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Cassidy Bridges (Character)
from "Nash Bridges" (1996)

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"Nash Bridges: Crash and Burn (#4.22)" (1999)
Cassidy Bridges: Okay, so what are we going to do about it?
[calling dad about Nick moving into a retirement home]
Nash Bridges: Well, we're gonna listen politely, act simpathetic, and then come to the same conclusion that it's a terrible idea.
Cassidy Bridges: Okay, so we're going to present a unified front.
Nash Bridges: Exactly.
Cassidy Bridges: Um, daddy, isn't that a little bit, ah, sneaky?
Nash Bridges: It's sneaky, it's unfair, it's manipulative, and totally acceptable. Which is why we're doing it.

Cassidy Bridges: Listen to this: it used to be all women,it just recently turned co-ed, and grandpa and his horny friend Gordon are the first two to be admitted.
Nash Bridges: Wow! I'm so proud to see that his mental wheels are, ah, turning to quickly.
Cassidy Bridges: Daddy, we need to get him out of there.
Nash Bridges: Yeah, good luck - I'm sure he's in hog Heaven.
Cassidy Bridges: You know, it's not as good as you think it is because those women, you should see how they throw themselves at him. You know, he could have another heart attack, I'm not kidding you. I'm not kidding you.
Nash Bridges: It might not be the worst way to go.

"Nash Bridges: Resurrection (#4.15)" (1999)
Cassidy Bridges: Ah, I hope this isn't going to be one of your parental inquisitions, daddy.

"Nash Bridges: Sacraments (#3.23)" (1998)
Insp. Nash Bridges: Hold it! When you go to college sometime in the next few months, you can make all the adult decisions you wanna make. In the mean time, I'm your father! And I'm going to give you my strong opinion that this thing with Evan, is not a smooth move. It's a bad move!
Cassidy Bridges: Oh yeah? I'm not going to college in the next few months, dad.
Insp. Nash Bridges: Oh really? And when were you going to enlighten me? Sometime in the next damn millennium?
Cassidy Bridges: I auditioned for the Oregan Shakespear Festival; they offered me a six month contract in Ashland. I'm gonna take the job.
Insp. Nash Bridges: I-I-I don't think you are. You see, you've had your year off before college and now you are damn skippy going to college!
Cassidy Bridges: This is not your decision.
Insp. Nash Bridges: Do you remember me? I'm your father. And I'm not going to stand around and watch you throw your lfie away.
Cassidy Bridges: There's nothing you can do about it!
Insp. Nash Bridges: Yeah? Just watch me.
Cassidy Bridges: You watch me.
[turns around and leaves]

"Nash Bridges: Road Work (#2.13)" (1997)
Cassidy Bridges: You know what, I think we're gonna need to check the rise.
[speaking of the inseme of J.J., after she gets down with some measuring tape]
Insp. Nash Bridges: Ah, let's not check the rise.
Cassidy Bridges: Daddy, stay out of this.

"Nash Bridges: Jump Start (#6.2)" (2000)
Bokeem: Ow, my nipple! Damn, woman!
Cassidy Bridges: That's right, woman! Not bitch, not kitty cat!

"Nash Bridges: Hard Cell (#5.19)" (2000)
Miranda: Hey, look - this is sort of cool.
[looking at job brochers at a job fair]
Cassidy Bridges: What is it?
Miranda: You, um, you work in a restaurant in a foreign country and then they pay room and board.
Cassidy Bridges: Oh, yeah, and then they make you a sex slave.

"Nash Bridges: Crossfire (#3.13)" (1998)
Cassidy Bridges: Well, Paul's good friend is the concierge at the Soho Grand; he's giving us a deal.
Insp. Nash Bridges: Oh, this is great. Two rooms, huh?
Cassidy Bridges: Daddy.
[in an annoyed tone]
Insp. Nash Bridges: Daughter.

"Nash Bridges: Lap Dance (#6.3)" (2000)
Nash Bridges: Thank you, sweet heart.
Cassidy Bridges: Dad...
Nash Bridges: Hum? Oh, oh, yeah, right - officer. Sorry.

"Nash Bridges: The Tourist (#4.6)" (1998)
Cassidy Bridges: Where have you been? Oh my God. You had sex, didn't you?
Lisa Bridges: Let me explain.
Cassidy Bridges: You know, I don't believe this.
Nash Bridges: Well, listen, sister, I hate to tell you this, but it ain't the first time.

"Nash Bridges: Internal Affairs (#2.1)" (1996)
Cassidy Bridges: So, Evan, when you actually catch a thief, how can you tel if he's actually telling the truth?
Insp. Evan Cortez: Ah, I don't know, I guess it comes from experience, wouldn't you say, Harv'? when you learn to read body language, you know, the look in somebody's eye, the tone of their voice, the small gesture, that kind of thing... give a lot away.
Insp. Harvey Leek: Oh, yeah. Yeah, sometimes the signals are so obvious you'd have to be a fool to miss 'em.
[as Evan is oblivious to the strong signals of attraction Cassidy is sending]