Nuñez: I like sleeping with you.
Gloria: You're not the first guy to tell me that.

Gloria: You know, women got the greatest gift in the world. All they got to do is fall in love, and some guy just takes care of them.