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John Lumic (Character)
from "Doctor Who" (2005)

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"Doctor Who: Rise of the Cybermen (#2.5)" (2006)
John Lumic: And how will you do that FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE?

[as the Cybermen have raided Pete and Jackie's party]
John Lumic: Mr President! I suppose a remark about "crashing the party" would be appropriate at this point.
John Lumic: [laughs]

John Lumic: Five o' clock, Mr Tyler. Famous day!

Pete Tyler: I suppose you won't be joining us tonight for the party? We'd be very honored.
John Lumic: The world below can party. Some of us have work to do.

"Doctor Who: The Age of Steel (#2.6)" (2006)
John Lumic: My everlasting children. Tell me. How does it feel?
Cybermen: We feel nothing.
John Lumic: But in your mind. What do you think?
Cybermen: We think the same. We are Uniform.
John Lumic: But you think of what?
Cybermen: We think of the humans. We think of their difference and their pain. They suffer in the skin. They must be upgraded
John Lumic: Excelent! Then lets begin!