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Natsumi Rokudo (Character)
from "Jungle de Ikou!" (1997)

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"Jungle de Ikou!" (1997)
Ongo: [on Natsumi's bed, raises spear] Yo!
Natsumi: [slips back under covers] Ah,I must still be dreaming.

Ongo: [Natsumi and Ongo are on the back of a whale] I know! All I have to do is just tell the whale to go back to it's home in the ocean!
Natsumi: But how do we talk to him?
Ongo: Leave it to me!
[moves to the whale's eye and says something in New Guinean, the whale angrily smashes against a building]
Natsumi: So what happened this time?
Ongo: We really didn't see eye to eye, actually I think he might be a foreigner.

Natsumi: [Natsumi has thrown Takuma into Nami, knocking her out] Nami?
Takuma: Nami?
Natsumi: What do we do?
Takuma: [moves in] Leave it to me! Ooh! I'll give her mouth-to-mouth!
Natsumi: [smacks his face, knocking him into a mailbox] Idiot.

Mom: [Natsumi comes out of the bathroom holding her stomach,having just got her first period] What's the matter dear? Do you have an upset stomach?
Natsumi: No. Nothing like that.
Mom: [thinks] Hmm. Wait a minute! I know!
Natsumi: [reacts in embarrassment] Uh!
Mom: You got your "friend" ! Let's celebrate! Should I get you a napkin,darling?
Natsumi: Oh,please! I'm going to school!

Ongo: [Ongo is extolling how good Mii's breasts are] When it comes to symbolizing Earth's power,small breasts don't cut it, period!
Natsumi: [remembering her first period] Period, huh?
Ongo: Not that period, I mean the punctuation mark.
Natsumi: Oh, just what the heck do you mean by that?
Takuma: Period? What's that? Is it something you could eat?
Natsumi: [embarrassed] Uh, I didn't say anything!
Natsumi: Hey Takuma, you're probably reading a dirty magazine, aren't you?
Takuma: Hell, no!
Takuma: [Natsumi looks at the newspaper, sees Mii's picture, and reacts in horror] Take a look! Ain't she da bomb?

Ongo: [Natsumi walks in the door, Ongo points his spear at her] Natsumi! Where the heck did you go without me, huh?
Natsumi: My morning calisthenics!
Ongo: Morning calisthenics? How does it taste?
Natsumi: [humoring him] Totally delicious!
Ongo: I want to go next time!
Natsumi: Well,if you get up early enough tomorrow, I'll take you with me.
Ongo: Really? Promise?
Natsumi: Sure, sure.
Little Rongo: [to herself] I get it, so that's the way Natsumi seduces Master Ongo!

Natsumi: [Natsumi comes home with a black eye] I'm home!
Mom: You're home early! Oh,were you in a fight again?
Natsumi: Yeah,sort of.
Mom: So,are you going to tell me who won?
Natsumi: [flexes her bicep] Isn't it obvious? There's no way I'd let that little pip-squeak Takuma beat me!

Takuma: [Nami, Takuma and Natsumi come across a wooden statue of a woman with large breasts,wearing a tribal mask,sitting in a suggestive pose] Whoa! This thing looks a lot like Mii,don'tcha think?
Natsumi: [embarrassed] That's certainly a very interesting pose.
Nami: The woman in the newspaper and this sculpture,they appear to have a connection.
Natsumi: [nervously,blocks statue with her body] No! I don't really think so,y'know? I don't think they look anything alike!
Nami: But I wonder.
Takuma: [Attempts to peek under the statue's loincloth] Peek a boo!
[Natsumi hits him on top of the head]
Takuma: Ow!

Natsumi: I'm back!
[sees Takuma sleeping in the Mii statue's lap,stomps on his face]
Natsumi: Did'ya miss me?
Takuma: [muffled] Yeah... right.
Natsumi: Hey,where's Nami?
Takuma: [muffled] I don't know!

Takuma: [staring at the large crowd for the exhibition] Man,there's a crapload of people here this time!
Natsumi: That's true.
Nami: [softly] It's unfortunate.
Takuma: [sarcastically] Oh yeah,it's really unfortunate.
Natsumi: [cheerfully] It's totally unfortunate.