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Quotes for
Blanche Copley-Barnes (Character)
from "Inspector Morse" (1987)

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"Inspector Morse: The Infernal Serpent (#4.1)" (1990)
Blanche Copley-Barnes: [to Morse] Do you dibble and hoe, Inspector?

Blanche Copley-Barnes: [after identifying her husband's umbrella] Well, do we make the proverbial noises now?
Chief Inspector Morse: I'm sorry?
Blanche Copley-Barnes: Well aren't we supposed to say "would you like a drink?" so you can say "not while I'm on duty" then I provide tea instead?
Detective Sergeant Lewis: Tea would go down nicely...
Chief Inspector Morse: [interrupting Lewis abruptly] We don't have time, I'm afraid.

Blanche Copley-Barnes: The snakeskin came from Camden.
Detective Sergeant Lewis: Snakeskin?
Blanche Copley-Barnes: The dried skin of an adder. Shrivelled. I went quite dippy for a moment when I saw it.