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Cole Younger (Character)
from The Long Riders (1980)

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American Outlaws (2001)
Cole: All right, ranchers, let's ride!
Bob: Now I would sound just stupid sayin' something like that.

Cole: Sadie was a beautiful woman, Sadie was not a man!
Jesse James: She had a mustache, a nice mustache.
Frank: I think she had more than a mustache!
Cole: Well, she was European.

[first lines]
Cole: Gatling! They got a Gatling gun!
Bob: Goddamn it Cole, this stopped bein' fun about two years ago!

[during the gang's first robbery without Jesse]
Teller: Where's Jesse James?
Cole: This here's the Younger gang, you understand? The Younger gang!
Man: But the Youngers ride with Jesse James.
Bob: Hey! You wanna die?

Jesse James: Hands off your hip, Cole.
Cole: Ain't scared are ya, Jesse?
Jesse James: Pick your fights, cousin, you taught me that.

Cole: Some Indian tracker you turned out to be, Tom.
Comanche Tom: You paid me to find you Bluecoats, there they are.

Cole: Ma'am, do me a favor, turn around and cover your eyes.
Woman: Why?
Cole: Cuz I'm gonna shoot this man and I don't think you wanna see it.
[Woman turns]
Cole: Thank you.

Cole: Why the hell aren't we the "Younger-James" gang? I mean we got three Younger brothers and two James brothers.
Jim: Well, I kinda like the sound of the "James-Younger" gang.
Cole: Hey Jim, I'll beat the piss out of you right now, now stay out of this.
Bob: Oh, Jimmy's got a point, Cole. The "Younger-James" gang is confusing.
Cole: How's that, Bob?
Bob: Well, say we burst into a bank and we go, "We're the Younger-James gang!" Now people are gonna be thinkin', "The younger James gang? Is there an older James gang? How come we never heard of the older James gang?" So people are tryin' to figure that out instead of raisin' their arms.

Cole: [about Frank] Just because he reads all them books and he knows all them big words don't make him smart!
Bob: Uh, yeah it does.

Frank: "From women's eyes this doctrine I derive, they sparkle still the right Promethean fire. They are the books, the arts, the acedemes that show, contain and nourish all the world."
Cole: Well, I don't know what it is that you just said, but it sounded real nice.
Frank: That's Shakespeare. Now *he's* European.

Captain Malcolm: Get me the James boy!
Tom: What, Jesse?
Captain Malcolm: No, not Jesse! I want the one that can shoot!
Tom, Cole, Bob: FRANK!

Cole: Where you been buddy?
Jesse James: What's going on?
Cole: Well, nothin' really.

Jesse James: Let's go home, back to our farms.
Cole: Platin' corn, harvesting corn... and eatin' corn.
Bob: The corn gonna shoot at me?
Cole: Nope.
Bob: Then I love it.

Cole: You tell anyone I said this, I'll have to kill you, cause everyone knows I'm the toughest man in this town. But you are one terrifying son of a bitch with them guns.

Rollin H Parker: Howdy folks, how are you today.
Cole: Howdy?
Jesse James: Yeah, easterners.

Cole: WHOO! Goddamn, boy! When we get back to Missouri, I'ma' tell all them little gals 'bout how little Jesse James charged the whole Union army by hisself!
General: Hey Cole, he keeps that up and he's liable to outrank you soon!
Cole: Well, but I'll still be better lookin', won't I?

Cole: I'm the better soldier, Jesse!
Jesse James: And I'm the better outlaw!
Jimmy: You both hate the railroad, that's all that matters!

Cole: The one time that one of us comes up with an idea...
Jesse James: A *bad* idea.
Cole: Hey, I got us through the war all right.
Jesse James: And nearly got hanged in peacetime.

[after Jimmy gets shot]
Cole: Bob, get me some bandages.
Jesse James: And some whiskey, Bob.
Jimmy: Too young for whiskey.
Jesse James: I think this time we'll make an exception, Jim.

Bob: They arrested Jesse! What have you done?
Cole: What's that, Bob?
Bob: What have you done, Cole?
Cole: I ain't done nothing, Bob.
Bob: Swear it.
[points his gun at Jesse]
Bob: Swear on Jimmy's grave.
Tom: Bob, you know Cole would never do such a thing. He and Jesse are best friends, cousins, blood brothers. Bob...
Bob: [lowers his gun] Sorry, Cole.
[walks away]
Tom: If I find out you had anything to do with what happened to Jesse... I'll kill you myself.

The Long Riders (1980)
Cole Younger: When this is all over, I'm goin' to write a book; make myself more famous than I already am.
Frank James: I trust you'll give me a copy.
Cole Younger: Nope. You gotta pay, Frank; you gotta pay.

[Cole Younger and Sam Starr are about to fight over Belle]
Cole Younger: What does the winner get?
Belle Starr: Nothin' both of you ain't already had.
Cole Younger: Don't hardly seem worth it.
Belle Starr: It ain't. You're both crazy, but you do keep me amused. I am having a *real* good time.

Jim Younger: [before the Northfield Raid] Maybe we need to send a couple of people down there and look things over before we just ride in there.
Jesse James: Clell's already scouted it out. What's wrong with you, Jim? Talkin' soft is something I'd expect from Cole or Frank.
Cole Younger: I gave up tryin' to talk sense to you a long time ago, Jesse.

Belle Starr: Coleman Younger! Seems like you folks are havin' a real nice party in there.
Cole Younger: I expect so, with free food and drink and all.
Belle Starr: How come I wasn't invited?
Cole Younger: 'Cause you're a whore, Belle.
Belle Starr: I might be; but at least I ain't a cheap one.

Cole Younger: You still chargin' $15?
Belle Starr: [laughing] I sure am.
Cole Younger: [shaking his head] Lot of money.
Belle Starr: Well, at the rate you're losin' you won't have to worry about it. Course you could always hold up another bank; scare some more innocent people half to death.

Cole Younger: [regarding the Northfield Raid] That's kinda off our range, ain't it, Jesse? There's still a lot of banks and cathouses in Missouri we ain't done.

Cole Younger: [Jesse has decided to leave the Youngers for the posse to find] I like it better this way, Jesse; I get to see you run.

[on Jesse's relationship with Zee Mimms]
Cole Younger: The next thing you know, he'll ask her to marry him and settle down.
Frank James: The first part, anyway.

Cole Younger: First getting shot, then getting married - bad habits.

Jacob Rixley: What do you and your brothers think about a life sentence? I mean, you're lucky they don't allow hanging in this state. Come on, Cole, tell me what you think about this?
Cole Younger: Ah, hell. We played a rough game... and we lost.

Cole Younger: [Cole Younger and Sam Starr are about to fight over Belle] Well... I'm glad I caught you in a good mood.

The Great Northfield Minnesota Raid (1972)
[repeated line]
Cole Younger: Ain't that a wonderment?

[riding past a brothel, Cole sees two good-looking women in a window]
Cole Younger: Hello, there, Cousin Maybelle. You look a treat.
Maybelle: Where you goin'?
Cole Younger: Well, I ain't got no plans that can't be altered.

[Pinkerton detectives have seriously wounded Cole and Jesse and his gang ride off bent on revenge]
Cole Younger: Where's Jesse? Where's Jesse?
Jim Younger: The boys are ridin' again, Cole
Cole Younger: We got an amnesty comin'! I told Jesse he's gonna have to settle with me if he started things up.
Charley Pitts: Don't get up, Cole.
Cole Younger: Got to, Charlie Pitts. Gotta keep gettin' up. 'Cause if you don't some son-of-a-bitch'll start shovelin' dirt on ya.

Clell Miller: How far 'way is this place we're goin' to?
Cole Younger: Couple hundred miles.
Clell Miller: Damn! My assbone's gone to sleep already.
[a train whistle blows in the distance]
Cole Younger: Whoa. Clell, how'd you like to ride your assbone on an iron horse?

Boy: Come on, Cole. Take off your shirt so we can see your bullet wounds.
Cole Younger: Oh, hell, ain't no difference from any other man's bullet holes.

[referring to his bullet wounds]
Cole Younger: Fourteen times in fifteen years. Makes a fellow wonder if he choose the right line of work.

Old-timer: Any damn fool can get himself shot full of holes.
Cole Younger: It ain't hard gettin' shot. It's the gettin' back up.

Cole Younger: There's worse things in life than having something permanent.

Jesse James: We'll make this smug Yankee town weep, or we'll blow it to kingdom come!
Cole Younger: No, we ain't either, Jesse. Only a fool smokes up a town when it ain't necessary.

"Little House on the Prairie: The Older Brothers (#9.14)" (1983)
Cole Younger: Sometimes I can't believe we're kin.

Cole Younger: What is it we've done wrong so far?
Bart Younger: Everything.

Cole Younger: Quit readin' the letters. Quit readin' the letters. QUIT IT!
Bart Younger: Ain't doin' no harm, Cole. Twenty years I was in jail, I never got no letters.
Cole Younger: They ain't TO you.
Bart Younger: Neither was the ones I didn't get.

Sheriff: [Lonnie knocks on the door] Who is it?
Lonnie Younger: [turns to Cole] Who am I?
Cole Younger: [whispers] Telegram.
Lonnie Younger: [turns back to door and whispers] Telegram.
Sheriff: What?
Lonnie Younger: [louder] Telegram!

Cole Younger: [being held up] I... don't suppose you fellas would believe that all I got here is a bunch of dumb mail?
Frank James: 'Take more than that to fool the James brothers.

Almanzo James Wilder: You promise you'll return Isaiah safely?
Cole Younger: I always say if you can't take the word of Cole Younger, who's word can you take?
John Carter: I'm sure you always say it, but do you mean it?
Cole Younger: [to Almanzo] Your friend cuts me to the quick.

Cole Younger: What we do now is we turn ourselves in.
Bart Younger: But they'll put us in prison!
Cole Younger: Ah...
[holds in anger]
Cole Younger: What, one, two years? When we get out, we'll have our stake.
Bart Younger: Stake? What stake?
Cole Younger: The re...
[struggles to contain rage]
Cole Younger: The rewar-DUH.

"Overland Trail: Perilous Passage (#1.1)" (1960)
[first lines]
[Cole Younger is trying to rob a stagecoach]
Cole Younger: You know, a man could set his watch by the Overland Stage schedule. Makes it easy for me.
First Stagecoach Driver: Not when they catch up with ya.
Cole Younger: That isn't yet. Now throw down that box!
[the stagecoach driver drops the express box to the ground]
First Stagecoach Driver: I'll remember your face.
Cole Younger: Then you might as well have the name to go with it. It's Cole Younger!

Hell's Crossroads (1957)
Jesse James: Frank, Bob, on your way. Cole, take your time.
Cole Younger: All right, Jess.
Jesse James: Shall we drift?
Vic Rodell: Why not?

Kansas Raiders (1950)
Cole Younger: Like my old pappy used to say, 'A hog that straddles a fence ain't likely to wind up no place.

Best of the Badmen (1951)
Cole Younger: Do you know what you're doing, Doc?
Doc Butcher: Nope, I don't. But my impetuous nature got me into this, so it's going to have to get me out.