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Dr Laura Hobson (Character)
from "Inspector Lewis" (2006)

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"Inspector Lewis: Entry Wounds: Part 1 (#8.1)" (2014)
Dr. Laura Hobson: [reading Hathaway's warrant card] "DI Hathaway". Congratulations.
[she kisses him on both cheeks]
Dr. Laura Hobson: Knew you'd be back; once a copper always a copper.

Dr. Laura Hobson: From the hypostasis I'd say he's not been dead much more than two hours. The bullet's entered the side of the skull here but it's not exited. So it was travelling at a low velocity by the time it hit. Sniper at... long range possibly?
DI James Hathaway: Any chance of the post-mortem results this afternoon? I need the bullet intact.
[Laura stares at him]
DI James Hathaway: If possible.
Dr. Laura Hobson: I give all my DIs three strikes. Try not to use them all up in your first investigation.
DI James Hathaway: [Hathaway grins and gives a mock salute] Message received.

"Inspector Lewis: The Gift of Promise (#5.4)" (2011)
[Lewis and Hobson are examining a woman's body]
DI Robert Lewis: I presume the bleach is to get rid of the DNA?
Dr. Laura Hobson: You're learning. You used to think "DNA" meant "Don't Know Anything".
DI Robert Lewis: Better than thinking "CID" stands for "Coppers In Disguise".

DI Robert Lewis: [Quoting the title of a book] "The Gifted Child."
Dr. Laura Hobson: [Sarcastically] Don't speak about Sergeant Hathaway like that. You'll give him a big head.

"Inspector Morse: The Way Through the Woods (#8.1)" (1995)
Detective Sergeant Lewis: Death would have been instant, would it not?
Chief Inspector Morse: [Annoyed] "Occurred instantaneously", Lewis, or "was instantaneous" if you must. Coffee may be instant, death may not.
Dr. Laura Hobson, pathologist: Yes, Sergeant, it would have been instant.

Dr. Laura Hobson, pathologist: [Meeting Morse for the first time] Do you know where I might find a Detective Chief Inspector... looks like "Mouse"?
Chief Inspector Morse: Morse. Detective Chief Inspector Morse.

"Inspector Lewis: Generation of Vipers (#6.2)" (2012)
Dr. Laura Hobson: [Referring to the murdered Miranda Thornton] She had her 15 seconds too. Wrote a book back in the 90s how women could survive without men... quite influential.
DI Robert Lewis: Did it influence you?
Dr. Laura Hobson: No, of course not. I came to the conclusion years ago.

DI Peterson: [after he has walked past her, he turns toward her] Oh, um. oh, I'm sorry. We haven't met. I'm kind of the new boy around here... Alan Peterson.
[Extending his hand]
Dr. Laura Hobson: [Shaking it] Laura Hobson. Got any dead or mutilated bodies... I'm your girl.

"Inspector Lewis: Counter Culture Blues (#3.4)" (2009)
DI Robert Lewis: [Viewing Lucas' body] Look at those piercings. What sort of parent would allow their kid to do that?
Dr. Laura Hobson: You're going to wish you never asked that.

Dr. Laura Hobson: Oh, pull yourself together Lewis. You're only young once, and that was a long time ago. I'll buy you a drink; you can bang on about how perfect everything was in your day... When I say "buy you a drink", I should point out that I don't actually have any cash

"Inspector Lewis: The Lions of Nemea: Part 2 (#8.4)" (2014)
DS Lizzie Maddox: [Lewis and Hobson are joined by Hathaway and Maddox for dinner at the Hobson-Lewis household. Lewis places the stylus on the record, which then plays a song. Hathaway can be seen sat in an armchair, with a glass of red wine] So, what we having?
Dr Laura Hobson: I've no idea!
[Maddox and Hobson come into the living room]
Dr Laura Hobson: He won't let me anywhere near the kitchen!
DI Lewis: Just have a little faith! I'm in complete control.
DI Hathaway: Pride comes before a fall.
DI Lewis: [the doorbell rings] Not this time.
[Lewis goes to answer the front door]
Dr Laura Hobson: [Maddox and Hobson are now sat together on the sofa. Hobson offers Maddox some more wine] More?
DS Lizzie Maddox: Er, yeah. Please.
[Hobson pours her some wine]
DI Hathaway: It's not gonna be one of the voyage of discovery meals, is it?
[Hathaway has a sip of his wine]
Dr Laura Hobson: [anxiously] I'm really hoping not.
DS Lizzie Maddox: [curiously] Why? What do you discover?
DI Hathaway: Usually that you're not very hungry.
[Hobson and Maddox exchange smiles, as the front door closes. Maddox takes a sip of her wine, whilst Hobson turns towards the direction of the hallway]
DI Lewis: [Lewis returns to the living room with several boxes of pizza] I gave you the authentic taste of Italy! Albeit via Cowley Road.
[Hobson stands up]
Dr Laura Hobson: [seriously] Pizza?
DI Lewis: [humourously] You can't go wrong!
[Hathaway can be seen laughing quietly]
DS Lizzie Maddox: [Irritable, Hobson moves towards Lewis, who is still smiling and hands him the bottle of wine] Er, do you want your wine?
Dr Laura Hobson: [Hobson takes the boxes of pizza from Lewis] Yes, please.
[Maddox then gets up from the sofa, carrying both hers and Hobson's wine and follows her into the kitchen]

Dr Laura Hobson: Will I see you at home later?
[Lewis shakes his head ruefully]
Dr Laura Hobson: I think I preferred it when you were building canoes.
DI Lewis: No you didn't. I was a bad-tempered old grouch who smelled of wood-glue.
Dr Laura Hobson: Yes, but you were *my* bad-tempered old grouch who smelled of wood-glue.
[she kisses him]

"Inspector Lewis: Music to Die For (#2.2)" (2008)
Dr. Laura Hobson: [to Lewis] His attacker must have been very strong because it isn't easy strangling a man. Believe me, I've tried.

Dr. Laura Hobson: Anyway, what about the note?
DI Robert Lewis: Never trust suicide notes that aren't handwritten.

"Inspector Lewis: Intelligent Design: Part 2 (#7.6)" (2013)
DI Lewis: [Referring to the desiccated body discovered in the attic] Any idea how long she's been up here?
Dr. Laura Hobson: A decade or more. Really not my area, I'm afraid.

"Inspector Lewis: Reputation (#1.0)" (2006)
[Dr Hobson sees Lewis wearing a very garish Caribbean shirt]
Dr. Laura Hobson: Can you turn down the volume on that shirt?

"Inspector Lewis: What Lies Tangled: Part 2 (#9.6)" (2015)
[earlier, Lewis had told Laura than he would not be going to New Zealand with her because he was afraid that he would not have a job to come back to]
DI Robert Lewis: I'll still be here when you get back.
Dr. Laura Hobson: That's what I'm afraid of
DI Robert Lewis: I've got something for you. What do you think?
[he shows her a shirt, bearing a picture of a dodo, that he has bought for her new-born niece in New Zealand]
Dr. Laura Hobson: Thank you. It's perfect. The dodo?
DI Robert Lewis: Famous Oxford icon. And a bird that I can relate to.
Dr. Laura Hobson: Except you're not extinct.
DI Robert Lewis: Let's hope that's still the case when *I* get back. From New Zealand. Where I will have been with you. If that's OK. I think I've been a bit of a fool. Well, actually I've been a *lot* of a fool. I'm really sorry.
[tearfully she hugs him]
DI Robert Lewis: I'll make it up to you, I promise. And I won't forget.
Dr. Laura Hobson: Yeah you will. But I'll remind you.

"Inspector Lewis: Entry Wounds: Part 2 (#8.2)" (2014)
[Laura is examining a dead body found in a culvert while Lewis watches her]
Robert Lewis: Not exactly the Sunday we'd planned.
Dr Laura Hobson: I don't know. You, me, James, a hole in the ground. It's what weekends were made for.

"Inspector Lewis: Beyond Good and Evil: Part 1 (#8.5)" (2014)
Dr Laura Hobson: [Hobson and Lewis are sat on a bench nearby a canal, having a picnic. In an embrace, Hobson is reading a magazine whilst Lewis is overlooking the various surroundings] According to this, quality time should be measured not in minutes, but in moments.
DI Lewis: So, an hour here is equivalent to a fortnight in Rimini?
Dr Laura Hobson: Well, I wouldn't say that. It'll do for starters.

"Inspector Morse: The Remorseful Day (#12.1)" (2000)
Chief Inspector Morse: How about an informed guess?
Dr. Laura Hobson: Certainly not. I inform you, and then you do the guessing; that's the usual procedure.

"Inspector Lewis: The Quality of Mercy (#3.2)" (2009)
Dr. Laura Hobson: Found this note on the body.
DI Robert Lewis: "Neither a borrower nor a lender be." Shakespeare?
Dr. Laura Hobson: Hamlet.
DI Robert Lewis: Wrong play.
Dr. Laura Hobson: Well, this is Oxford.
DI Robert Lewis: Don't I bloody know it.

"Inspector Lewis: The Ramblin' Boy: Part 2 (#7.4)" (2013)
[Lewis and Innocent are in the pub celebrating the end of the case. Hathaway arrives back from his holiday in Kosovo. Then Dr Hobson arrives and kisses Lewis passionately]
Dr. Laura Hobson: [seductively] I've been thinking about doing that all day.
DI Robert Lewis: Same here.
[Hathaway and Innocent smirk and exchange glances]
Chief Superintendent Jean Innocent: [nonchalantly] Evening.
Dr. Laura Hobson: James. Gosh, you're sunburnt.
DS James Hathaway: Thank you.
DI Robert Lewis: I'll get the drinks in.
Dr. Laura Hobson: No, *I'll* get them.
DI Robert Lewis: No, no. We'll *both* get them.
[Lewis and Hobson walk away to the bar]
Chief Superintendent Jean Innocent: How long... ?
DS James Hathaway: I turn my back for five minutes...

"Inspector Lewis: Falling Darkness (#4.4)" (2010)
Dr. Laura Hobson: People sift through the cracks if you're not careful.

"Inspector Lewis: Allegory of Love (#3.1)" (2009)
[examining the scene of a murder - the victim has been hit over the head with a large mirror]
Dr. Laura Hobson: The jugular vein and carotid arteries were sliced right through.
DS James Hathaway: By a piece of the mirror?
Dr. Laura Hobson: On reflection, yes.
DS James Hathaway: [groans] It's too early for jokes.

"Inspector Lewis: The Indelible Stain (#6.4)" (2012)
[at the mortuary Lewis winces and points at his jaw]
DI Robert Lewis: You wouldn't have anything for a bad tooth in here, would you?
Dr. Laura Hobson: I could take it out for you if you like... Course, you'd have to be dead first!

"Inspector Lewis: The Ramblin' Boy: Part 1 (#7.3)" (2013)
Dr. Laura Hobson: I'm not going to make you a happy man.
DI Robert Lewis: I'm always happy. My face is misleading.

"Inspector Lewis: Expiation (#1.3)" (2007)
DI Robert Lewis: Doctor, you bring me all this because you secretly love me.
Dr. Laura Hobson: If I bring you anything at all, Lewis, you cocky sod, it's because I secretly love Hathaway.

"Inspector Lewis: The Dead of Winter (#4.1)" (2010)
Dr. Laura Hobson: No James today?
DI Robert Lewis: He's in court.
Dr. Laura Hobson: Knickers off clothes lines again? Let's hope the judge shows leniency.