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Father Laforgue (Character)
from Black Robe (1991)

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Black Robe (1991)
Daniel: They have an afterworld of their own.
Father Laforgue: They have no concept of one.
Daniel: Annuka told me they believe that in the forest at night the dead can see. The souls of men hunt the souls of animals.
Father Laforgue: Is that what she told you? It is childish, Daniel.
Daniel: Is it harder to believe in than Paradise where we all sit on clouds and look at God?

Frenchman 1: Look at him, dressed like a savage chieftain. We're not colonizing the Indians; they're colonizing us.
Frenchman 2: Not me they're not. I'm not becoming one of those wild woodsmen. In one more year, I'm going back to France.
Father Laforgue: Are you? Are any of us? If the winter doesn't kill us, the Indians might. If they don't, it could be the English. So keep your faith, and may death find you with God in mind.

Father Laforgue: Lord, if it be thy wish that I suffer greater privations in the days ahead, I welcome it. Thou hast given me this cross for thy honor and for the salvation of these poor barbarians. I thank thee.

Father Laforgue: Lord, I beg you, show your mercy to these savage people, who will never look upon your face in Paradise.

Chomina: Tell me, Blackrobe, what does your dream say now?
Father Laforgue: I am too weary for dreams.
Chomina: You must. If you do not, how do you see the way ahead?
Father Laforgue: Put my trust in God. He will guide me all the way to paradise.
Chomina: But you have not seen this paradise. No man should welcome death. This world is a cruel place, but it is the sunlight. I am sorry I leave now.

Annuka: A dream is real. It must be obeyed.
Father Laforgue: We will do as she asks. What can we say to people who think that dreams are the real world; this one is an illusion. Perhaps they're right.
Daniel: Farewell, Father Laforgue.
Father Laforgue: No farewells. Not in this land. And no greetings, no names. The forests speak. The dead talk at night. God bless you both.

Father Jerome: Our only hope is that - some believe that baptism will cure their fever. If they ask for baptism, we must have a great public ceremony at once.
Father Laforgue: Fr. Jerome, shouldn't we - I mean, mustn't they understand our faith before accepting it?
Father Jerome: Understand? But they are in danger of death, and we are offering them a place in Paradise.

Father Laforgue: Lord, why is Fr. Jerome with you in Heaven, while Chomina lies forever in utter darkness? Help me.

Huron Chief: A demon cannot feel grief. Are you a man?
Father Laforgue: Yes.
Huron Chief: You must help us Blackrobe. Do you love us?
Father Laforgue: Yes.
Huron Chief: Then baptize us.

[watching Laforgue write in his diary]
Chomina: Blackrobe, what you do?
Father Laforgue: I am making words.
Chomina: Making words? You not speak.
Father Laforgue: I will show you. Tell me something.
Chomina: Tell what?
Father Laforgue: Something I do not know.
Chomina: My woman's mother die in snow last winter.
[Laforgue writes it and shows the book to Daniel]
Daniel: It says Chomina's woman's mother died in snow last winter.
Father Laforgue: I have still other, greater things I can teach you.
Ougebmat: He is a demon!

Old Priest: [indicating his scars] The savages did this to me.
Father Laforgue: The indians? Why?
Old Priest: They are uncivilized, just as the English or Germans were before we came to them. I will be returning next month.
Father Laforgue: To New France?
Old Priest: The savages live in outer darkness. We must convert them. What more glorious task than that?

Montagnais: [indicates Laforgue and Daniel] They have hairy faces like dogs. Who are they?
Chomina: They are French.
Father Laforgue: We have come to help you! We have been sent by our God, who is the God of us all!
Montagnais: He can't speak properly.
Chomina: They have their own tongue. It is like birds singing.
Montagnais: Are they intelligent?
Ougebmat: No.

[watching LaForgue give the last rites to a dying baby]
Mestigoit: Watch this, he is going to cast a spell.
Father Laforgue: Oh God of mercy, please bless this innocent child...
Chomina: No. He is talking to his God.
Father Laforgue: [making the sign of the cross] ... in nomini patri et fili et spiritu sancti...
Ougebmat: See that sign? That's how they steal our spirit.

Father Laforgue: When I die, Chomina, I will go to paradise. Let me baptise you so I may take you with me.
Chomina: Why would I go to your paradise? Are my people there? My woman? My boy? There's only blackrobes.