Frank James
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American Outlaws (2001)
Bob: He's smiling.
Jim: Is that bad?
Frank: Very.

Cole: Sadie was a beautiful woman, Sadie was not a man!
Jesse James: She had a mustache, a nice mustache.
Frank: I think she had more than a mustache!
Cole: Well, she was European.

Head Teller: Why sir, sorry, but this bill is counterfeit!
Jesse James: Oh, I don't think so. But I'm gonna have to see the rest of your money so I can compare.
Frank: It's a scientific method, I hear it's all the rage.

Ma James: The Lord says we can bury 'em out back in the orchard. No one will ever find 'em.
Jesse James: Somebody's in a vengeful mood today.
Frank: Why don't we let 'em go for today, Ma? We'll bury 'em out back next time.
Ma James: [disappointed] Aw, all right.

Frank: That Zerelda turned into a hell of a woman, eh?
Jesse James: Oh yeah.
Frank: "Big and older"?
Jesse James: You can shut up now, Frank.
Frank: You are a charmer.
Jesse James: I swear to god I will shoot you in your sleep.
Frank: Next time try "Fat and haggard"!

Frank: "From women's eyes this doctrine I derive, they sparkle still the right Promethean fire. They are the books, the arts, the acedemes that show, contain and nourish all the world."
Cole: Well, I don't know what it is that you just said, but it sounded real nice.
Frank: That's Shakespeare. Now *he's* European.

Jesse James: Distracting enough for ya'?
Frank: Aw, they hardly even noticed you.
Jesse James: So you're saying I could have done more to attact their attention?
Frank: Uh-huh.
Jesse James: Such as?
Frank: Well you coulda' worn one of those big, floppy women's Easter Sunday bonnets.
Jesse James: Yeah, that would've made an impression.
Frank: I figure.
Jesse James: See that's your problem, Frank. By the time you've finished figurin' out stuff, I'm already finished doin' it.
Frank: No, Jesse, see *your* problem is you're always doin' stuff before I'm finished figurin' it out.

Frank: Well, she's still talking to Jesus.
Jesse James: You know what worries me? That Jesus is talkin' back!
Ma James: I heard that.

Ma James: Thank God you're alive!
Frank: Well not if you don't ease up a bit, Ma!

Bob: Cole lost his temper.
Frank: Oh no.
Bob: Well, he just lost his temper a little!
Jesse James: How many of 'em did he kill, Bob?

Frank: Any ideas little brother?
[Jesse smiles before running off]
Frank: Oh, Lord.
[Jesse grabs a stick of dynamites and runs off]
Cole and Frank: Oh, Lord.

[after Jesse blames himself for Jim's death]
Frank: The railroad burned him out, too, you couldn't have stopped him.
Jesse James: You're a piss-poor liar for the smartest man I know.

Jesse James: A war against the railroad... what the hell was I thinking?
Frank: Well, I'm sure it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Frank: [after she blows up the front of the train that's carrying Jesse] Nice shot.
Zee Mimms: Thank you. Go get my husband.

Jesse James: Hey Doc, I was wonderin' if, eh, later this evening I could come by?
Doc Mimms: You're always welcome here, Jesse.
Jesse James: Yeah, I know, Doc, but well, I was thinking maybe I could come by and take Zee out. Some place near, with other folk. Near here, but...
[clears throat]
Jesse James: Out.
Doc Mimms: That's fine by me, Jesse.
Frank: [with a grin] Oh, no worries, sir, I'll make sure they're properly chaperoned!
Doc Mimms: Why that hadn't even occurred to me, Frank. I am deeply in your debt.

The Return of Frank James (1940)
Frank James: I can't talk without thinking, not being a lawyer.

Frank James: Are you coming out or am I coming in?

Preacher: Prepare for the vengeance of the Lord! The day of reckoning is mighty close and you'll catch a heapin' fire if you don't get to repentin' and get to it quick! Hellfire is awaitin' ya. Are you ready to meet your Maker?
Frank James: I reckon so.
Preacher: You willing to stand before the judgmency with a chaw of tobacco in your mouth? Lost souls, that's what you are! Black as sin! Black with iniquity! The light of the Lord ain't in any of ya! Do you ever think of salvation? Do you ever think of the kingdom? No! All you ever think of is your bellies... and your corn pone and you chitlins and your corn liquor. Ah, brother, how about a swig of that jug?

Frank James: [Holding a gun] Now lay there still. Don't let me hear a peep from ya!
Dan Wilson: You won't hear nothing from me, brother. I wanna be around for breakfast!

Frank James: Pinky never so much as even stole a chicken in his whole life!

The Long Riders (1980)
Frank James: Mr. Rixley?
Jacob Rixley: That's right.
Frank James: My name is Frank James. I came here to turn myself in. Here's my gun. I want something in return. I want to be able to bury my brother.
Jacob Rixley: Suppose I don't agree to your terms?
Frank James: Then I'll kill you.
[Now points his gun at Mr. Rixley, cocks hammer back]

Cole Younger: When this is all over, I'm goin' to write a book; make myself more famous than I already am.
Frank James: I trust you'll give me a copy.
Cole Younger: Nope. You gotta pay, Frank; you gotta pay.

Frank James: [gazing at Wilhelmina across a crowded dance floor] I got a question for you.
Clell Miller: Fire away, Frank. Fire away and fall back.
Frank James: You ever been in love?
Clell Miller: Oh God, yes. It was terrible. An affliction. Really miserable. Nothing but trouble. Drove me crazy.
Frank James: That bad? Really?
Clell Miller: Yes. She was wonderful.

[on Jesse's relationship with Zee Mimms]
Cole Younger: The next thing you know, he'll ask her to marry him and settle down.
Frank James: The first part, anyway.

Frank & Jesse (1995)
Frank James: What's your plan?
Jesse James: I'm going to find that painted horse and kill that son of a bitch sitting on its backside. That's my plan.

Frank James: Hell of all the things I lost, I miss my mind the most.

Frank James: Grab a horse dingus.

The Last Days of Frank and Jesse James (1986) (TV)
Frank James: Nothing in his life became him like the leaving it.

Frank James: What's so funny?
Jesse James: You, ya jack ass.

Gunfire (1950)
Johnny James: [after lying to the sheriff] Dad, I saved you.
Frank James: I didn't need savin'. I done no wrong.

New Bartender in Creede: [as Frank is walking away] You're Frank James, right?
Frank James: [Turning] That's right.
New Bartender in Creede: What do you want with Charlie?
Frank James: [Dtermined] I wanna kill'em.

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (2007)
Frank James: You're not so special, Mr. Ford. You're just like any other tyro who's prinked himself up for an escapade, hoping to be a gunslinger like them nickel books are about. You may as well quench your mind of it, because you don't have the ingredients, son.
Robert Ford: Well, I'm sorry to hear you feel that way, as I put such stock in your opinion. As for me being a gunslinger, I've just got this one granddaddy Paterson Colt and a borrowed belt to stick it in. But I also got an appetite for greater things. I hoped by joining up with you, it'd put me that much closer to getting them.
Frank James: Well, what am I supposed to say to that?
Robert Ford: Let me be your sidekick tonight.
Frank James: Sidekick?
Robert Ford: So you can examine my grit and intelligence.
Frank James: I don't know what it is about you, but the more you talk, the more you give me the willies. Now I don't believe I want you anywhere within earshot this evening, okay? You understand?
Robert Ford: Well, I'm sorry...
Frank James: Why don't you just get, now? Scat!

The Great Northfield Minnesota Raid (1972)
Jesse James: I can't think of one, can you? I've searched back through the crannies of my mind. I can't think of one single honest man we ever robbed.
Frank James: 'Cause we robbed the robbers, that's why. Just the railroads, the banks, all the damned plughats.
Jesse James: Talk about givin' us amnesty. Hell, it's up to us to give amnesty to them.

"Little House on the Prairie: The Older Brothers (#9.14)" (1983)
Cole Younger: [being held up] I... don't suppose you fellas would believe that all I got here is a bunch of dumb mail?
Frank James: 'Take more than that to fool the James brothers.