Lily Aldrin
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Biography for
Lily Aldrin (Character)
from "How I Met Your Mother" (2005)

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NICKNAMES: Lil, Lilypad, Justice Aldrin

ALIASES: Slap Bet Commisioner

Date of birth: 1978 ( 30 y-old )

Occupation: Kindergarten Teacher, amateur painter


Lily grew up in Brooklyn, NY.

She is the granddaughter of Lois and possible Buzz Aldrin, the astronaut. Has a mother named Janice.

During high school and college she was a part of Goth/Alternative Subculture ( black dyed hair,etc).

She indulged in ''sandwiches'' (Teds euphenism for marijuana ) along with Ted and Marshall during college and at their 20th collage reunion.


From the start of the show, Marshall and Lily are engaged. She left him briefly to pursue her dream of becoming an artist. She returned and confessed that leaving was a mistake, After a while, Marshall and Lily reconciled. Soon after, she proposed to him. Within a year, they got married.

She had two wedding ceremonies. One, her perfect outdoor wedding with only her closest friends, and the other, a fancy over-the-top wedding with her family, in which practically everything that could go wrong did.

She kept her last name.

Lily was chosen as the Slap Bet Commissioner for the slap bet between Barney and Marshall.

She despises the word ''moist'' (Barney recites the word for 40 minutes in his play called ''Suck it Lily'') while ''sack'' and ''booger'' make her laugh.

Lily is a ''loud chewer''. ( Ted calls her Chewbacca ).

She dislikes people that are not being true to themselves and she is horrified by the use of bad language. Despite that, she is prone to out-bursts related to sexual language and harsh slang words.

She is the impulsive one in her relationship.

She is usually found in the company of men ( Ted, Marshall, Barney).

She has a fetish for sex toys. ( she keeps the vibrator that Robin bought her; she asks if Barney used any ''devices'' and when Barney compares himself to Batman, Lily asked him ''What kind of gadgets are we talking about? )

She's obsessed with designer clothes and boots, and goes into debt for spending too much on her clothing.

Marshall and Lily bought an apartment in "Trendy Neighborhood" Dowisetrepla, only to find out that the neighborhood is situated near a water sewage treatment plant and that the floor is crooked.


Marshall Eriksen:

Lily and Marshall met on their first day at Wesleyan University. They were together for 9 years before Marshall proposed. Lily got cold feet right before their wedding and ran away to San Francisco to pursue a painting career. After realizing it was a mistake, she returned to New York to try and win Marshall back. However, after being hurt so badly by her departure, he initially refused. They reunited after 6 months, and got engaged again. After discovering how much trouble getting married would be, they initially tried to elope in Atlantic City, but found out that they couldn't actually elope there. They were married for 12 seconds on a ship, but changed their minds about a shotgun wedding and asked to get un-married by the captain. They finally married six months later, in a private ceremony performed by Barney, with Ted and Robin as witnesses, which was followed by a large over the top wedding to please their families. In season three, they bought an apartment, and at the end of season five, they decided to try and get pregnant. At the end of season 6, Lily discovers she's pregnant.


Lily dated Scooter during high school because he looked like Kurt Cobain. He crashed Lily and Marshall's wedding to try and win Lily back, but failed. He also almost had sex with Lily before Marshall.


Too-much-tongue-guy made out with Lily at a Freshmen mixer the night before she met Marshall. Initially, they thought that it was Ted but it was later discovered to be someone else.


Lily and Ted:

She refers to him as her best friend. They have known each other since college. Ted was often in the room when Lily and Marshall had sex. He was their roommate after college, and encouraged them to get engaged. After Lily left, he grew distant with her and was unsure if she was really committed to staying with Marshall. The two eventually reconciled and became close again.

Lily and Robin:

Lily also refers to Robin as her best friend. The bond was made after they ''concealed their crime scene'' when they spilled Thai food in Marshall's car and blamed it on a homeless guy. Robin kissed Lily once because Lilly was complaining that she didn't have the ''great lesbian adventure'' in college. Their relationship became strained after Lily started trying to get pregnant and wouldn't talk about anything else, but they became close again after Lily apologized.

Lily and Barney:

She is rarely impressed by Barney's conquests but Barney chose to confide with her when he realized that he was in love with Robin. He also called her to un-cuff him from a sex swing. They have a weird relationship because Lily is the most morally-inclined member. She encourages him to pursue a relationship with Robin and later Robin's friend Nora.

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