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Insp. Evan Cortez (Character)
from "Nash Bridges" (1996)

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"Nash Bridges: Out of Chicago (#2.20)" (1997)
Insp. Nash Bridges: But she does make the crime page.
[refering to Karen]
Insp. Evan Cortez: Oh, yeah, she does.
Insp. Nash Bridges: That's good.
Insp. Evan Cortez: Yeah, she catches a lot of bad guys; big-time gang leaders, drug dealers, that kind of thing.
Insp. Joe Dominguez: so, she's a good cop, huh?
Insp. Evan Cortez: Yeah, in Chicago she's like a female version of you.
[to Nash]
Insp. Joe Dominguez: No wonder I thought she was so sexy.
Insp. Nash Bridges: Oh, baby.
[to Joe]

Insp. Harvey Leek: Let's hope our next stake out is Jenny McCarthy's.
Insp. Evan Cortez: I wish.

"Nash Bridges: Blackout (#3.5)" (1997)
Insp. Harvey Leek: She could fight a war all by herself.
[as they both investigate the stuff on Michelle's desk after she walks away from it]
Insp. Evan Cortez: Look at this stuff, this isn't standard polcie-issue, is it?
Insp. Harvey Leek: Nah, too high-tech. Oh, this is very Emma Peel of her. Remember 'The Avengers', that TV show? Damn you're young.
[after Evan looks at him confused]
Insp. Evan Cortez: I want that woman, she is extremely hot.
Insp. Harvey Leek: No, no - tread very gently on that stuff.
Insp. Evan Cortez: Why you say that?
Insp. Harvey Leek: Using that kind of language when talking about a fellow police officer... you got to be careful these days.
Insp. Evan Cortez: Yeah, but what if she would like it.
Insp. Harvey Leek: Yeah, yeah, all I'm saying is don't let anybody else hear that because people file lawsuits for less effort.
Insp. Evan Cortez: All I'm saying is that first time I saw that woman I wanted to kiss the nape of her neck, I wanted to devour her flesh, I wanted to do the wild thing with her, possibly introduce her to Mr. Happy if you know what I'm talking about.
Insp. Harvey Leek: You been taking those testosterone supplements?

Insp. Michelle Chan: Oh, and, ah, guys, I almost forgot: I wanted to weight in on your little work discussion. You know, I don't mind frank sexual talk in the office as long as it's not directly concerning me. And, ah, just for your information: if a co-worker ever tries to intoruce me to 'Mr. Happy', I'll very quickly make him into Mr. Unhappy. Good-bye.
Insp. Evan Cortez: So you think I still got a chance with her?
Insp. Harvey Leek: Unless she gets blown up and loses her memory, no.

"Nash Bridges: Cuda Grace (#3.18)" (1998)
Insp. Harvey Leek: Is that actual cleavage I'm seeing there?
Insp. Evan Cortez: Yes, it is.
[dressed up liek a girl]

"Nash Bridges: Most Wanted (#3.9)" (1997)
Insp. Evan Cortez: Well, if he ain't the poster boy for young, dumb, and full of...
[after Evan blows their cover trying to be nice to a girl]

"Nash Bridges: Dirty Tricks (#3.12)" (1997)
Insp. Evan Cortez: Somebody remind me: is this our second or third war with the British?
[as he and the team arm up]
Insp. Harvey Leek: Third. Last time was Flintlocks and powdered wigs; you'd think they would have learned.

"Nash Bridges: The Web (#2.16)" (1997)
Insp. Evan Cortez: Man, this guy runs like a gazelle!

"Nash Bridges: Promised Land (#2.11)" (1996)
Insp. Bryn Carson: I dated a shrink once.
Insp. Evan Cortez: Yeah, so did I.
Insp. Joe Dominguez: Oh, yeah? Well maybe it was the same guy.

"Nash Bridges: Sniper (#3.7)" (1997)
Insp. Evan Cortez: So, Harv', you have any Halloween plans?
Insp. Harvey Leek: Nah, nothin' baby beyond a frozen pizza and Sci-Fi channel.

"Nash Bridges: Impostors (#4.2)" (1998)
Insp. Evan Cortez: Great! Hallelujah! You know what, Harv'? I got a little news flash for you: Jerry Garcia has been dead and buried for the passed three years and I got one suggestion for you: get over it!

"Nash Bridges: Found Money (#3.11)" (1997)
Insp. Harvey Leek: You know, it could just be, Evan, that she and I were made for each other. I often wondered if she was the one that got away.
[speaking of his new girlfriend released from prison]
Insp. Evan Cortez: No, Harv', she was the one that was sent away.
Insp. Harvey Leek: Ha, ha, ha, I'll have to owe you a smart-ass retort.

"Nash Bridges: Knockout (#2.17)" (1997)
Insp. Harvey Leek: She's a black widow, man.
Insp. Evan Cortez: I can change her, Harv', I know I can.

"Nash Bridges: Trade Off (#5.2)" (1999)
Insp. Harvey Leek: Say hey, going shopping?
Carl Hanover: Who the hell are you?
Insp. Evan Cortez: I'm a cop. Who are you?
Carl Hanover: Jack. Va-va-valen.
Insp. Harvey Leek: Va-va-valen what?
[mocking the suspect]
Carl Hanover: Valenoppenstein.
Insp. Harvey Leek: Valenoppenstein. Is that Russian?
Carl Hanover: No, it's Lithuanianberg.
Insp. Harvey Leek: Oh, I wasn't aware there was a Lithuanianberg.
Insp. Evan Cortez: That's somewhere between Franceland and Hollandsville.

"Nash Bridges: Patriots (#3.17)" (1998)
Insp. Evan Cortez: Strippers? Did I hear strippers?

"Nash Bridges: Danger Zone (#3.20)" (1998)
Insp. Harvey Leek: I had a dream last night.
Insp. Evan Cortez: OH yeah?
Insp. Harvey Leek: Guess it was more of a nightmare, really.
Insp. Evan Cortez: Really, what about?
Insp. Harvey Leek: You and Cassidy were stranded on this desert island.
Insp. Evan Cortez: Now, how could that possibly be a nightmare?
Insp. Harvey Leek: Wait, wait, I didn't get to the good part. You get rescued by a PT boat. Guess who's drivin'?
Insp. Evan Cortez: Who?
Insp. Harvey Leek: Ensign Nash Bridges; he's carrying a big ol' machete. He wasnt' carvin' coconuts, if you know what I mean.

"Nash Bridges: Internal Affairs (#2.1)" (1996)
Cassidy Bridges: So, Evan, when you actually catch a thief, how can you tel if he's actually telling the truth?
Insp. Evan Cortez: Ah, I don't know, I guess it comes from experience, wouldn't you say, Harv'? when you learn to read body language, you know, the look in somebody's eye, the tone of their voice, the small gesture, that kind of thing... give a lot away.
Insp. Harvey Leek: Oh, yeah. Yeah, sometimes the signals are so obvious you'd have to be a fool to miss 'em.
[as Evan is oblivious to the strong signals of attraction Cassidy is sending]