Ralf Milan
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Ralf Milan (Character)
from A Pain in the Ass (1973)

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Buddy Buddy (1981)
hotel clerk: How long will you be staying with us?
Trabucco: I'll let you know.

Trabucco: Hello Mr. Green? Oh, Mr. White... let me speak to Mr. Brown...

Trabucco: You're making it very difficult for me to like you.

Clooney: Have you ever been married, Mr. Trabucco?
Trabucco: Once but I got rid of her. Now I just lease.

Trabucco: This was gonna be it. Enough money to retire on because in this kind of work you don't qualify for social security.

Clooney: Are you from L.A.?
Trabucco: Not necessarily.

Trabucco: Do me a favor.
Clooney: Yes ?
Trabucco: Fuck off.

Clooney: I'm not against a little cleavage, if it's done in good tatse, but nipples are a definite no-no.
Trabucco: What's the matter, everyone's got them.
Clooney: Not in primetime.

Trabucco: When are you leaving?
Clooney: I can't leave, I'm wanted.
Trabucco: Not by me.

Clooney: Here I am, almost didn't make it.
Trabucco: Almost doesn't count.

Trabucco: You heard me: fuck off.
Clooney: Father, you said the F word!