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Cryder (Character)
from "The Rockford Files" (1974)

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"The Rockford Files: The Italian Bird Fiasco (#2.19)" (1976)
Jim Rockford: [Rockford is at a restaurant with a Lloyds of London representative discussing his reward for having helped recover stolen diamonds - a case that lead to the breaking of three priceless works of art] Mr. Cryder, I don't want to seem anxious, but I was wondering about my five percent recovery fee?
Cryder: Ohhh yes. I called my people at Lloyds, they agreed.
Jim Rockford: [smiling] Five percent, a million dollars worth of jewellery, that's fifty thousand dollars isn't it?
Cryder: Yes... Unfortunately each of the cormorants was insured for fifteen thousand making a total of forty-five thousand.
Jim Rockford: Well, what has one got to do with the other?
Cryder: Well they feel that since you were hired to protect them, and since all three were destroyed, that you should... bear the loss...
Jim Rockford: That's preposterous!
Cryder: Unfortunately that is how they... feel. So, ah, forty-five thousand from fifty thousand leaves five thousand...
Jim Rockford: [looking rather peeved] Well I didn't break the damn things!
Cryder: ...I've been doing some perliminary figuring... Now from the five thousand there's of course, ah, English inheritance and English income taxes
[he starts subtracting on a pad of paper]
Cryder: ... ah yes, we will have to inform your IRS
[he chuckles]
Cryder: and there's the rate of exchange to consider and, oh yes, then there's...
Jim Rockford: One minute, just one minute.
Cryder: Yes?
Jim Rockford: Do you think there's going to be enough for me to pick up this tab?
Cryder: I really don't know, Mr. Rockford, that depends... Do you intend to keep on drinking?