Marshall Eriksen
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Biography for
Marshall Eriksen (Character)
from "How I Met Your Mother" (2005)

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NICKNAMES: Marsh-mellow, The Kid, Funny Butt, Vanilla Thunder, Big Fudge, Beer-cules

Occupation: Lawyer

Date of birth: 1978


He met Lily and Ted on the first day of their freshman year at Wesleyan University.

Is a Columbia Law School graduate.

Originally from St. Cloud, Minnesota.

He passed the bar in the episode "Spoiler Alert" (3.08)

He was the slam dunk champion of Nicollet County, Minnesota with his trademark dunk ''The White Windmill''.

He is the shortest male member of his family at six-foot-four/ 193 cm.

Has two brothers, Marvin Jr. And Marcus.


He is extremely loyal to his friends.

He accidentally shot Lily in the eye with a champagne cork the night he proposed, and accidentally stabbed Lily with a sword during a duel with Ted.

Marshall is extremely good at games. He always wins.

He made up a game called Marshgammon that incorporated the best parts of all other games except backgammon, saying "the best part of backgammon is the gammon."

At Thanksgiving, he plays a made up game with his family called ''BaskIceBall,'' it has no rules and involves ice skates, lacrosse sticks, basketballs and mallets.

He was the only one that figured out the crazy Chinese game Barney played in Atlantic City.

Marshall is a great dancer.

He has a great love for food. While other characters are curious about Teds love life, Marshall is concerned about the origin of the food.

He eats when he is emotionally stressed out.

Marshall is a believer. He has an interest in the supernatural, cryptozoology, ghosts, the Loch Ness Monster ( has a life dream to capture the Loch Ness Monster, and doesn't like when people calls it Monster because she is a very delicate creature).

Does not have a fear of Sasquatch, just thinks everyone should be on alert.

Marshall gets an erection every time he flosses because Lily used sex to maintain his good oral hygiene.

Marshall is a Chumbawamba fan.

He has a dream to practice environmental law to save the Earth but worked in the corporate sector to earn some money for Lily and himself. He quit his corporate job after the sudden death of his father, and is unemployed but actively looking for a job at an environmental firm.

Marshall's father died of a heart attack right after coming to visit him in New York. At the funeral, Marshall told guests that the last thing his father said to him was that he should rent crocodile dundee 3, "it holds up".

He is expecting his first child with Lily. While it is too early to tell the sex, the narrator has already indicated that it is a boy.

Has many "long-term bets" with wife, Lily, over situations that their friends get into as what they like to call as a "hobby" ex - If Ted and Robin are ment to be together (Marshall bet for it, Lily bet against)

MARSHALL CATCHPHRASE: ''Lawyered!'' ( whenever he makes a point in a argument using facts and numbers).

THE SLAP BET: Barney lost a Slap Bet to Marshall over whether or not Robin was a porn star in Canada. Barney's punishment was a choice of having 5 slaps from Marshall from now to eternity or 10 slaps that moment. Barney chose to have 5 slaps from now to eternity. Barney received one slap in the Slap Bet episode. He was slapped a second time after Barney wrote a play named ''Suck it Lily,'' and was slapped a third time on Thanksgiving, renamed Slapsgiving by Marshall. At first Lily told Marshall and Barney that no slaps could occur on holidays, but when Barney started to harass Marshall, Lily permitted the slap. After Marshall slapped Barney, Marshall started singing and playing the Slap-song he wrote especially for the occasion with accompanying OH!-s by Barney. Marshall gave the fourth slap to Ted and Robin in the episode Slapsgiving 2: revenge of the slap. However, the two could not decide who should get to slap him and began to argue, allowing Barney exploit them to avoid getting slapped. In the end, Marshall called the slap off, but after Barney let his guard down Marshall slapped him himself. With one slap left , and Barney with an ugly ducky tie around his neck (loss of another bet) (S7:E9) , Barney agrees to give Marshall 3 additional slaps to give him 4 total slaps... Marshall having a bad day that particular day, slaps Barney twice, now leaving him with 2 slaps.

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