Cassie Hartley
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Cassie Hartley (Character)
from They Drive by Night (1940)

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They Drive by Night (1940)
Joe Fabrini: Do you believe in love at first sight?
Cassie Hartley: It saves a lot of time.

Cassie Hartley: You're a nice guy. But you've got to remember that nice guys always leave when ladies ask them to.
Joe Fabrini: That nice, I ain't.

Cassie Hartley: Anything else?
Joe Fabrini: Yeah, but it ain't on the menu.
Cassie Hartley: And it ain't gunna be.

Joe Fabrini: When I'm relaxed my thoughts are clear.
Cassie Hartley: Yeah, I can even read them from here.

Cassie Hartley: I'll pay you back.
Joe Fabrini: Yeah, I'm real worried about that. I've got it all doped out with the cops if you don't

Joe Fabrini: It's a classy chassis!
Cassie Hartley: You couldn't even afford the headlights.

Joe Fabrini: l ain't danced in a long time.
Cassie Hartley: Me neither, and l used to love it. lt's the most fun you can have without laughing.

Joe Fabrini: Give me a cup of coffee.
Cassie Hartley: Anything else?
Joe Fabrini: Yeah, what else you got that ain't poisonous?
Cassie Hartley: I don't know. I never eat here.