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Pete Tyler (Character)
from "Doctor Who" (2005)

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"Doctor Who: Father's Day (#1.8)" (2005)
Pete Tyler: Who am I, Rose?
Rose Tyler: You're my Daddy.

Pete Tyler: [to Rose] So, if this Doctor's not you boyfriend, and I have to say, I'm glad, 'cuase, you know, being your dad and all, I think he's a bit old for you.
[Rose bursts out laughing]

Pete Tyler: Don't worry about him. Couples have rows all the time.
Rose Tyler: We're not a couple! Why does everyone think we're a couple?
Rose Tyler: I think he left me.

Pete Tyler: [Rose has travelled back in time and saved her father's life when he was supposed to have died when she was just a baby. By doing so she has inadvertently doomed the human race] Your friend... he said "This is all your fault." What did he mean by that?
Rose Tyler: Dunno. It's just... it just is.
Pete Tyler: [hesitantly] I gave you my car keys. You don't give your car keys to a complete stranger.
[slowly begins walking towards her]
Pete Tyler: I trusted you, the moment I met you. "A wound in time". You called me Dad.
[gets closer]
Pete Tyler: You've got my eyes, Jackie's attitude. You sound like her when you shout.
[he reaches out and tentatively brushes the hair from her eyes but then gets shy and removes his hand. Rose immediately takes his hand and replaces it on her cheek]
Pete Tyler: It is! It's you! You're my Rose! You're my Rose grown up!
[he hugs her]
Rose Tyler: [starts to cry] Dad! My Dad! My Daddy!

Rose Tyler: I think he left me.
Pete Tyler: What, a pretty girl like you? If I was going out with you...
Rose Tyler: Stop right there!
Pete Tyler: I was just saying...
Rose Tyler: I know what you're saying, and we're not going there. At no point are we going anywhere *near* there. You aren't even aware that "there" exists. I don't even want to *think* about "there", and believe me, neither do you. "There", for *you*, is like... pfft, it's like the Bermuda Triangle.
Pete Tyler: Blimey, you know how to flatter a bloke.

Rose Tyler: So it's OK when *you* go to other times, and *you* save people's lives, but not when it's me saving my dad.
The Doctor: I know what I'm doing; you don't. Two sets of us being there made that a vulnerable point.
Rose Tyler: But he's alive!
The Doctor: My entire planet died, my whole family. Do you think it never occurred to me to go back and save them?
Rose Tyler: But it's not like I changed history. Not much. I mean, he's never going to be a world leader. He's not gonna... start World War III or anything.
The Doctor: Rose, there's a man alive in the world who wasn't alive before. An ordinary man: that's the most important thing in creation. The whole world's different because he's alive!
Rose Tyler: What, would you rather him dead?
The Doctor: I'm not saying that!
Rose Tyler: No, I get it! For once, *you're* not the most important man in my life.
The Doctor: Let's see how you get on without me, then: give me the key. The TARDIS key. If I'm so insignificant, give it me back.
Rose Tyler: [fishing out the key] All right then, I will.
[Rose slaps the key into the Doctor's hand]
The Doctor: Well, you've got what you wanted, so that's goodbye, then.
[the Doctor heads out]
Rose Tyler: [following] You don't scare me! I know how sad you are. You'll be back in a minute. Or you'll hang around outside the TARDIS waiting for me.
[the Doctor walks around Rose and goes out the door]
Rose Tyler: And I'll make you wait a long time!
[Rose slams the door]
Pete Tyler: [sticking his head out into the hall] Boyfriend trouble?

Registrar: "I, Peter Alan Tyler, take you, Jacqueline Andrea Suzette Prentice..."
Pete Tyler: I, Peter Alan Tyler, take you, Jacqueline Suzanne - Suzette - Anita...
[Pete looks to the Registrar for help, who tries to subtly prompt him]
Jackie Prentice: [to Registrar] Oh, just carry on. It's good enough for Lady Di.
[the Doctor grins, looks to Rose]
Rose Tyler: [to the Doctor] I thought he'd be taller.
Registrar: "... to be my lawful wedded wife, to love and behold 'til death us do part."

Pete Tyler: Can't we take this stuff back home, just for now?
Jackie Prentice: What, with the rest of the rubbish? You bring home cut-price detergents, tonic water, Betamax tapes and none of it works.

Pete Tyler: What's the future like?
Rose Tyler: It's not so different
Pete Tyler: What am I like? Have I gone grey?
[Rose looks at him in silence]
Pete Tyler: Have I gone bald? Don't tell me I've gone bald.

Pete Tyler: Now it's my fault all this has happened
Rose Tyler: This is my fault.
Pete Tyler: No, love. I'm your dad. It's my job for it to be my fault.
Jackie Prentice: Her dad? How are you her dad? How old were you? 12? Oh, that's disgusting.

"Doctor Who: Doomsday (#2.13)" (2006)
Jackie Tyler: I said there were ghosts, but that's not fair. Why him?
Pete Tyler: I'm not a ghost.
Jackie Tyler: But you're dead. You died 20 years ago Pete.
The Doctor: It's Pete from a different universe. There are parallel worlds, Jackie. Every single decision you make creates a parallel existence, a different dimension where...
Jackie Tyler: Oh you can shut up.
[to Pete]
Jackie Tyler: You look old.
Pete Tyler: You don't.
Jackie Tyler: How could you be standing there?
Pete Tyler: I just got lucky. I lived my life. You were left on your own. You didn't marry again, or...?
Jackie Tyler: There was never anyone else. Twenty years though, look at me, I never left that flat. Did nothing with myself.
Pete Tyler: You brought her up. Rose Tyler. It's not bad.
Jackie Tyler: Yeah.
Pete Tyler: In my world it worked. All those daft little plans of mine, it worked. Made me rich.
Jackie Tyler: I don't care about that.
Jackie Tyler: How rich?
Pete Tyler: Very.
Jackie Tyler: I don't care about that.
Jackie Tyler: How very?
Pete Tyler: Thing is though, Jacks, you're not my wife, I'm sorry but you're not. I mean, we both, it's just sort of... oh come here!
[They run toward each other and embrace]

"Doctor Who: Rise of the Cybermen (#2.5)" (2006)
Pete Tyler: I suppose you won't be joining us tonight for the party? We'd be very honored.
John Lumic: The world below can party. Some of us have work to do.