Chief Superintendent Strange
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Chief Superintendent Strange (Character)
from "Inspector Morse" (1987)

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"Inspector Morse: The Way Through the Woods (#8.1)" (1995)
DCI Martin Johnson: [Referring to Morse] What's he doin' here?
Chief Superintendent Strange: I'm assigning Morse investigating officer on this, Johnson.
DCI Martin Johnson: [resentful] What's this? Give a dog a bone week?
Chief Superintendent Strange: I want someone to give me the full picture, not edited highlights.

Chief Superintendent Strange: Well, you better not walk out of the woods with something more than just a shovel in your hands, matey, or you'll be the laughing stock of Thames Valley.
Chief Inspector Morse: It wouldn't be the first time.
Chief Superintendent Strange: No, but it might just be the last!

"Endeavour: Girl (#1.1)" (2013)
[Morse goes up a staircase. A uniformed officer is standing at the top of it]
DC Endeavour Morse: You're meant to be on the door.
PC Jim Strange: Sorry. I just come off nights. It's playing havoc with my...
DC Endeavour Morse: [seriously] I think I can live without the details of your digestive timetable.
PC Jim Strange: Who are you?
DC Endeavour Morse: [seriously] I could have just wandered in for a bit of housebreaking.
PC Jim Strange: [seriously] If you're gonna be like that, let's see some identification, matey. Sharpish.
[Morse goes further up the stairs and gives the officer his identification]
PC Jim Strange: [looking at Morse's identification] Oh. *You're* Morse. Strange.
[Morse takes back his identification]
DC Endeavour Morse: [pocketing his identification] What is?
PC Jim Strange: I am. Me. My name. Jim Strange.

DC Endeavour Morse: Strange, there's a blackboard there. Could you...?
[Strange gets the board]
DC Endeavour Morse: Each element is assigned a symbol: Typically an abbreviation of its name together with a unique one or two-digit atomic number. Can you write these down as I call then off?
[Strange cleans the board and writes the elements on the board as Morse calls them out]
DC Endeavour Morse: So, 74 gives us Tungsten. 17, Chlorine. 18, Argon. 19, Potassium. The elements spell out a name.
Chief Superintendent Bright: [looking at the first letters of the elements] T.C.A.P Tucap?
DC Endeavour Morse: No, not quite, sir, but you're on the right lines.
[Morse walks over to the blackboard and Strange gives him the chalk]
DC Endeavour Morse: Um, the chemical symbol for Tungsten isn't Tu as you might expect. It's W from the German Wolframite. And Potassium isn't P as you might expect but K after the Latin Kalium. Taken together they're Tungsten...
[close-ups of these four elements and their chemical symbols in the Periodic Table are seen as Morse writes the chemical symbol W]
DC Endeavour Morse: ...Chorine...
[Morse writes the chemical symbol CL on the blackboard]
DC Endeavour Morse: ...Argon...
[Morse writes the chemical symbol AR on the blackboard]
DC Endeavour Morse: ...and Potassium.
[Morse writes the chemical symbol K on the blackboard]
DC Endeavour Morse: W-C-L-A-R-K. Wallace Clark.
[flashbacks of Wallace Clark committing the murders are seen with close-ups of the Periodic Table]
Chief Superintendent Bright: [almost speechless] Good grief.
DI Fred Thursday: Derek's father.
Chief Superintendent Bright: But there's nothing to say he even knew the vicar.
DC Endeavour Morse: Ivy Clark, sir. Wallace's wife is buried in the churchyard.
[Ivy's Clark's tombstone is seen]
DC Endeavour Morse: The next plot but one to Lady Daphne Sloan. Reverend Monkford performed the service.
PC Jim Strange: [laughs] Bloody hell, matey. That's...
DI Fred Thursday: [stunned and impressed] Elementary.

"Inspector Morse: Absolute Conviction (#6.4)" (1992)
Chief Superintendent Strange: I suppose you'll be wrapping up the case now. Is that the file?
Chief Inspector Morse: No, this is something else.
DS Cheetham: [Peering over Morse's shoulder] Charlie Bennett. Wife-murderer, locked up in Farnleigh. Due for release.
Chief Inspector Morse: He still claims he didn't do it.
Chief Superintendent Strange: As I recall, he was found brick in hand, covered in blood. Mind you, it was Frampton who nicked him.
[Cheetham looks puzzled]
Chief Superintendent Strange: DI Frampton, currently serving five years for corruption.
Chief Inspector Morse: He was a real high-flyer, Cheetham.

"Inspector Morse: The Remorseful Day (#12.1)" (2000)
[Lewis tells Strange that Morse is a bit grumpy today]
Chief Superintendent Strange: [dryly] No change there, then!

"Inspector Morse: Cherubim & Seraphim (#6.5)" (1992)
Chief Superintendent Strange: Kids! They're as bad as Special Branch. You never know what the blighters are up to.
Chief Inspector Morse: Mm, we were all young once.
Chief Superintendent Strange: I can't imagine you young, Morse.
Chief Inspector Morse: I can imagine you.

"Inspector Morse: The Wench Is Dead (#11.1)" (1998)
Chief Superintendent Strange: [entering Morse's hospital room] You got a temperature?
Chief Inspector Morse: [annoyed] Everyone's got a temperature!

"Inspector Morse: Masonic Mysteries (#4.4)" (1990)
Chief Superintendent Strange: You know, Lewis, Morse is a very good copper, but sometimes he's more trouble than he's worth.

"Endeavour: Rocket (#1.3)" (2013)
PC Jim Strange: Did I hear you say pictures? 'S all right for some. What're you going to see?
DC Endeavour Morse: There's a new Bergman.
PC Jim Strange: Oh, yeah? I thought she was cracking in Casablanca.

"Endeavour: Fugue (#1.2)" (2013)
PC Jim Strange: [untying Faye in a loft] Don't worry Ms. Madison. You're safe now.
DC Endeavour Morse: [entering the loft] Where's Cronyn?
Faye Madison: He told me not worry and went off.
DS Peter Jakes: [appearing at the top of the ladder] You got her? She all right?
PC Jim Strange: No harm.
DS Peter Jakes: [looking around] Where's Inspector Thursday?
DC Endeavour Morse: [realizing] Scarpia.
PC Jim Strange: Morse?
DC Endeavour Morse: [realizing] Oh... Ms. Madison isn't the final victim. This isn't Cronyn's plan. I've made a mistake.
DS Peter Jakes: F! F for Faye, though!
DC Endeavour Morse: It's not Faye. It's Fred. Fred Thursday.
[Thursday stands on one of the quad rooftops and Cronyn/Gull appears behind him]
Dr. Daniel Cronyn: Well, here's a how'd you do?
DI Fred Thursday: [seriously] Where is she?
Dr. Daniel Cronyn: Oh quite safe. The proverbial sprat, and you the mackerel. How else do you imagine I got you up here. When it comes to a damsel in distress the boys in blue can always by relied upon to act predictably.
[Philip plays his recital on a piano in the main hall as Morse access a rooftop and edges his way along a narrow ledge to get to the roof Thursday and Cronyn/Gull are on]
DI Fred Thursday: I thought it was Tosca goes off the roof?
Dr. Daniel Cronyn: In Act Three yes, but it's Act Two I've always had in mind. The death of Scarpia - the corrupt and venal Chief of Police - at Tosca's hand.
[Cronyn/Gull takes out a knife]
Dr. Daniel Cronyn: I'm afraid that parts are already cast. I've got nothing against you personally. You simply stand in place of the Detective Inspector whose lie's put me away.
DI Fred Thursday: [realizing] Foxley.
Dr. Daniel Cronyn: It should've been him up here with me today. But he died while I was... away.
DI Fred Thursday: [prepared] Well, what are you waiting for.
Dr. Daniel Cronyn: An audience. What else?
DI Fred Thursday: Where does Morse fit into all this? Got to be about more than torment. You could've killed him at the Bodleian. Why didn't you?
Dr. Daniel Cronyn: Beethoven had his Schindler. Haydn his Griesinger. Every great artist needs a biographer. Someone to bear witness to his greatness and set it down for posterity. How does it feel... to be my crowning achievement? Five's a good number, don't you think? Nice and simple. Count 'em on one hand.
DI Fred Thursday: You're going to keep this up, I wouldn't mind a draw on my pipe if it's all the same.

"Inspector Morse: Greeks Bearing Gifts (#5.4)" (1991)
Detective Sergeant Lewis: I knew there was something niggling me. My wife saw that programme. I remember her saying it must have been a terrific help to other people in the same situation.
Chief Inspector Morse: In what way , exactly? Sounds nauseating! What is this modern compulsion to entertain unknown millions with your closest secrets?
Chief Superintendent Strange: You come from a pre-telly generation.

"Inspector Morse: Driven to Distraction (#4.3)" (1990)
Chief Superintendent Strange: I'm taking you for a drink.
Chief Inspector Morse: It's funny, you're the second person to say that to me today. I turned the first one down.
Chief Superintendent Strange: This one you'll need.

"Inspector Morse: Fat Chance (#5.2)" (1991)
Chief Inspector Morse: He's withholding information, sir!
Chief Superintendent Strange: [Indignantly] I've been looking at him on and off - checking. Spends most of his time on his knees, and that's where you'll be, I'm tellin' you, if you don't make this stick!