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Sheeva (Character)
from Mortal Kombat: Annihilation (1997)

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Mortal Kombat: Annihilation (1997)
Rain: My squads have already claimed thousands of innocent souls on Earth.
Motaro: And I will claim billions.
Sheeva: By now you'd be behind bars on display in a zoo.
Motaro: If those bars could keep me away from you, Sheeva, I would welcome them!
Shao Kahn: Silence! What is your report?
Rain: Two of earth's best warriors have already been taken. Kabal and Stryker.
Shao Kahn: Tell me, did you make them beg for the lives before you destroyed them?
Rain: But, Master, I thought if I let them live...
Shao Kahn: I have no use for excuses! Rain, this will never happen again.
Rain: It will never happen again.

[watching Liu Kang and Kitana escape]
Sheeva: The date's over.

Shao Kahn: [after Killing off Rain] It's true, this will never happen again. It's also true I need a new general. Either die on duty or by my hand, the choice is yours.
Motaro: Centaurs are known for their hunting prowess. As your general, i will personally hunt down every human soul and spare no one.
Sheeva: Motaro can't be trusted, being the personal protector of queen Sindel, your orders are mine to follow.
Ermac: While they waste their energy with their snivelings I would gather hundreds of thousands of souls, for you.
Shao Kahn: No. You all are far too impetuous for such important work.
[Points to Sindel]
Shao Kahn: You, are my new general, Queen Sindel. Unless someone has a different point of view.