Barney Stinson
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Biography for
Barney Stinson (Character)
from "How I Met Your Mother" (2005)

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Barney's Nicknames: The Barnacle, Swarley, Swarles( Barkley), Swar-wait for it-ley, Bob Swarley-man, Swar-lay, Swarlos, Jennifer, Starney Binson, Broda, Barn, Barnito supreme

Barney's Aliases: Jack Package, The Commodore, Larney (evil twin brother), Swarley, "Ted Mosby, Architect"

Barney Stinson is Ted Mosby's wingman and friend. He almost always wears suits (except when attending funerals because suits are supposed to express joy), is a womanizer and an amateur magician. Is known to say "Awesome" and "Legend - wait for it - dary" rather liberally and often invents his own High Fives.

Barney works at Goliath National Bank but nobody knows what he really does. When asked about what he actually does, Barney merely scoffs, "Please." On the official How I Met Your Mother blog it shows that Barney's position allows him to shout to the V.P. Synergy and President of France.

Although he is dedicated to living up the single life, he fell in love Ted's ex-girlfriend Robin Scherbatsky. After dating Robin for a couple of months, the two decided to return to just being friends. He later fell for Robin's friend Nora, and after standing her up, he apologized and made plans to meet up with her for a date at the end of season 6.

Barney has only one guideline in his amoral quest for women: "The Bro Code," a book of his own set of rules (although he claims that The Bro Code was written by his ancestor Barnabus Stinson in 1776).

Barney became a suit-wearing womanizer after his long-term girlfriend Shannon cheated on him and then dumped him for a soulless corporate sellout (who inspired him to be what he is now). Prior to this, he was a complete hippie and an amateur musician in a coffeehouse where he worked with Shannon. He planned to join the Peace Corps with her in Nicaragua, and was also saving himself until marriage.

Barney appears confident but is actually very sensitive; he loves Ted and their friendship and often refers to himself as Ted's 'best friend,' while Ted repeatedly responds that Marshall is his best friend.

Barney is very caring; when Marshall and Lily break up, he is instrumental in bringing them back together, and he officiates their wedding ceremony, very nearly bursting into tears. When he finds out they will try to have a baby after seeing his doppelganger, he dresses up as a knife juggling street performer to attempt to trick them into trying.

His friendship with Robin becomes more and more important to him; after discovering that his philandering is upsetting her after they have broken up, he sends Robin on the perfect New York date (Super Date) with her boyfriend Don, and rejects the advances of the hot writer Anita, played by Jennifer Lopez, jumping into the East River to prevent himself from temptation.

Barney has a brother who is an African-American homosexual named James, and a promiscuous mother who told Barney that his father was Bob Barker, longtime host of The Price is Right. It is more likely that she was dodging her son's questions about his father since she obviously slept around so much. His real father is a man named Jerry Whitaker, and he's a Driving Instructor.

He likes to smoke Cubans and play laser tag. He has never lost a game of Battle Ship (he cheats by stacking ships on each other ).

Barney is an illusionist. His favorite type of magic is with fire, which his friends hate because he often uses it to score with girls, and he has set fire to things in the past. He is currently banned from practicing any of his fire illusions in MacLaren's.

Barney routes for Johnny Laurence while watching the "Karate Kid", because

It is strongly hinted that Barney will get married some time in the near future. The identity of the bride was revealed to be Robin Schbatsky in the episode The Magician's Code (Part 2).

Barney CATCHPHRASES: Suit up! (or Flight suit up! Snow suit up!) Legendary(or Legen - wait for it - dary. Also Legend - wait for it - hope you're not lactose intolerant cause the next word is - dary.) Ha-ave you met Ted? (start up line) Awesome! (anything about him or his actions) True story (anything about him or his actions)(Usually follows a completely made up story) Please. (when asked about his job) High five! (and many variations : Phone five! Self Five! Tiny five! Foot Five! High Six!) I Only have 1 rule. (it's always different and there is always an exception. "Unless she's HOT!")

And finally...... He's awesome.

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