Marcy Hill
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Marcy Hill (Character)
from "Benson" (1979)

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"Benson: The Governor's House Call (#2.20)" (1981)
Benson DuBois: So you're really going to take all the kids to the amusement park?
Marcy Hill: Are you kidding? That's all they've been able to talk about!
Katherine 'Katie' Olivia Gatling: Marcy promised to go on the gutbuster with us!
Benson DuBois: The gutbuster huh? Is your insurance paid up?
Marcy Hill: What does that mean?
Benson DuBois: I got to admire you Marcy. I rode it. Once. I broke into a cold sweat, my knees were shaking, I couldn't catch my breath and that's while I was still standing in line.
[Katie laughs]
Marcy Hill: What's so funny? I don't find that funny!
Benson DuBois: Yeah right. Let's not talk about it.
Marcy Hill: That's fine with me.
Benson DuBois: Actually the beginning of the ride isn't bad, it's very slow.
Marcy Hill: Well that's nice.
Benson DuBois: That's because you're climbing straight up, you know, it goes up & up & up and then you get to the top and it starts down. Boy there you are staring dead into eternity, you mouth is wide open, and you can't scream because your heart is in your mouth, and of course you hope you but then unfortunately you don't die.
Marcy Hill: I don't want to hear anymore!
Katherine 'Katie' Olivia Gatling: But he hasn't gotten to the best part yet!
Marcy Hill: I don't care! I'm not going up on that thing.
Katherine 'Katie' Olivia Gatling: You said you would!
Marcy Hill: I lied!
Miss Gretchen Wilomena Kraus: What's the matter Marcy? Chicken?
Katherine 'Katie' Olivia Gatling: She's not chicken! Are you Marcy?
Marcy Hill: We'll talk about it in the car.
Katherine 'Katie' Olivia Gatling: Bye everybody!
Marcy Hill: We'll see you Monday.
Benson DuBois: Happy landings Marcy!
Marcy Hill: Oh you're cute! Very cute!

"Benson: Pilot (#1.1)" (1979)
Benson DuBois: [first lines; he hides behind the door from Ms. Kraus and whispers] Hi.
Marcy Hill: [whispers back] Hi.
Benson DuBois: I'm hiding.
Marcy Hill: I see.