Det. Dennis Becker
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Det. Dennis Becker (Character)
from "The Rockford Files" (1974)

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The Rockford Files: If the Frame Fits... (1996) (TV)
Lt. Dennis Becker: In the cookie jar, sir!

Lt. Dennis Becker: Knock it off - there's nothin' for me to feel guilty about, so don't even try.
Jim Rockford: You told him I carry a .38.
Lt. Dennis Becker: Like that information's not in the computer.
Jim Rockford: My cookie jar isn't in the computer. At least it wasn't!

Lt. Dennis Becker: Your .38 wasn't there, so they decided not to charge you, at least not yet; too circumstantial without the weapon.
Jim Rockford: What do you mean it wasn't there?
Lt. Dennis Becker: They looked in the cookie jar, they found Oreo's.
Jim Rockford: Did they look under the Oreos?
Lt. Dennis Becker: These are trained police officers; of course they looked under the Oreos.

"The Rockford Files: Irving the Explainer (#4.8)" (1977)
Police Det. Dennis Becker: Let me get this straight: You have a client who has the same name as Herman Goering's HOUSE?

Police Det. Dennis Becker: Stand over there, please. This is official department memoranda open only to department personnel.
Jim Rockford: Boy, you talk about the Nazis around you and it rubs off!

Chief Inspector Jean-Marc Giono: [Chief Inspector Giono is explaining the whole convoluted plot to Rockford, Becker, and Chapman, and not only is it long, it involves many historical figures. Dennis has been scribbling notes furiously] For political reasons, they tried to tie the theft to a Family of Jewish art thrives, who trace their roots to the time of Louis Quatorze.
Police Det. Dennis Becker: [Looking burnt, and in all sincerity] This guy - Louis Quatorze; you got the spelling on that last name?

"The Rockford Files: The Paper Palace (#4.16)" (1978)
Dennis Becker: [Becker's in the break room, trying to console Rita, who's crying, because she feels Dennis and all the other cops only want her for info, and aren't sincere when they say they're her 'friend'] Rita, you're looking at things the wrong way. I'm your friend.
[Between sniffles and tears, Rita just shakes her head, 'no']
Dennis Becker: McRainey's your friend.
[More head shaking]
Dennis Becker: Rita, you got nothing but friends here.
[the door opens up. It's Lt. Chapman]
Lt. Doug Chapman: Becker?
Dennis Becker: What? Uh, yes, sir.
Lt. Doug Chapman: [In an authoritative, annoyed voice] I want you to get down to the squad room. Get Rockford out of there. Get him out of this station. And whenever he came here to ask you, the answer is 'no'. You got that?
Dennis Becker: Yes, sir.
Lt. Doug Chapman: Good.
[Chapman turns to leave, and notices Rita's sniffling]
Lt. Doug Chapman: What the hell are you crying about, Rita? You didn't have change for a five?
[Rita slams the table, Chapman walks out]

Officer McRainey: [Dennis is taking Rita to the precinct property room, so she can pick her stuff up. It's late at night, and both Rita and Dennis are tense. But, not Ofcr McRainey] You know what she put sdoen for occupation? 'Poet.'
Rita Capkovic: There was a young man from Nantucket...
Dennis Becker: Okay, Rita. Come on.

"The Rockford Files: Chicken Little Is a Little Chicken (#2.9)" (1975)
Angel Martin: [Angel enters the squad room, trying to avoid meeting Sgt. Becker] Jimmy, Jimmy, come here.
[motions for Rockford to come over to him]
Jim Rockford: Angel, where have you been?
Angel Martin: Jimmy, can I talk to you for a second? I know you're mad at me. I know this thing can be explained, I swear.
Jim Rockford: Where's my car?
Angel Martin: Your car? It's fine. There's no need to report it stolen, Jimmy. I filled it up with gas, I even got it washed.
[Angel looks at Becker and waves to him]
Angel Martin: Hi Captain!
Dennis Becker: You've got jailbird written all over you. Where'd you do time, sport?
Angel Martin: Time? Time...
[he reaches into his pocket for his watch]
Angel Martin: It's five o'clock.
[He reaches for Rockford]
Angel Martin: C'mon let's go.
[Becker gets up and walks over to Angel]
Angel Martin: San Quentin. Four years, but I got out in three for good behavior. I even sang in the choir, didn't I, Jimmy?
Dennis Becker: Who is this guy?
Jim Rockford: Oh, uh,
[points to each in turn]
Jim Rockford: Angel Martin, Dennis Becker.
Dennis Becker: Angel Martin... you're in the known associates file.
Angel Martin: Right, right, probably with Jimmy, we were both in at San Quentin, together.
Angel Martin: I guess you could say we both owned a 'piece of the rock.'

Dennis Becker: Angel. Now there's a strange guy. Is he really a lay-preacher?
Jim Rockford: [Taken totally off guard, but, slightly bemused. Quizzically] Angel?
[Fumbling for words]
Jim Rockford: Wel... why... he... Dennis! Are you gonna report my car stolen, or what?

"The Rockford Files: To Protect and Serve: Part 1 (#3.19)" (1977)
Peggy Becker: Just what is a buff?
Dennis Becker: [looking uncomfortable] Buff? Well... well, it's a citizen who is uh, fascinated by police work. Like, you know, people who are into CB radios and Broadway shows. These people are "buffs" as we call them. They like to spend time around the station house, get to know the fellas, sorta hang out...
Peggy Becker: [not looking amused] Dennis, that's not a buff, that's a groupie!

Lianne Sweeny: Jim Rockford, Jim Rockford...Newton Street Division, 1968, Watts Riots!
Jim Rockford: No...
Lianne Sweeny: No, don't tell me, don't tell me! Metro!
Dennis Becker: Jim Rockford's a private investigator, Lianne.
Lianne Sweeny: [looking as though she smells something bad] Oh...

"The Rockford Files: Feeding Frenzy (#3.4)" (1976)
Dennis Becker: [Jim's been arrested - again - and he's now down at the station asking Dennis why he was arrested, and Dennis is stressed. Again] What do you think, I'm an information bureau? I mean, once a month, I'm locked up in a room with you, with a tape running. It's putting a strain on our friendship.

Dennis Becker: Jim, let's move up carefully. I'll take the right, you take the left - and don't fire unless it's absolutely necessary. And watch your field of fire, I don't want to pick up a stray!
Jim Rockford: Does that mean I can't fan this thing like Roy Rogers?

"The Rockford Files: Claire (#1.17)" (1975)
Capt. Highland: [Jim's been called in to tell Capt. highland what he knows about Charlie Manning. He's in the Capt.'s office with Becker, and Rockford refuses to tell the captain what he knows, unless the captain's more forthcoming with info as well.Captain Highland tells Jim Manning is an undercover cop, on a job, and hes supposed to check in with Manning every hour, but, he's two hours overdue] If he turns up dead, and I can find anything to prove that you knew something that could have saved him, you're gonna wind up an accessory after the fact in his murder.
Jim Rockford: No, I'm not. I'm not even gonna be a material witness, unless the DA can establish me on preliminary, which he can't. There's no foundation. And he can't get me into cross-examination for the same reason. So
[Jim winks at Highland]
Jim Rockford: , thanks for the invitation. I think I'll go fishing.
[Capt. Highland's taken aback, and stunned into silence. He looks at Becker]
Dennis Becker: [Chewing his lips, and looking up at the ceiling, to avoid Highland's eyes] He's been around, captain.

"The Rockford Files: The Mayor's Committee from Deer Lick Falls (#4.9)" (1977)
Lauren Ingeborg: How long does it take to read a police report anyway?
Police Det. Dennis Becker: Quite a while, if you know Lt. Chapman.
Jim Rockford: Oh yes, sometimes he'll read a report twice if it's complicated. Actually tonight his attention span is pretty good.

"The Rockford Files: The Kirkoff Case (#1.1)" (1974)
Police Det. Dennis Becker: I'll tell you what I'm going to do, Jim: I'm going to fill this out, give it to patrol, but don't count on much.
Jim Rockford: Now what is that suppose to mean? I got kidnapped by two guys, and they beat the cool out of me, I'm making a legitimate complaint. What do you mean, "don't count on too much," I'm counting on you and this girl scout troop in here, to solve it.
Police Det. Dennis Becker: Shut up, would you? What do I have to do, spell it out for you? You know, you're not exactly Princess Margaret in this department. Every time you come in here with a bloody nose, morale goes up ten points, and if I wasn't a buddy of yours I wouldn't even type this up. OK?

"The Rockford Files: Second Chance (#4.4)" (1977)
Dennis Becker: It's against the law to show a civilian someone's rap sheet.
Jim Rockford: Well then don't show it to me, Dennis. Just tell me what's in it.

"The Rockford Files: Lions, Tigers, Monkeys and Dogs: Part 2 (#6.3)" (1979)
Jim Rockford: You said you wanted to see me Dennis?
[Angel waves at Rockford]
Jim Rockford: Did you call me in because of him? I'm in the middle of a murder investigation.
Dennis Becker: And I'm right in the middle of my night off. Your friend Mr. Martin here thought you might be able to shed some light on how he happens to be housing eight Shetland ponies in a residential garage.
Angel: Jimmy, they got everybody including the Humane Society on my case. It's a three car garage, there's plenty of room, I even left a light on.
Jim Rockford: I don't have time for this, Angel. Kendall was almost killed tonight, Princess Rachevsky is on her way down here to the station.
Angel: You haven't got time for this? It's because of your princess and you I got into this mess.
Jim Rockford: No, no, Angel, you got yourself into it. You always do.
Angel: That's it? That's your statement on my behalf?
Jim Rockford: That's it.
[Turns around and leaves]
Angel: Look, look, Dennis... uh, Lieutenant...
Dennis Becker: This is Robbery/Homicide. Let's move it down to Bunco.
Angel: Bunco? Why, because I'm unfamiliar with your zoning laws?
Dennis Becker: Because besides finding the eight ponies, we found a forged British passport and a letter of recommendation from Queen Elizabeth! Let's go, Duke!

"The Rockford Files: Sticks and Stones May Break Your Bones, But Waterbury Will Bury You (#3.13)" (1977)
Dennis Becker: There's always a big attrition rate in your business. You people are flaky, undependable...
Jim Rockford: Hey... flaky?
Dennis Becker: Yes. And you have your moments - admit it.

"The Rockford Files: Pastoria Prime Pick (#2.11)" (1975)
Jim Rockford: This is Jim Rockford. At the tone leave your name and message, I'll get back to you.
Dennis Becker: Hey Jimbo. Dennis. Really appreciate the help on the income tax... Ya wanna help on the audit now?

The Rockford Files: Godfather Knows Best (1996) (TV)
Jim Rockford: You want my advice, as his Godfather - damn I'm getting tired of hearing that?
Lt. Dennis Becker: Yes, I want your advice.
Jim Rockford: It's not so much that you wreen't there, it's the way you over compensated because you weren't.
Lt. Dennis Becker: What? We spoiled him? We held him to a very tough standard.
Jim Rockford: Oh, please, Dennis, he got D's all threw college and what did you do? You bought him a more powerful computer.
Lt. Dennis Becker: But you need memory to compete in the academic race at all!
Jim Rockford: But is he? Is he in the academic race at all?
Lt. Dennis Becker: Well, he's not officially taking classes.
Jim Rockford: Oh, Officially! I forgot - you can earn college credits sleeping in the city flower beds and urinating in a parking structure.
Lt. Dennis Becker: All right! All right! He flunked out!
Jim Rockford: You shouldn't have been contributing one thin dime all those years to his shenanigans all those years he was goofing along with C's and D's.
Lt. Dennis Becker: That's what Peg said.
[suddenly struck by reality]

"The Rockford Files: The Competitive Edge (#4.19)" (1978)
Jim Rockford: This is Jim Rockford. At the tone leave your name and message, I'll get back to you.
Police Det. Dennis Becker: [Beeep] Okay Jimbo, Dennis. I know you're in there and I know you know it's ticket season again; Policemen's Ball and all that. So come to the door when I knock this time. I know you're in there!

"The Rockford Files: Piece Work (#3.10)" (1976)
Dennis Becker: Make Lieutenant? I'll be lucky if I make the end of the week!

"The Rockford Files: The Hawaiian Headache (#6.8)" (1979)
Jim Rockford: [on the telephone] Guess where I am now.
Det. Dennis Becker: At the bar?
Jim Rockford: Close - they got a lot of bars in here. You wanna try again?
Det. Dennis Becker: In jail?
Jim Rockford: Yeah, that's right!

"The Rockford Files: Kill the Messenger (#5.5)" (1978)
Peggy Becker: Has everyone got a glass? Now we are going to have a toast. Okay, are you ready? To my husband Lieutenant Becker.
[reaction of delight from everyone]
Police Det. Dennis Becker: That's right, and Deputy Town called me and said that's it!
Jim Rockford: Great! That's really great! Lieutenant! I told you Rocky, I told everyone he was going to do it! That's great!
Police Det. Dennis Becker: [grinning] There's only one problem: Lieutenant Chapman. From here on I've got to call him Doug!
[laughter all around]

"The Rockford Files: The No-Cut Contract (#2.15)" (1976)
Larry 'King' Sturtevant: [at police HQ where Rockford is being held on suspicion of murder, thanks to a football player from a minor league whom no one has ever heard of] And then I held him at, ah, gunpoint for ten, fifteen minutes, and then you guys showed up.
[he nods his head at Beth, who is staring at him blankly]
Larry 'King' Sturtevant: Hi.
[he turns back to Becker grinning]
Larry 'King' Sturtevant: Will you take a look at her! She's so starstruck she's speechless!
Police Det. Dennis Becker: [ignores that comment] Is that everything? The whole statement?
Larry 'King' Sturtevant: Yeah, yeah thats it.
[he turns back to Beth]
Larry 'King' Sturtevant: Ah, listen honey, try not to stare. I know it's difficult, but why don't you just relax and later the two of us will go get some coffee. I'll let you look at my scrapbook, hah?
Beth Davenport: That'd be lovely, only I gave up reading the funnies in the third grade.