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Quotes for
Bob Younger (Character)
from The Long Riders (1980)

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American Outlaws (2001)
Bob: He's smiling.
Jim: Is that bad?
Frank: Very.

Cole: All right, ranchers, let's ride!
Bob: Now I would sound just stupid sayin' something like that.

[first lines]
Cole: Gatling! They got a Gatling gun!
Bob: Goddamn it Cole, this stopped bein' fun about two years ago!

[during the gang's first robbery without Jesse]
Teller: Where's Jesse James?
Cole: This here's the Younger gang, you understand? The Younger gang!
Man: But the Youngers ride with Jesse James.
Bob: Hey! You wanna die?

Jesse James: So we got a plan?
Bob: Yeah, my plan of lying here pissing myself seems to be working mighty fine, thank you!

Cole: Why the hell aren't we the "Younger-James" gang? I mean we got three Younger brothers and two James brothers.
Jim: Well, I kinda like the sound of the "James-Younger" gang.
Cole: Hey Jim, I'll beat the piss out of you right now, now stay out of this.
Bob: Oh, Jimmy's got a point, Cole. The "Younger-James" gang is confusing.
Cole: How's that, Bob?
Bob: Well, say we burst into a bank and we go, "We're the Younger-James gang!" Now people are gonna be thinkin', "The younger James gang? Is there an older James gang? How come we never heard of the older James gang?" So people are tryin' to figure that out instead of raisin' their arms.

Bob: [seeing Loni holding something] What's that?
Loni Packwood: This is my lucky rabbit's foot. I took it off that dead fellow over there.
Bob: Yeah, I don't think that one's working, Loni.

Cole: [about Frank] Just because he reads all them books and he knows all them big words don't make him smart!
Bob: Uh, yeah it does.

Captain Malcolm: Get me the James boy!
Tom: What, Jesse?
Captain Malcolm: No, not Jesse! I want the one that can shoot!
Tom, Cole, Bob: FRANK!

Jesse James: All right, settle down. Not all this money is ours.
Bob: Uh, well... no Jesse, it's the bank's... see that's why we had to go to all the trouble of stealing it.

Jesse James: Let's go home, back to our farms.
Cole: Platin' corn, harvesting corn... and eatin' corn.
Bob: The corn gonna shoot at me?
Cole: Nope.
Bob: Then I love it.

Bob: Cole lost his temper.
Frank: Oh no.
Bob: Well, he just lost his temper a little!
Jesse James: How many of 'em did he kill, Bob?

Bob: They arrested Jesse! What have you done?
Cole: What's that, Bob?
Bob: What have you done, Cole?
Cole: I ain't done nothing, Bob.
Bob: Swear it.
[points his gun at Jesse]
Bob: Swear on Jimmy's grave.
Tom: Bob, you know Cole would never do such a thing. He and Jesse are best friends, cousins, blood brothers. Bob...
Bob: [lowers his gun] Sorry, Cole.
[walks away]
Tom: If I find out you had anything to do with what happened to Jesse... I'll kill you myself.

The Long Riders (1980)
Engineer: [during a train robbery] Who the hell do you think you are, Jesse James?
Bob Younger: Hell, no! I'm Bob Younger. Jesse James rides with the Youngers. Now, stop the damn train!

Beth Mimms: Jim Younger, there are some things that a gentleman does not ask a lady!
Bob Younger: Beth, when you're old enough to call yourself a lady, I'll keep that in mind.

Best of the Badmen (1951)
Bob Younger: We're going to California. We hear there's gold out there.
Doc Butcher: There's gold in the mint at Denver, too, and it's a lot closer.