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Chief Superintendent Jean Innocent (Character)
from "Inspector Lewis" (2006)

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"Inspector Lewis: Counter Culture Blues (#3.4)" (2009)
Chief Superintendent Jean Innocent: Ah, there you are
DI Robert Lewis: Yes ma'am; you sent for us
Chief Superintendent Jean Innocent: Warrant. Needless to say - though, in my experience, the needless needs announcing through a loud-hailer - this must be handled with extreme delicacy. If the press get it, the Chief Constable is going to make my life very disagreeable, and if my life is disagreeable, your life is going to be absolute screaming hell. What am I saying here, Hathaway?
DS James Hathaway: You're saying it's preferable not to alert the press, ma'am
Chief Superintendent Jean Innocent: Your job is to shout that in the Inspector's ear, whenever he seems to be about to do something rash

Chief Superintendent Jean Innocent: Richie Maguire contributes half a million Pounds
[Sterling - UK currency]
Chief Superintendent Jean Innocent: each year to an organization which will very probably look after you, Lewis, in your declining years. Now that does not protect him from our scrutiny, but it does afford him a certain professional courtesy

Chief Superintendent Jean Innocent: So what are you actually going to do, Lewis, now?
DI Robert Lewis: Now, ma'am? I'm going o think.
Chief Superintendent Jean Innocent: You're going to think?
DI Robert Lewis: Yeah, ma'am. As a means of solving a crime it can prove useful.

DI Robert Lewis: All she's done since I got her in is make one phone call to the Randolph
Chief Superintendent Jean Innocent: Who'd she speak to?
DI Robert Lewis: the Hotel switchboard cannot divulge that information
Chief Superintendent Jean Innocent: They'll find they bloody well can if I go round there
DI Robert Lewis: Not necessary; I know who it was
Chief Superintendent Jean Innocent: Oh god; I get so worried when you do this inscrutable thing

"Inspector Lewis: The Ramblin' Boy: Part 2 (#7.4)" (2013)
[Lewis and Innocent are in the pub celebrating the end of the case. Hathaway arrives back from his holiday in Kosovo. Then Dr Hobson arrives and kisses Lewis passionately]
Dr. Laura Hobson: [seductively] I've been thinking about doing that all day.
DI Robert Lewis: Same here.
[Hathaway and Innocent smirk and exchange glances]
Chief Superintendent Jean Innocent: [nonchalantly] Evening.
Dr. Laura Hobson: James. Gosh, you're sunburnt.
DS James Hathaway: Thank you.
DI Robert Lewis: I'll get the drinks in.
Dr. Laura Hobson: No, *I'll* get them.
DI Robert Lewis: No, no. We'll *both* get them.
[Lewis and Hobson walk away to the bar]
Chief Superintendent Jean Innocent: How long... ?
DS James Hathaway: I turn my back for five minutes...

Chief Superintendent Jean Innocent: Do you know what happens to a police officer in prison?
Jack Cornish: That's why I'm not going there.

"Inspector Lewis: Whom the Gods Would Destroy (#1.1)" (2007)
[At the reception for the chamber music recital]
Chief Superintendent Innocent: You *do* scrub up well, Inspector.
DI Robert Lewis: Oh, this penguin suit's been to far too many Masonic dinners - the trouser leg keeps rolling up of its own accord.

"Inspector Lewis: Entry Wounds: Part 1 (#8.1)" (2014)
Chief Superintendent Jean Innocent: If it's consistency you want, I refer you to Exhibit A...
[indicates Lewis]
Chief Superintendent Jean Innocent: Feared extinct, now back in its natural habitat.
DI Robert Lewis: A little respect for the elderly.
Chief Superintendent Jean Innocent: Not likely.

"Inspector Lewis: The Quality of Mercy (#3.2)" (2009)
DI Robert Lewis: These actors, they're like some old-fashioned criminal gang: close-knit, incestuous. Cardinal sin is grassing on your mates.
DS James Hathaway: Like the police force.
Ch. Supt. Innocent: I'll pretend I didn't hear that.

"Inspector Lewis: Allegory of Love (#3.1)" (2009)
Chief Superintendent Jean Innocent: [Shocked] It's sick!
DS James Hathaway: It's Oxford.

"Inspector Lewis: The Indelible Stain (#6.4)" (2012)
Ch. Supt. Innocent: [to Lewis and Hathaway] Why are you just sitting there looking at me like dogs being shown a card trick?

"Inspector Lewis: And the Moonbeams Kiss the Sea (#2.1)" (2008)
[while at Dr Hobson's party, a neighbour reported an intruder so Lewis and Hathaway left the party to investigate. Now the neighbour has complained that they were drunk and facetious to him. Innocent rebukes them]
DI Robert Lewis: We promise not to do it again.
Chief Superintendent Innocent: Good. You see, the principle behind a partnership such as yours is that the junior officer matures to the level of the senior, rather than that the senior officer should regress.
DI Robert Lewis: [chastened] I'll bear it in mind.
[Innocent walks away, then turns back to them]
Chief Superintendent Innocent: Was it a good party?
DS James Hathaway: Compared with what?
Chief Superintendent Innocent: Serves me right for asking!

"Inspector Lewis: The Mind Has Mountains (#5.3)" (2011)
Chief Superintendent Jean Innocent: What's the matter with him? Not our lovely Laura I hope. Honestly, sometimes I just want to bang their heads together. Two grown-up single people who obviously like each other... Don't you think Hathaway?
DS James Hathaway: I try not to, ma'am.
Chief Superintendent Jean Innocent: Oh, you're hopeless!