Zee James
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American Outlaws (2001)
Zee Mimms: If you don't see it, then it's not real.

[last lines]
Zee Mimms: When were you plannin' on telling me?
Jesse James: I just did!
Zee Mimms: Only because I asked!
Jesse James: Damn, am I ever gonna win with you?
Zee Mimms: Don't change the subject!

Zee Mimms: I can't believe I had to blow up a train for you!
Jesse James: Well you are a hell of a woman...
Zee Mimms: Don't swear!

Zee Mimms: [while reading a book] Hmm...
Jesse James: "Hmm" what?
Zee Mimms: "But the life of the James gang wasn't all robbing and shooting and killing. For these young Missouri bucks had a taste for the ladies. Especially the handsome and charismatic Jesse James."
Jesse James: I beg your pardon!
Zee Mimms: Blazing Guns of The West: The True Story of Jesse James. Only a dime in the hotel lobby.
Jesse James: Let me see that.
Zee Mimms: Oh, I'm not finished. "When he sauntered into a saloon, his spurs jangling and his pockets full of gold, the ladies flocked around him like flies to a candied apple." As I said... hmm.

Frank: [after she blows up the front of the train that's carrying Jesse] Nice shot.
Zee Mimms: Thank you. Go get my husband.

Zee Mimms: There are certain things that have to wait until after the wedding.
Jesse James: Driver, change of plans. Can you take us to the nearest church, please?

Jesse James: Zee, go home.
Zee Mimms: Who else was there when they hanged the others? You need to know how they do it. Which way they walk up, what order they do things in. And you mess up rescuing Cole because you won't listen to a woman? Then damn you all.
Loni Packwood: [whistles]

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (2007)
Zee James: [Bob has shot Jesse] Bob, have you done this?
Robert Ford: I swear to God that I didn't.

Jesse James (1939)
Zerelda 'Zee' Cobb, later Zerelda 'Zee' James: If I could just think of some way to let you know how wrong you are.
Jesse Woodson James: No use, honey. It's just like I always told you: I hate the railroads... and when I hate, I've gotta do somethin' about it.
Major Rufus Cobb: That's the stuff! People ain't hating nowadays like they used to. They gettin' soft. I got to admit that I like a man that hauls off and hates good and hard. It's the lawyers - gol-dang it - it's the lawyers are messin' up the whole world! Why ten years ago, here in Liberty, we didn't have no lawyers and we got along fine. Man killed somebody, then somebody killed him, and the marshal shot 'em all and that was the end of it. But, look at it today: right here in Liberty we got hundreds of lawyers, thousands of 'em, as far as the eye can see: nothing but lawyers!
Zerelda 'Zee' Cobb, later Zerelda 'Zee' James: Uncle Rufe, there are only TWO lawyers in Liberty.
Major Rufus Cobb: Huh? Two? Is that all? Then they run around too much. Gol-dang it, I'm gonna write me an editorial about that.
Major Rufus Cobb: [he goes out into the newspaper office] Roy!
Roy: Yes, sir?
Major Rufus Cobb: Take an editorial on lawyers.
Roy: Liars?
Major Rufus Cobb: That'll do. We'll begin easy.
[he begins to dictate]
Major Rufus Cobb: Paragraph: If we are ever to have law and order in the West, the first thing we gotta do is take out all the lawyers and shoot 'em down like dogs.