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Quotes for
The Ood (Character)
from "Doctor Who" (2005)

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"Doctor Who: The Impossible Planet (#2.8)" (2006)
The Ood: The Beast and his armies will rise from the pit to make war against God.
Rose: I'm sorry?
The Ood: [whacks communication sphere] Apologies. I said: I hope you enjoy your meal.

The Ood: [possessed by the Beast] Some may call him Abaddon. Some may call him Krop Tor. Some may call him Satan. Or Lucifer. Or the King of Despair. The Deathless Prince. The Bringer of Night. And these are the words that shall set him free.

The Ood: We must feed... you, if you are hungry.

The Ood: We are the legion of the beast. The legion shall be many; and the legion shall be free. He has woven himself in the fabric of your life since the dawn of time.

The Ood: I am the sin; and the temptation. And the desire. And the pain and the loss.

"Doctor Who: Planet of the Ood (#4.3)" (2008)
[as he kills a man with the translater ball]
The Ood: Have a nice day.

The Doctor: [standing in a container full of Ood] Ood, tell me. Does 'the Circle' mean anything to you?
The Ood: [all the translators light up at once] The Circle must be broken.
Donna Noble: [breathy] Whoa, that is creepy.
The Doctor: But what is it? What is the Circle?
The Ood: The Circle must be broken!
The Doctor: Why?
The Ood: So that we can sing!

Advert Announcer: The Ood. They came from a distant world. They voyaged across the stars. All with one purpose...
The Ood: [cuts to an Ood holding out a cup of tea] Do you take milk and sugar?

Mr Bartle: I said military figures. That's the domestic file. Get me the military.
The Ood: [the Ood slams the file on the desk. We see it's having an episode of Red Eye] That file is irrelevant, sir.
Mr Bartle: Oh, and why is that?
The Ood: [takes out its translation sphere and electrocutes Mr. Bartle with it] Have a nice day.