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Sir Winston Churchill (Character)
from Young Winston (1972)

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The Gathering Storm (2002) (TV)
Winston Churchill: I'm the new First lord.
Military Guard: We know, sir.
Winston Churchill: How do you know?
Military Guard: A signal was sent to the fleet this afternoon, sir.
Winston Churchill: What signal?
Military Guard: Winston is back.
Winston Churchill: [chuckles] He bloody well is!

Winston Churchill: I like pigs. Dogs look up to you; cats look down on you; pigs treat you as equals.

Winston Churchill: Now that I'm in charge of the Navy, Mr. Hitler and his Nazi thugs had better look out. We're going to teach them a lesson that they'll never forget.

[the sound of Sarah tap-dancing can be heard through the ceiling]
Clemmie Churchill: I think she wants to do it professionally.
Winston Churchill: Annoy people?

Winston Churchill: There may be a war. I grant you that. Nevertheless we shall win.
Ralph Wigram: How can you say that? It's just mindless optimism.
Winston Churchill: [nods no] When I was at school, I had a friend called Merlind Evans. And one day we were talking about what we would do when we were grown up. And I don't know why I said this, or, why I thought it, but I said, "One day in the future, Britain will be in great danger, and it will fall to *me* to save London and the Empire."
Ralph Wigram: Schoolboy fantasy. I wanted to play for England or climb Everest.
Winston Churchill: [half nod no] My destiny. And I truly believe it.
Ralph Wigram: You're an extraordinary man, Winston.
Winston Churchill: I am, I know it.
Ralph Wigram: Nobody but you could say that sort of thing and expect people to believe it.
Winston Churchill: Destiny is what I believe in. Destiny commands. We must obey.

Winston Churchill: You're very rude to me, Inches.
David Inches: *You're* very rude to *me*, sir.
Winston Churchill: Yes but I am a great man!
[Churchill leaves]
David Inches: No, you're not. You're a stupid ole bugger.

Winston Churchill: I've lived too long, I'm in the ruck, I've drunk too deeply of the cup, I cannot spend, I cannot fuck, I'm down and out! I'm buggered up!

Winston Churchill: Thank you.
Clemmie Churchill: For what?
Winston Churchill: For being rash enough to marry me, foolish enough to stay with me, and... for loving me in a way... I though I'd never be loved.

Churchill: The Hollywood Years (2004)
Chester: Good luck, Mr. Churchill. Win the war for us, won't you sir?
Winston Churchill: You bet. God bless America.
[leaves the train]
Chester: I wish I was American.

Winston Churchill: Okay. Now whats it all about, Alfie? Huh? What'd they tease you at school? Is that it? Is that why you gotta make the whole fuckin' world pay? C'mon, tell me your story. I'm all fuckin' ears, man. C'mon, asshole!
Hitler: What is this with you Americans, with the: "focking this" and "focking that" and "up the bott" an' "in the ass"? You can't even say this word properly as the English taught you, it is - "arse"! "Arse!" "Arse!" Und jaaa, Sherlock Holmes, I waaas teased at school, but, I got over it. I breaked up the teachers in that school and set fire to it!
Winston Churchill: Well, that's a real nice story. But now, it's time for you to kiss your "arse" - goodbye.

Denzil Eisenhower: Oh, I'm just a token black guy in this war?
Winston Churchill: Exactly! Now get outta here before we run out of cliches!

Winston Churchill: Here we go, Chester. Blood, sweat, 'n toil.
Chester: Good luck, Mr Churchill. Win the war for us, won't you, Sir?
Winston Churchill: You bet. God bless America.
Chester: I wish I was American.

Denzil Eisenhower: You cant be judge, jury, and executioner at the same time. It's just not the American way.
Winston Churchill: Hey, you'll never get to be President if you're runnin' that kinda policy.

Winston Churchill: I just open my mouth and shit comes out.

Winston Churchill: These are the Irish Cockneys, the good people of England.

"Time Squad: The Prime Minister Has No Clothes/Nutorius (#1.10)" (2001)
Winston Churchill: We shall fight on the beaches. We shall fight on the landing grounds. We shall fight in the fields and the streets. We shall fight in the hills. And above all, we shall fight without clothes on!

Otto Osworth: Uh... Interesting speech, Mr Churchill, sir.
Winston Churchill: Thank you, lad. There's a war on - got to inspire the people, you know!
Otto Osworth: Yeah, that's, uh, great. I can see how that would be, uh... how that might be, uh... WHERE THE HECK ARE YOUR PANTS?
Winston Churchill: My boy, we are engaged in a battle for freedom: freedom to vote, freedom to think, freedom to wear whatever we want even if it's nothing at all!

Winston Churchill: [watching Larry's films] Who's the fellow with the gigantic butt?
Larry 3000: Why, Winston, that's you!
Winston Churchill: ...What? That's ME? That's what I look like naked?
Larry 3000: Well, the camera does add fifteen pounds...
Winston Churchill: It's horrible! It's indecent! Put something on, gentlemen, you look positively obscene!

Winston Churchill: [swimming in the English Channel with Larry] Come and join us, lads, the water's perfect!
Otto Osworth: Uh, we didn't bring our swimsuits...
Winston Churchill: That's the point!

"Doctor Who: The Wedding of River Song (#6.13)" (2011)
Winston Churchill: Well? What happened?
The Doctor: Nothing.
Winston Churchill: Nothing?
The Doctor: Nothing happened. And then it kept happening. Or, if you prefer, everything happened at once, and it won't ever stop. Time is dying. It's going to be 5:02 in the afternoon for all eternity. A needle stuck on a record.
Winston Churchill: A record? Good Lord, man, have you never heard of downloads?
The Doctor: Said Winston Churchill.

Emperor Winston Churchill: What happened to time?
The Doctor: A woman.

Winston Churchill: Who the devil are you? Identify yourselves!
Amy Pond: Pond. Amelia Pond.

"Doctor Who: Victory of the Daleks (#5.3)" (2010)
Winston Churchill: If Hitler invaded Hell, I would give a favorable reference to the devil!

Ironside Dalek: [to The Doctor] Would you care for some tea?
The Doctor: [smashes away tray and cup] Stop this! What are you doing here? *What* do you *want*?
Ironside Dalek: We seek only to help you.
The Doctor: To do what?
Ironside Dalek: To win the war!
The Doctor: Really? Which war?
Ironside Dalek: I do not understand.
The Doctor: This war, against the Nazis? Or your war? The war against the rest of the Universe? The war against all life-forms that are not Dalek?
Ironside Dalek: I do not understand. I am your soldier.
The Doctor: Oh, yeah? OK. OK.
Ironside Dalek: [picks up a giant spanner] OK, soldier, defend yourself!
[the Doctor proceeds to lay about the Dalek with the spanner]
Winston Churchill: Doctor, what the devil...?
Ironside Dalek: You do not require tea?

[Bracewell has learned that he is a robot created by the Daleks and now questions his existence]
Edwin Bracewell: I can remember things. So many things. The last war, the squalor and the mud, and the awful, awful misery of it all. What about that? What am I?
Winston Churchill: What you are, sir, is either on our side or theirs. I don't give a damn if you're a machine, Bracewell. Are you a man?

Ike: Countdown to D-Day (2004) (TV)
Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower: There's only one way to be absolutley certain German spies or simply loose lips don't stumble across our activities and anticipate our moves, and that is to seal the coast across the south of England and Wales to all unauthorized traffic.
Prime Minister Winston Churchill: Most of it is sealed already.
Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower: I mean... all of it. No civilian traffic whatsoever.
Prime Minister Winston Churchill: Are you mad, sir? Do you not realize that no one in Britain is more than 150 miles from the sea? It is no accident that Britania rules the waves and all that business. We are a people whose entire destiny is linked to the sea!
Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower: Which is why you must now turn your people away from it.
Prime Minister Winston Churchill: Impossible.
Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower: It might mean thousands... tens of thousands of young men's lives.
Prime Minister Winston Churchill: I'll will give you this, General, you know how to take charge.
Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower: It's not about power, sir. It is simply the judicious use of the responsibility you entrusted me with.
Prime Minister Winston Churchill: Only under duress, and your threats to walk out. I'll have you remember that.
Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower: Yes sir.

Prime Minister Winston Churchill: There are two kinds of problem drinkers Chief Whip; those who drink too much and those who drink too little.

"Doctor Who: The Pandorica Opens (#5.12)" (2010)
Winston Churchill: [Looking at the painting containing the message for the Doctor] Can't say I understand it.
Bracewell: You don't have to understand it, Prime Minister; you just have to deliver it.

River Song: [Taking the phone from the guard] Doctor?
Winston Churchill: No, and neither are you! Where is he?
River Song: You're phoning the time vortex. It doesn't always work, but the TARDIS is smart. She's rerouted the call.

Jackboots on Whitehall (2010)
Churchill: My dear countrymen, dear friends. Never in the field of human conflict, was so buggered up by so few for so many!

The Vicar: I'm waiting for you, you son of a Nazi whore!
Daisy: Father!
The Vicar: Come and fight me! My God against yours!
Monty: Sorry, sir, he must have found his way back to the bottle.
Churchill: Good man.
The Vicar: Sausage eating wankers!
Churchill: Let us take example from the Church... double the ale ration!

Bomber Harris (1989) (TV)
Winston Churchill: The Russians, you know, want me to help them by starting a "second front". If I told them that *you* were my "second front", could you do it?
Sir Arthur 'Bomber' Harris: Give me 4,000 aircraft, and we wouldn't *need* the Russians!

Winston Churchill: Stalin believes that *you* can break the enemy's will.
Sir Arthur 'Bomber' Harris: I don't know about "will"; I could break their *industry*, with 4,000 Lancasters!

"Murdoch Mysteries: Winston's Lost Night (#6.2)" (2013)
Winston Churchill: Oh, look, a bulldog. I always thought they should be enshrined as our national symbol.
Detective William Murdoch: Because of their stubborn tenacity?
Winston Churchill: No, because they look so much like our queen. Of course, given my fondness for food and drink, I may end up looking like one myself someday.

Detective William Murdoch: Well, you've had an eventful stay, Mr. Churchill. Perhaps material for your memoirs someday.
Winston Churchill: I rather think I'll restrict my memoirs to the events I actually remember, Detective. This hasn't exactly been my finest hour.

Churchill's Secret (2016) (TV)
[Clemmie wants Winston to retire from being PM, and to spend his time at Chartwell. He is determined to continue, despite his stroke. His immediate aim is to attend the Conservative Party conference in Margate. Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden has just visited, expecting Winston to announce his resignation]
Clemmie Churchill: I thought Anthony was looking well... if a bit thin.
Winston Churchill: Clemmie, if I'm wrong and I can't get through Margate, then I'm all yours. That's my promise. If I fall, there's nowhere I want to fall except in your arms.
Clemmie Churchill: You've made promises to me before, darling.
Winston Churchill: I know.
Clemmie Churchill: And broken them.
Winston Churchill: But not any more.
Clemmie Churchill: [with resignation] Margate, then.

[Winston is giving a speech to the Conservative Party conference in Margate. After faltering, he abandons the rest of his speech, as he had arranged he would do if he got into difficulties, and moves to a rousing finale]
Winston Churchill: One word personally about myself. If I stay on for the time being, bearing the burden at my age, it is not because of love of power or office - I've had an ample share of both. If I stay it is because I have a feeling that I may, through things that have happened, have an influence on what I care about above all else. The building of a sure and lasting peace.
[the party members give him a standing ovation; Winston beckons Clemmie to join him at the podium]
Winston Churchill: [looking at Clemmie, though speaking about the government] Let us then go forward together, through courage and composure, with resolution and good faith, to the end which all desire.
[further applause]

"Winston Churchill: The Wilderness Years: Down and Out (#1.1)" (1981)
Winston Churchill: He may be wounded but he has the light of survival in his eyes.
[Puffs cigar]
Winston Churchill: A noble beast. He will come again.

Winston Churchill: [to Clementine after learning that she had his favorite tree cut down] You are guilty of arboricide!

Young Winston (1972)
Winston Churchill: I'm free! I'm Winston Bloody Churchill, and I'm free!

Inglourious Basterds (2009)
Winston Churchill: [to Lt. Hicox] You say he wants to take on the Jews, at their own game? Well, compared to, say, Louis B. Mayer... how's he doing?
Lt. Archie Hicox: Quite well, actually. Since Goebbels has taken over, film attendance has steadily risen in Germany over the last eight years. But, Louis B. Mayer wouldn't be Goebbels proper opposite number. I believe Goebbels sees himself as closer to David O. Selznick.
[long pause, Churchill takes deep draw on his cigar then exhales slowly]
Winston Churchill: [satisfied, to General Fenech] Brief him.

"The World Wars: A Rising Threat (#1.2)" (2014)
Winston Churchill: We shall NEVER SURRENDER!

Sinking of the Lusitania: Terror at Sea (2007) (TV)
Winston Churchill: The poor baby's who perished in the ocean struck a blow at German power that proved more deadly than the sacrifice of a 100,000 fighting men.

"The Crown: Hyde Park Corner (#1.2)" (2016)
Sir Winston Churchill: [broadcasting his eulogy for the King] When the death of the King was announced to us yesterday morning, there struck a deep and somber note in our lives, which resounded far and wide, stilled the clatter and traffic of 20th century life, and made countless millions of human beings around the world pause and look around them. The King was greatly loved by all his peoples. The greatest shocks ever felt by this island fell upon us in his reign. Never, in our long history were we exposed to greater perils of invasion and destruction. The late King, who assumed the heavy burden of the Crown when he succeeded his brother, lived through every minute of this struggle with a heart that never quavered and a spirit undaunted. In the end, death came as a friend. And after a happy day of sunshine and sport, and after a goodnight to those who loved him best, he fell asleep, as every man or woman who strives to fear God and nothing else in the world, may hope to do. Now, I must leave the treasures of the past and turn to the future. Famous have been the reigns of our queens. Some of the greatest periods in our history have unfolded under their scepters. Queen Elizabeth II, like her namesake, Queen Elizabeth I, did not pass her childhood in any certain expectation of the Crown. This new Elizabethan age comes at a time when mankind stands uncertainly poised on the edge of catastrophe. I, whose youth was passed in the august, unchallenged and tranquil glories of the Victorian era, may well fill the thrill in invoking once more the prayer and anthem, God Save the Queen.

"Winston Churchill: The Wilderness Years: His Own Funeral (#1.6)" (1981)
Clementine Churchill: What's that you're drinking?
Winston Churchill: Water, and exceedingly nasty it is.

"The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles: London, May 1916 (#1.2)" (1992)
Vicky Prentiss: What kind of a democracy is it now when half the population are not allowed to vote, simply because they are women?
Winston Churchill: [after a long pause] I fear you are the using the privilege of charming women everywere and changing the subject.

"Winston Churchill: The Wilderness Years: Politics Are Foul (#1.2)" (1981)
Winston Churchill: To survive is to have the chance to begin again.