Kurt Wallander
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Kurt Wallander (Character)
from "Faceless Murderer" (1995)

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"Wallander: Sidetracked (#1.1)" (2008)
[first lines]
Kurt Wallander: [holding up his badge] Wallander.
Farmer: Thought they would have sent a police car. Lights. Flashing.
Kurt Wallander: There was an accident on the Svarte Road. Cars with lights are all taken.

Victim's Son: You got a dad?
Kurt Wallander: You mean, is he still around? Yeah.
Victim's Son: What's he like?
Kurt Wallander: How long have you got...

[last lines]
Povel Wallander: When you were a boy you used to ask my about my work, the painting. "Why are they always the same, Dad?" "Why don't you do something different?" I could never explain. You see, each morning, when I start, I think I'll do something else. This morning I'll paint a seascape. This morning I'll do a still life, maybe an abstract, just splash the paint, see where it takes me. And then I start, and every time, I paint the same thing. The landscape. Whatever I do, this is what comes out. What you've got is your painting. I may not like it, you may not like it, but it's yours.
Povel Wallander: You know what I'd like before I lose what's left of my mind? I'd like to go to Rome. I'd like that. Look at the paintings. Other people's paintings. Can we do that?
Kurt Wallander: Yeah. Yes, Dad. We can do that.

"Den 5:e kvinnan" (2002)
Nurse: [Kurt and Maja are kissing each other in a storage room as the nurse enter] Who are you?
Kurt Wallander: Ehr... we are from the police...
Nurse: Ah, nice job you have...

"Wallander: Mörkret (#1.4)" (2005)
Kurt Wallander: [to child prostitute pimp] A while back this young fellow was sitting in the chair you're in now. He had read the lists of those who had died in the tsunami in Asia. He got hold of the address of one of the families affected. Know what he did? He broke into the house and stole anything of any value. But before he left, guess what he did? He turned all the taps on full blast all over the house. When I saw him sitting across from me, I thought... "this is the most despicable and pathetic person I have ever met." Only now I know better.