Sancho Panza
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Sancho Panza (Character)
from Don Quixote (2000) (TV)

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Man of La Mancha (1972)
Aldonza: All right, you're a squire. How does a squire squire?
Sancho Panza: Well, first, I ride behind him. Then he fights. And then I pick him up off the ground.

Don Quixote: Dost not see? A monstrous giant of infamous repute whom I intend to encounter.
Sancho Panza: It's a windmill.
Don Quixote: A giant. Canst thou not see the four great arms whirling at his back?
Sancho Panza: A giant?
Don Quixote: Exactly.

Sancho Panza: Many a man has gone to bed feeling well, only to wake up the next morning and find himself dead.
Don Quixote: That's a proverb.
Sancho Panza: Yes, Your Grace.
Don Quixote: I don't approve of them.

The Barber: [singing, of Don Quixote] I can hear the cuckoo singing in the cuckooberry tree.
Sancho Panza: [singing] If he says that that's a helmet, I suggest that you agree.
The Barber: [singing] But he'll find it is not gold and will not make him bold and brave.
Sancho Panza: [singing] Well, at least he'll find it useful if he ever needs a shave.

Sancho: Dying is such a waste of good health.

Sancho: They say one madman makes a hundred and love makes a thousand.
Aldonza: What does that mean?
Sancho: I'm not sure.

Don Quixote: [about to attack the windmill] Ho, there, foul monster! Cease the knocking at thy craven knees and prepare to do battle!
Sancho Panza: [nearly simultaneously] Your Grace, I swear by my wife's little black moustache that's not a giant, it's only a...
[with a yell, Don Quixote charges off]

Don Quixote: Victory.
Aldonza: Victory?
Sancho Panza: Victory.
Don Quixote: Victory!
Aldonza: Victory!
Sancho Panza: Victory?
Don Quixote: Victory! VIctory! Victory!

Alonso Quijana: My friend.
Sancho Panza: Did your Grace say something?
Alonso Quijana: You are a fat pudding stuffed with proverbs.

Don Quixote: Knowest thou what that really is?
The Barber: Uh-uh.
Don Quixote: The Golden Helmet of Mambrino. When worn by one of noble heart, it rendereth him invulnerable to all wounds. From what fallen knight didst thou steal it?
The Barber: I didn't steal it.
Don Quixote: Surrender it!
The Barber: Well, it cost me half a crown!
Don Quixote: Surrender it, or I'll split...
[the Barber screams as he drops the shaving basin]
Sancho Panza: I must say, Your Grace, it is worth half a crown.
Don Quixote: Peasant.

"Ark II: Don Quixote (#1.14)" (1976)
Don Quixote: [Sees the ARK driving along a road in the distance] Do my eyes deceive me? The giant white dragon has come to do battle with the great Don Quixote de la Mancha!
Sancho Panza: Pray look again, Master. Yon be not a dragon, but a machine.
Don Quixote: I tell thee it is a giant white dragon. And I shall slay it. Charge, great Rosinante! Charge!

"BBC Play of the Month: The Adventures of Don Quixote (#8.5)" (1973)
Sancho Panza: I thought your name was Alonso Quixano.
Don Quixote: I know who I am, and I know that I am perfectly capable of being whom I choose to be.

Don Quixote (2000) (TV)
Sancho Panza: How much does honor pay by the hour?