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Caitlin Cross (Character)
from "Nash Bridges" (1996)

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"Nash Bridges: High Society (#5.5)" (1999)
Nash Bridges: Okay, I know you've been chomping at the bit to be a pointman in a gig.
[at her desk with a file folder]
Caitlin Cross: Pointwoman.
Nash Bridges: Pointwoman, pointperson, point taken, what ever, have at it.

Caitlin Cross: Nash, Nah, I promise you there is no way any one in their right mind is going to be Jake and me as a couple.
Nash Bridges: Jake does.
Caitlin Cross: The man eats with his hands.

Caitlin Cross: Did I mention that you look very nice?
Det. Jake Cage: Yeah, I noticed that. Oh, you look pretty good yourself.

Nash Bridges: Wow - you look incredible!
[as Caitlin walks in all dressed up, with Jake]
Caitlin Cross: Oh. That's what Jake just said.
Nash Bridges: Oh, no - you look good, too. Is that a new dress?
[toying with her]

Caitlin Cross: Great way to apprehend criminals - you just bang them over the head with your breif case.
[with sarcasm]
Det. Jake Cage: Yeah, when I get lucky.

"Nash Bridges: Swingers (#4.7)" (1998)
Nash Bridges: Where'd you learn to do that?
Caitlin Cross: Do what?
[reading papers i na folder, preptending to not ease drop on Nash]
Nash Bridges: Read upside down.

Joe Dominguez: 'Wealthy gentlement and very hot latina spit-fire seek equally wild but descrete couple for mid-week trists and week-end romps.' Aren't romps and trists the same thing?
[reading a fake ad placed in an adult swingers magazine]
Nash Bridges: I wouldn't know anything about that atuff.
Caitlin Cross: Trist has a more romantic conotation. You asked.
Joe Dominguez: Tristin' the night away.
Nash Bridges: Damn.

Caitlin Cross: Now I see why you have two ex-wives.
Nash Bridges: Better to have tried and failed than to have not tried at all.

"Nash Bridges: Hide and Seek (#4.17)" (1999)
Caitlin Cross: Harvey. Harvey, Harvey, Harvey, Harvey. You know, you just might as well tell me what's going on because I'm going to find out anyway.
Insp. Harvey Leek: Well...
Caitlin Cross: Come on, come on - it's what I do. Find things out.
Insp. Harvey Leek: It raises all sorts of loyalty issues for me, Caitlin; I don't like to be in the middle of this, okay?
Caitlin Cross: Fine. Why don't you just come on over to my side?
Insp. Harvey Leek: Very enticing, but thanks all the same.

Big Tiny: Can I sit on your lap?
Caitlin Cross: No.

"Nash Bridges: Shoot the Moon (#4.12)" (1999)
Caitlin Cross: Why do you always have to be so damn glib?
[to Nash]

Nash Bridges: Don't fall down the shaft!
Caitlin Cross: You wish!

"Nash Bridges: Girl Trouble (#5.4)" (1999)
Insp. Harvey Leek: Huh, Tommy, what happened here? Your normal loan-sharking, arsen-for-hire gigs, they all dry up?
Tommy Orlando: I got nothing to say to you, man.
Caitlin Cross: Where's the food from?
Tommy Orlando: Who knows. I don't eat Chinese.
Caitlin Cross: Huh, well you're tough. Ronnie, ah, why don't you take Mr. Orlando here to jail. Book him on felony narcotics possession, felony weapons possession and, ah, attempted murder of a polcie officer.
Officer Ronnie: My pleasure. Let's go.
[turning the handcuffed Orlando around]
Caitlin Cross: See you in about fifteen years. Maybe then you won't be so tough.

Caitlin Cross: What the hell is that?
Insp. Harvey Leek: Disco Inferno! You remember? The Trampps? Yeah, Disco Inferno. do you hear that? I maintain that the energy underneath that melody is exactly the same as the energy underneath some of Jerry's work during the Rolling Stones period. Except for the disco part.
[casually drinking coffee as Caitlin cough from the smoke]
Caitlin Cross: Yeah, I understand. Where the hell is it coming from?
Insp. Harvey Leek: I don't know. If you figure it out, tell us.

"Nash Bridges: Firestorm (#4.9)" (1998)
Nash Bridges: Hey, don't look at me! I have assiduously stayed away from your drawers.
[to Caitlin after she complains something has gone missing from her desk]
Caitlin Cross: What are you going to do about this?
Nash Bridges: Ah, I'm gonna start by locking my drawer.
Caitlin Cross: Nash, I want something done.
Nash Bridges: Okay, like what?
Caitlin Cross: Like nobody leaves this building until I get my wallet back. How's that?
Nash Bridges: Okay, total amnesty for anyone who's been in or near miss CRoss's drawers. Ah, I'm sorry, ah, took her wallet.
[standing up and announcing to everybody in the S.I.U]

"Nash Bridges: Power Play (#4.20)" (1999)
Caitlin Cross: Oh, oh! And me in a halter top, fish-net stalkings, stiletto heels isn't going to get me noticed? Sure!
Nash Bridges: Well, if you think you can get in there as a nuclear physisist, go for it.
Caitlin Cross: Oh, you love this.

"Nash Bridges: Skin Trade (#5.12)" (2000)
Caitlin Cross: You're gonna worry me to death, yo uare, aren't you?
Nash Bridges: Not if you stop worrying.

"Nash Bridges: Angel of Mercy (#4.19)" (1999)
Tarantula Man: Hello.
[says a prisoner hanging upside down from the cell gate]
Caitlin Cross: Hi.
Tarantula Man: Wanna mate?
Caitlin Cross: No thanks.
[banging the gate, knocking him to the floor]

"Nash Bridges: Crosstalk (#5.9)" (1999)
Caitlin Cross: Well, it's the only motive we've got: some guy got shot for talking on his cellphone.
Nash Bridges: Gee, who would want to do that?
[with some sarcasm]

"Nash Bridges: Hard Cell (#5.19)" (2000)
Caitlin Cross: You know what? It isn't my fault, she just seems to gun-ho, you know? The girl wants to kick some butt!
[talking about Cassidy]
Nash Bridges: I know.
Caitlin Cross: You have any idea where she might have gotten that from?
Nash Bridges: No, none, and thank you very much!

"Nash Bridges: Trade Off (#5.2)" (1999)
Caitlin Cross: Ta da!
Insp. Nash Bridges: This is your big surprise?
[seeing an extra exercise machine next to hers, both with purple bows on them]
Caitlin Cross: I thought it would be something we could do together.
Insp. Nash Bridges: At seven o'clock on the morning? Get out of here!
Caitlin Cross: What-wah, what are you saying? What do you mean? It would be good for you!
Insp. Nash Bridges: I don't think so. There's a lot of good things for me; you're good for me, but, ah, I'm not even sure I like you at seven o'clock in the morning.

"Nash Bridges: Smash and Grab (#5.3)" (1999)
Caitlin Cross: You know what? I really don't want to fight. This is ridiculous. So, if it will make you feel any better, I will assume half the responsibility.
Insp. Nash Bridges: Well, who's going to assume the other half, because I'm damn sure not doing it?

"Nash Bridges: Gimme Shelter (#4.13)" (1999)
Nash Bridges: Is this your car?
Caitlin Cross: What?
Nash Bridges: Is this your car?
Caitlin Cross: Yes
Nash Bridges: What kind of car is it?
Caitlin Cross: It's an electric car, Nash. It's, ah, non polluting, environmentally-frienfdly car that goes sxity miles to about every seventy cents of electricity. What about yours?
Nash Bridges: None of the above. But it's a hell of a lot of fun to drive.

"Nash Bridges: Vendetta (#4.21)" (1999)
Caitlin Cross: He wants me dead, right? I mean, that's where this whole thing is headed.
Nash Bridges: He's gotta kill me first. He's good, but he's not that good.