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Chuck Campbell (Character)
from "Soap" (1977)

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"Soap: Episode #4.11" (1981)
[the doctor has come with Danny's test results]
Dr. Saxon: The bullets passed through both kidneys.
Mary: Oh my god.
Dr. Saxon: We can't save either one. Now we'll put him on a life-support machine for now, but...
Mary: He needs another kidney. Is that what you're trying to say?
Gwen: Mine. Take mine. Take both of mine, I don't need 'em! He already has my heart, my soul; he can have my kidneys, my lungs, whatever you need, just take it!
Burt: Doc, I've got great kidneys. I want Danny to have my kidney.
Dr. Saxon: Burt, it can't be just anyone's kidney.
Burt: It's not just *anyone's* kidney, it *my* kidney. And it's a great kidney, I take good care of it.
Chuck: I'd give him a kidney, but I've only got one.
Bob: [drunkenly] Okay, all right. I'll give him the kidney.
Burt: Bob, will you please? You can't give anyone an organ. What are you talking about?
Chuck: Especially a kidney.
Bob: I know... All right, I admit it! I'm an alcoholic!

"Soap: Episode #4.1" (1980)
[Mary has just woken up after giving birth to what she is afraid might be a half-alien baby]
Mary: Did I?
Jodie: You did.
Chuck: Congratulations
Mary: What color is it?
Bob: Well, is there something you'd like to tell us?
Jodie: We're not sure yet.
Bob: That's not usually the first question.
Chuck: Bob...
Bob: That's not usually the *twelfth* question!