Jim Egan
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Jim Egan (Character)
from "8 Simple Rules" (2002)

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"8 Simple Rules: The After Party (#3.21)" (2005)
Bridget Hennessy: My life is so unfair, my life is so unfair
Jim Egan: Doesn't she have to pay a royalty to Kerry everytime she says that?

"8 Simple Rules: Let's Keep Going: Part 1 (#2.18)" (2004)
Jim: Kerry's so angry. I've never seen such raw, naked hostility since... you know.
Cate: The Korean War?
Jim: No, your mother.

"8 Simple Rules: Finale Part Deux (#2.24)" (2004)
Kerry: [after hearing Bridget was elected Student President] That's what's wrong with democracy.
Jim: Hey. I went to war for democracy.
Rory: We know you did. Look at Korea now. You kicked ass!

"8 Simple Rules: Finale Part Un (#2.23)" (2004)
Kerry: And don't tell Bridget this, but I'm really scared.
Jim: Oh, so you're scared about being away from your parents? You know, when I was a teenager going on my first holiday without my parents, I was scared.
Kerry: Where did you go?
Jim: The Korean War.

"8 Simple Rules: First Day of School (#3.1)" (2004)
C.J.: Red thong...? I thought that was a handkerchief...
[Jim looks down at his suit pocket. Pulls out his "handkerchief."]
Jim: Oh dear God!

"8 Simple Rules: Opposites Attract: Part 1 (#2.13)" (2004)
[last lines. CJ calls Jim from Canada, having been sent there by him to buy "acetylsalicyclic acid" for his hip]
C.J. Barnes: Hey, it's C.J... "Acetylsalicyclic acid"? You sent me all the way to Canada for *aspirin*?
[pause, Jim laughs]
Jim Egan: C.J., the pain in my hip is still here, but now the pain in my ass is in Canada!