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Quotes for
Inger Dominguez (Character)
from "Nash Bridges" (1996)

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"Nash Bridges: Dirty Tricks (#3.12)" (1997)
Mrs. Lofink: What made you choose the Tuffnel School?
Inger Dominguez: Well, I think -
[Joe cuts her off]
Mrs. Lofink: Well, ah, ah, I think, ah, Mrs. Lofink, that it's very clear as we enter the 12st century that a child needs, ah, a more broader and more challenging culturally diverse education.
Mrs. Lofink: Mr. Dominguez, I-I know what you are saying.
[putting a hand up]
Insp. Joe Dominguez: Really? Oh, well, thank you.
Mrs. Lofink: It's all right here in the Tuffnel School brochure. Verbatim.
[raising an eyebrow]

"Nash Bridges: Vendetta (#4.21)" (1999)
Inger Dominguez: Joe, I'm not ovulating anymore.
Joe Dominguez: Don't have to ask me twice.