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Quotes for
Miles McDermott (Character)
from The Even Stevens Movie (2003) (TV)

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The Even Stevens Movie (2003) (TV)
[about the slug the tribal people offered the Stevens family to eat]
Miles McDermott: Havin' trouble gettin' it down, huh?
Louis: [spits slug out on Beans' head] I, uh... I generally try to avoid snacks that leave a trail of slime.

Miles McDermott: [as Ren is chasing Louis through the forest with a spear, on camera] Don't worry. She wouldn't hurt him.
Ren: I'm gonna hurt you, Louis!

[after learning the islanders' tiki goddesses' name]
Eileen Stevens: [to Miles] Oprah?
Miles McDermott: It's a coincidence.

Louis: Hold on. Okay, you know this is boring, and you just wanna go because you broke up with your stupid boyfriend and want to get away.
Ren: And you just wanna stay here and sit on your stupid chair.
Donnie: Do they have cable?
Miles McDermott: Son, the beauty of Mandelino is there is no modern convenience of any kind.
Donnie: Guys, this sounds kinda cool. I mean, I can run on the beach, get into football shape...
Louis: Donnie, come on! You can run here and get in shape here. Please.
Eileen Stevens: You know, Steve, this could be a wonderful family adventure. It could be everything we've been hoping for.
Louis: No, Mom, listen... Listen, here's an adventure: You can stay here at home and give me breakfast and do my laundry, and that'll be an adventure. Dad, come on! Dad, listen. Dad... CAN SOMEBODY PUT A STOP TO THE MADNESS, PLEASE!

Miles McDermott: This is gonna be sweet!
Twitty: I'll show you sweet.