Corinne Tate
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Corinne Tate (Character)
from "Soap" (1977)

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"Soap: Episode #3.7" (1979)
Millie: You seem to be sitting here so quiet. Is something the matter?
Corinne: See, my husband was a priest and he left the church for me, which made him feel so guilty that he went to live in a cave, but then our son was born possessed and he came back to perform the exorcism and when it was over, I thought it would change things, but no, we wouldn't go near me, he wouldn't touch me and the other day he left me!
[hold out her hand]
Corinne: I'm Corinne.
Millie: [puzzled] Millie.
Corinne: Nice meeting you.

"Soap: Episode #2.22" (1979)
[Corinne is worried about her possessed baby]
Corinne: He's here because of me.
Jessica: Don't be silly, Corinne, the devil doesn't even know you.
Corinne: It's all my fault. He's here because of me, because I slept with everyone in town.
Mary: Oh Corinne, please. First of all, you did not sleep with everyone in town.
Corinne: Yes, I did.
Jessica: Oh, please. Did you sleep with the mayor?
Mary: Yeah.
Jessica, Mary: You slept with the mayor?
Jessica: [disgusted] Oh my goodness, the mayor. I voted for him.
Mary: I told you not to vote for him. I told you to vote for Swanson.
Corinne: I slept with him, too.
Mary: You did?
Corinne: Believe me, the best man won.

"Soap: Episode #2.7" (1978)
Mary: What's been going on with you three?
Jessica: Well, Eunice is depressed and Corinne is depressed and I was just debating whether or not to join them.
Mary: Sounds like fun.
Jessica: Actually, I think I've been depressed quite a lot lately. I mean, I eat a lot and I just simply cannot sit still.
Corinne: I don't think you're depressed, ma. I think you're horny.

"Soap: Episode #1.2" (1977)
Peter 'The Tennis Player': Dad!
Burt Campbell: Peter!
Corinne Tate: Peter?
Jessica Tate: Peter?
Peter 'The Tennis Player': Corrine?
Jessica Tate: Corrine?
Peter 'The Tennis Player': Jessica?
Corinne Tate: Mother?
Burt Campbell: Corrine. Jessica.
Mary Campbell: Oh My God!
Chester Tate: Jessica?
Jessica Tate: Peter!
Corinne Tate: Mother?
Jodie Dallas: Peter!