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Evelyn 'Angel' Martin (Character)
from "The Rockford Files" (1974)

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"The Rockford Files: Chicken Little Is a Little Chicken (#2.9)" (1975)
Angel Martin: [kibitzing during a chess game between Jim and Rocky using jailhouse chess lingo] This here game's over, man. Well you've got to move your boss, or Rocky's gonna lay a subpoena on him. Then his torpedo, he's gonna smoke your old lady, and all your heavies'll be doing time. 'Cept for maybe your mouthpiece, and Rocky's sheriff's got him put in the corner. You've got nothing left but punks and junkies. You're through, Jimmy.

Angel Martin: [Angel enters the squad room, trying to avoid meeting Sgt. Becker] Jimmy, Jimmy, come here.
[motions for Rockford to come over to him]
Jim Rockford: Angel, where have you been?
Angel Martin: Jimmy, can I talk to you for a second? I know you're mad at me. I know this thing can be explained, I swear.
Jim Rockford: Where's my car?
Angel Martin: Your car? It's fine. There's no need to report it stolen, Jimmy. I filled it up with gas, I even got it washed.
[Angel looks at Becker and waves to him]
Angel Martin: Hi Captain!
Dennis Becker: You've got jailbird written all over you. Where'd you do time, sport?
Angel Martin: Time? Time...
[he reaches into his pocket for his watch]
Angel Martin: It's five o'clock.
[He reaches for Rockford]
Angel Martin: C'mon let's go.
[Becker gets up and walks over to Angel]
Angel Martin: San Quentin. Four years, but I got out in three for good behavior. I even sang in the choir, didn't I, Jimmy?
Dennis Becker: Who is this guy?
Jim Rockford: Oh, uh,
[points to each in turn]
Jim Rockford: Angel Martin, Dennis Becker.
Dennis Becker: Angel Martin... you're in the known associates file.
Angel Martin: Right, right, probably with Jimmy, we were both in at San Quentin, together.
Angel Martin: I guess you could say we both owned a 'piece of the rock.'

[last lines]
Jim Rockford: Hey, Angel, what about my car? I want my car!
Angel Martin: We're gonna find it any day now, Jimmy!

Sid: [Angel's finished explaining the whole kerfuffle he's in - and has now got Jim involved in, as well. All of the sudden, two thugs show up - with guns - one on either side of Rocky's truck, and open the doors. The big 'head thug' bellows] Out!
Jim Rockford: There, you see?
Angel Martin: Isn't my fault.
Jim Rockford: Is too.
Angel Martin: Is not.
Jim Rockford: Is too.
Sid: [Forcefully] OUT!

Jim Rockford: [Jim's hustled quickly out of the police station after Angel has been grilled by Becker. Jim knows Angel has some sort of hustle going on, but doesn't know what it is. Jim just wants his car back - which the two goons had taken when they went to chase after Angel. Angel and Jim are now standing across from the police station] Angel, where is my car?
Angel Martin: [Trying to sound reassuring, but vague] It's in the L.A. area.
Jim Rockford: Angel!
Angel Martin: Listen, Jimmy. You was about to make a giant mistake in there. You were going to tell that flat-foot to go looking for your car, and I couldn't let you do that. For your own good, I couldn't.
Jim Rockford: Why?
Angel Martin: [Angel looks nervously around] because there's $30,000 cash hidden in the left front door handle.
Jim Rockford: [At a momentary loss for words] Where did it come from?
Angel Martin: I put it there. Listen, Jimmy I can't tell you how bad this police section is affecting me. I'm getting a bad case of the Fifth Amendment. Now let's get out of here and I'll tell it so much better. A whole lot better.
[Angel darts to the truck's passenger door, as Jim - mouths 'thirty thousand' - walks towards the driver's side]

Jim Rockford: [Jim's just finished reading to Angel the fake obituary about Angel, which they plan to put in the morning paper. It mentions - amongst other 'upstanding' qualities, angel's being a ex-con, grifter, con man, petty thief, known by the police, as well as where he served time, and desertion of duties during the Korean War] I think that sounds pretty real.
Angel Martin: How would you feel, if your mother was to read that?
[Angel's mother's dead]
Jim Rockford: [In a raised, annoyed voice] Let's bury your mother, Angel, all right?
Angel Martin: [Annoyed and mocking] What are you? You can't change a line, Joseph Pulitzer?

"The Rockford Files: Hotel of Fear (#4.10)" (1977)
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: Muriel is dead! D-on-the-e-d!

Joseph 'Rocky' Rockford: Why do I have to go hiding out at LJ's for?
Jim Rockford: Because Angel wasn't satisfied with putting me on the critical list, he wants to put the whole family on it.
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: Y'know Jimmy, I've got some feelings too. "If you prick me, do I not bleed?"
Jim Rockford: That's Shakespeare!
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: [Condescendingly] No it's not. Vincent Price said it on the Hollywood Squares.

Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: [It's the middle of the night, and Angel's just shown up at Jim's trailer - terrified - because he not only just witnessed a killing, he saw the shooter, and the shooter saw him. So, Angel's thinking of what he can do - rather than go to the cops, of course] See, here's the idea, jimmy; if they don't pick the guy up then, I'll spend a couple - maybe three weeks, down in El Segundo, place like that. What happens?
Jim Rockford: .
[Jim shrugs his shoulders]
Jim Rockford: Mmmm, real-estate values plummet
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: [Not even listening to what Jimmy's just said] Listen; he gets a whole other picture of Angel Martin, you know what I mean? He sees that i'm not the kind of guy that goes to the cops and I'm not the kind of person that interferes with another guy's personal business. he'll leave me alone.
Jim Rockford: Since when is murder "personal business"?
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: When it ain't my business. Now, look Jimmy, I need money from you, not advice, so don't try to talk me out of it. I'm not going to the cops!

Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: [Angel's decked out a la Hugh Hefner; a robe and slippers as he's I. A luxury hotel; part of his deal to agree to testify against dangerous hit man, Del Kane. Jim's just come to visit Angel, who's even got Chapman working; as 'round-the-clock police protection', and - as Angel has him; as his butler, as well] Hey, Doug! Let's put a hustle on them eggs, huh, daddy!

Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: [Angel's milking his witness-situation for as much as he can. One thing he's got cooking; his autobiography - ghost-written, of course] There's some big bucks in this, Jimmy, big bucks. I'ma see to it my publisher gets ya a little. Call it, uh, 'research'.
Jim Rockford: [Incredulously] Your 'publisher'?
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: [Angel chuckles a self-knowing laugh. He turns to the portable typewriter, and with his free hand - the other holding his champagne, 'natch - he pulls a page out of it, and hands it to Jim] I wrote a book about the whole thing.
Jim Rockford: [Jim - holding his glass of champagne in one hand - looks at the page Angel just handed him] You have trouble writing your laundry list.
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: This is Thompson Wells. He's ghosting it for me
[Mr. Wells - who seems kind of burnt from dealing with Angel, meekly smiles, at Jim, then rolls his eyes]
Jim Rockford: [jim looks at the page Angel's handed him. In capital letters is the title; 'Hotel of Fear', by Evelyn - The Cobra - Martin. Jim slowly looks back at Angel] 'The Cobra'?
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: Well, that's a better moniker for this kind of thing. See, temp title is; 'Hotel of Fear', and we stick with that angle if we go with the 'protective custody'-thing. But, if we get into an exposé, we call it
[Angel whispers]
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: The Martin Papers. I got a better title, too; 'Witness For The Prosecution'.
Jim Rockford: You can't use that!
Thompson Welles: That's what I told him.
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: Why? Because some other guy used it once? So, some people get confused at the book stand. Some people buy my book, instead of his. What's it gonna hurt?
[Jim hands Angel back the piece of paper, then, silently hands him back the glass of champagne, as well, and wordlessly walks towards the door]
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: Where are you going, Jimmy? We got a deal?
Jim Rockford: I'm going over, and I'm gonna have a little talk with Mr. Pleasance, at the District Attorney's office, and I will think about it, Angel.
[Jim turns to Mr. Wells, who's been standing, almost silently]
Jim Rockford: Pleasure meeting you, Mr. Wells.
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: Thank you, Jimmy. You know, I'm, uh, liable to put you in the dedication
Jim Rockford: Oh, thanks.
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: [Chukles, then walks towards Mr. Wells] Heck of a guy.

"The Rockford Files: Paradise Cove (#6.1)" (1979)
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: [curled up in the sand groaning] Jimmy! Jim-m-my!
Jim Rockford: [crouches down beside him and slaps him on the shoulder unsympathetically] Hey, wanna come out now?
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: Jimmy, oh Jimmy, they hit me, Jim...!
Jim Rockford: Yeah, that's what it looked like to me too. You okay?
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: ...I don't know... I... maybe I oughta talk to my attorney before I give a quick answer...

Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: [jaw drops at the sight of his totalled lemon] Look what you did to Lucille, my '59 cherry Cad convertible. It's a collectors item!
Jim Rockford: Yeah, you oughta collect it on fifty bucks!
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: You can't even get body work on it now!

Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: Good idea, Jim, except I thought you oughta know that if you try to take off with my share of the treasure, I'll take old Joe here as a hostage.
Joseph 'Rocky' Rockford #2: [shakes his cane at him] Now you just try and old Joe will stove your head in!

Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: [trying to sound menacing] Hey! Buckaroo, I don't let nobody outta my sight. This is the Big One! This is the Big Score! I don't sleep. I sit on my blanket with my gun on my lap and I keep an eye on you all night long...
Jim Rockford: [unimpressed, he looks at Althea Morgan] Yeah, Treasure of the Sierra Madre. Humphrey Bogart, Walter Huston, Tim Holt; terrific ending. Almost everybody ate a bullet!

Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: [Jim uses Althea's car to go check at the nursing home, if he can get any more information on where the gold C.C. Calloway's looking for might be buried. Along with Jim, and Althea's, in the middle-front, is - who else? Angel] Why'd you have to bring her along?
Althea Morgan: [Stops laughing, momentarily] I'm here to protect my car. That's a condition of the loan.
[Althea starts laughing again]
Jim Rockford: All right, you 2 stay here.
[Althea continues laughing]
Jim Rockford: I'll go in and look around.
[Jim turns to Angel and Althea, and in an admonishing tone, says]
Jim Rockford: and 'stay here,' means stay here.
[Althea bursts in to laughter , as Angel just looks at her]
Althea Morgan: He's really different.
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: He's a sucker.
Althea Morgan: [Giggling] Yeah, but he's a nice sucker.

"The Rockford Files: Dirty Money, Black Light (#3.22)" (1977)
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: [to barber] Well, just think Mastroianni, you know, the Mexican movie star, you know, only leave it a little full.

Beth Davenport: I hope Angel won't say anything that's gonna get Rocky into trouble.
Jim Rockford: Hey, Angel has been in stir, he knows better than to talk without his lawyer present and you're his lawyer. Angel knows better - he'll keep his mouth shut.
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: [Scene changes to Angel being interrogated by Federal Agents]
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: See, you want to be talking to Jim Rockford and his father, Joseph. Let me spell that for ya: That's Rockford, R-O-C-K-F-O-R-D.

Agent Steiner: You'd better be straight with us, Martin.
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: Straight? Straight? I'm so straight my back's hurting.
Agent Steiner: You better be, we've got a shopping list of charges to hang on somebody, You're pretty handy right now.
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: Who me? Charges?
Agent Steiner: Five-to-ten for fraud, five-to-ten for conspiracy to avoid taxes, five-to-ten for obstructing justice, twenty-to-life for accessory to murder.
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: Murder? Wait a minute - wait a second, I wouldn't murder no one, not for a couple of Cs. No, you want to talk to the Rockford Gang, that's R-O-C-K-F-O-R-D!

Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: [the episode ends as it began - with Angel getting a haircut, except, this time, it's Rocky who's playing barber, as Angel is sitting in a beach chair, drinking a beer, outside Jim's trailer] I-I'm gonna interject something here. I appreciate the fact you're cutting my hair for free, because I'm so broke, but, uh, we're not getting that layered look that we were talking about, you know. Maybe we should wash it with some of that organic shampoo, you know what I mean? Then cut it whilst it's wet, and then give it a blow-dry.
Joseph 'Rocky' Rockford: [Dumbounded, he stops] What?
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: Well, that's how they do it in Beverly Hills.
Joseph 'Rocky' Rockford: Yeah, well this is how we did it in the Seabees, and we all looked like men.

"The Rockford Files: The Becker Connection (#3.16)" (1977)
Jim Rockford: Well the name I came up with is Rafael Sabatini.
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: Well let me finish my story, huh? Sabatini. That's the name I got from four or five guys. Sabatini.
Jim Rockford: Angel, Rafael Sabatini has been dead for a coupla hundred years...

Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: [Jim and Angel go catch Marty Golden's act at Kasajian's sleazy comedy joint, and Angel here's they're going to open the mike, with the winner getting $200. Angel hustle's Jim out, and jumps on stage, and starts his 'comedy routine] Hey, hey, hey, hey, how do you like it so far? I'm so glad to see all of you here tonight. I love playing a prison; it's a captive audience. You notice how polite it is in a prison. All day long when you go by the wardens office, there is prisoners coming out, and they're going; 'pardon me, pardon me, pardon me.'
[to the drummer]
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: Hey, could I have a little help over there?
[Drummer gives a single 'timpani']
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: I knew a guy on the "D" block, pathetic case Guy, all of his life, he wanted to be a tree surgeon, but he kept fainting at the sight of sap.
[Explaining the punch line to the audience]
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: Sap. Sap.
[Sleazy chuckle]
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: H-e-h-ey! Then, I knew this prisoner whose lawyer came to see him in the prison. The lawyer said, "everything is terrific. We got everything under control. I got a big pitch going with the parole board, and I have some very close connections with the governor. But, in the meantime, try and escape.'
[Angel chuckles, and tries to look for anyone laughing in the audience]
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: Escape? Escape.

Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: [Angel is telling the people at Dennis' party about his comedy routine at the prison] I was telling the one about the prisoner going to the chair. You know that one? The prisoner? He's going to the electric chair and his attorney comes in and he says, "Give me some last minute advice!" And the attorney says, "Don't sit down!"

Jim Rockford: [Jim walks into Stage Left; Alex Kasajian's nightclub, where he meets Angel, who's already sitting at a table, watching 3rd-rate comedian, Marty Golden, do his routine] Is that Marty Golden?
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: Yeah, he's dying.
[Angel shouts, to the stage]
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: Get the hook!
Marty Golden: That's it sir, keep America beautiful. Kill yourself.

"The Rockford Files: The Empty Frame (#5.8)" (1978)
Jim Rockford: What's Chapman doing working the door?
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: Chapman and a couple of other off-duty cops are here acting as security cuz there's a lot of important people. We've got four police commissioners, we've got a deputy mayor, we've got two deputy police chiefs. Thing is bigger than Cher's birthday.

Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: What I am tryin' to demonstrate to you is what true influence is worth. I'm not talkin' small time, I'm talkin' the big bag job in the sky!
[Jim rolls his eyes]
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: Anytime Chapman starts to bother you or any of your friends, you call Angel Martin. I'll have him crated and shipped to the apple orchard indefinitely, for which I'll pick up a little money or favor from...
[he nods at Jim]
Jim Rockford: Well that could be dangerous, Angel. That's what's called influence peddling!
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: Peddling? I ain't a peddler. A peddler is a guy who stands on a corner and eats exhaust fumes!

Police commisoner Aaron Kiel: [the police commissioner drags his brother-in-law into a private room, both men missing their pants] I want the addresses of the three people who held up this party, and I want them now!
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: What! You think I set this up?
Police commisoner Aaron Kiel: Look, you just put down their names, I'll do my best to help you with the police! Write down their names!
[he slaps a pad and pen down in front of Angel]
Police commisoner Aaron Kiel: Now write down their names! I wanna a name and I want it now!
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: You wanna name?
Police commisoner Aaron Kiel: I wanna name!
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: All righty, I'm gonna give you a name.
[he picks up the pen]
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: C! That's for the community property that you'll be spliting. Y! That's for the youngish looks she has. N! That's for the nights you spent in Newport. T! That's for the telling of the wife. H...!
Police commisoner Aaron Kiel: [looking uneasy] Look, knock it off.
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: ...That's for the home you're gonna lose in Bel Air. I is for the interest for my silence, and A is for the alimony you gonna be stuck with. You wanna name, Aaron? There's a name for you. Cynthia. Anyway you spell it it means trouble!

Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: Aaron, when it's in the immediate family it's not called blackmail, it's called family spirit!

"The Rockford Files: The Dog and Pony Show (#4.5)" (1977)
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: A-a-ah now we're getting the nitty-gritty! Now it's beginning to make sense! Come over to Rocky's for dinner, Angel! Serving my favourite food! First time I've been invited over here for so much as a glass of water!
Joseph 'Rocky' Rockford #2: [to Mary Jo] Think I could use a little help in the kitchen with coffee and dessert...
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: Forget about the dessert! You don't buy Angel with a coupla drumsticks and red-eye gravy!
Jim Rockford: Angel! Now, she's in trouble; so am I! And you got me into it!
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: I may have had a minor role in getting you into that therapy group, but I didn't tell you to get all messed up with that national-international intelligence agency, and I'm not going to!
Jim Rockford: All you have to do is stand around and keep an attendent busy! It's a snap! We will need your car. When it's over you just drive off!
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: I've spent half my adult life getting that Caddy with them naugahyde seats. Not a chance!
Jim Rockford: Yeah, and who loaned you the two hundred bucks to buy that car? You remember? I'll tell you who did! The same guy who's going to take the pink slip if you don't come through for him!

Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: [Talking to Rockford] Listen Jimmy, do you think you could slip it in before they kill you that you stole Angel Martin's car, that Angel Martin don't know nothing from nothing, that Angel Martin is a good guy?

[last lines]
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: I'm just glad the Agency didn't find out about my gun running days because of all this. I could have been in big trouble. I can't say anything more.
[Rockford looks on, bewildered]
Dr. Alan J. Adler: Don't give into your fears of other people and stop concocting these phony stories that evade the real issues of your life.
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: I don't have to make up phony stories. Didn't you hear what I said? I said I was glad the Agency closed the books on us. Otherwise they might have found out about the time I was running guns down to the rebels in Guatemala, me and another guy, dead now.
[while Angel talks agents of the NIA are outside in a van, listening and recording him while he talks]
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: That's right. We used to buy these Italian carbines from this contact in Mexico and then we'd sneak them across the border in ambulances and sell them to the guerrillas in Guatemala. Got twice for what we paid for them. That's right. The guns were rickety old things that would blow up in your face if you shot them or just sneezed...
[End theme music begins]

"The Rockford Files: Drought at Indianhead River (#3.5)" (1976)
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: Now who'd want to kill me?
Jim Rockford: You want the names alphabetically or in order of importance?

Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: I don't go by Angel anymore...
Jim Rockford: Just who are you? The Archduke of Guacamole?

Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: [Jim is angry that Angel failed to shoot when he called out the code word] I didn't hear you Jimmy, I mean if you're gonna give a code word you've got to shout it out.
Jim Rockford: Get out of here!
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: I've had trouble with my ears, my doctor said something about a ruptured disk.
Jim Rockford: That's in your *back*.
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: Well, it's been affecting my hearing.

"The Rockford Files: A Material Difference (#5.19)" (1979)
Jim Rockford: [grabs Angel by the collar] Angel, you're driving me crazy, you understand? I'm going crazy and I can't take it anymore!
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: Jimmy...
Jim Rockford: [has his hand on Angel's throat] Years and years and years! I'm going out of my mind! Your stu-pid, ri-diculous lies and ideas and games year after year!
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: [croaks] ... give me my windpipe...
Jim Rockford: [lets go, looks at his hands; they're shaking] Look at me! Look at me! Look at me!
[collapses against fence in hopelessness]
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: [timidly] Jimmy...
Jim Rockford: Just don't say anything! Just don't-say-anything!
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: Hey Jimmy...
Jim Rockford: [sound of desperation] What?
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: I'm sorry...
[Jim raises his head and looks at him in disbelief]
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: Stick of gum?
[he has pulled the packet out of his pocket and offering a piece. Jim accepts it without grace]

Jim Rockford: [Jim and Angel are trying to figure out why all these people are after them, killed Kramer, and didn't take Rocky's Bronkbuster jeans] Or, no, maybe... maybe it's because they already knew everything about them.
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: Huh?
Jim Rockford: Ah.
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: What?
Jim Rockford: [Takes a bite of his taco] Mmm-hmm...
[Jim chews, smiles, and winks at Angel]

"The Rockford Files: The Mayor's Committee from Deer Lick Falls (#4.9)" (1977)
Angel: [Rockford is trying to get Angel to impersonate someone else] Why me?
Jim Rockford: Because you like to collect pictures of dead Presidents. Like Ulysses S. Grant.
Angel: Fifty?
Jim Rockford: Uh-huh.
Angel: Listen Jimmy, I've got a poker game set up with the guys in the Linotype room. Like shooting ducks in a barrel.
Jim Rockford: C'mon Angel, those guys are the kind of guys who throw nickels around like man hole covers. It's gonna take half the night just to get ten bucks out of them. Angel, this is 50 bucks for 15 minutes work.
Angel: That would be more efficient use of my time, wouldn't it.
Jim Rockford: Now you're going to have to wear a suit and a tie.
Angel: [Points to his neck] Oh c'mon man, ties *hurt*!
Jim Rockford: Okay, five dollars more and that's it.
[Angel nods in agreement]

"The Rockford Files: The Fourth Man (#3.1)" (1976)
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: [Rockford's Firebird pulls up in front of a dilapidated bungalow somewhere outside of L.A. He and Angel climb out, Angel talking with enthusiasm] Huh? What do you say? Is this what you asked for? Huh?
[He laughs excitedly]
Jim Rockford: Yeah, perfect... I couldn't have done better myself. How much?
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: Look at that. You said no neighbors, right? Well, right over here is an empty lot and right on this side is an empty house, huh?
Jim Rockford: All right, Angel, how much?
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: Listen, I got all the papers here, and all signed legal... binding...
Jim Rockford: [sounding testy] Angel...
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: Well, you know, Willie wasn't in love with the idea of renting it in the first place. Well, I mean a man's home is, uh... you know. But it's cause, you were friends at Quentin... he said to say hi.
Jim Rockford: [Impatiently] Hi... how much?
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: [Uneasily] Ah... A hundred a day...
Jim Rockford: Angel! A hundred dollars a day for that chicken shed!
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: [Defensively] You said it was perfect! The key is under the mat!
Jim Rockford: [sighing he reaches inside his jacket for his wallet] All right, Angel... If I had the time I'd go rent one on my own, but I don't have the time. If I did I would, but you got yourself a deal, huh.
[He hands a couple of fifties to his friend]
Jim Rockford: Now I'm going to remember it... And when this whole thing is over I'm going to have a little talk with Willie. See how much of that hundred sticks to your greedy little fingers, and then he's going to remember it.
[He climbs into his car]
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: [Nervously] Jimmy, you don't have to talk to Willie...
[Rockford starts the car]
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: Jimmy!
[Rockford puts his foot to the accelerator]
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: Jimmy! Hey Jimmy! I don't have a car!
[He watches as Rockford drives off leaving him abandoned on the curb miles from L.A]

"The Rockford Files: Second Chance (#4.4)" (1977)
Jim Rockford: [At a restaurant to celebrate a record deal, Rockford discovers that Angel has conned Gandolf by pretending to be a British record producer] Well, Gandy, how about that, you've just been conned by the worst in the business.
Gandolph Fitch: You mean you know Shep?
[he points toward Angel]
Jim Rockford: Oh yea, for 15 years. The first time I met him he tried to con me into a food wholesaling scheme.
Angel: [In a British accent trying to play it cool] Would have made a fortune.
Jim Rockford: Oh yea, trapping pigeons in the park and selling them to Chinese restaurants. He was looking to me for $25.00 for popcorn and wire.
Angel: [Losing his British accent] He's trying to set you up. I'm just following orders. He told me to do this to you, it's not me.
Gandolph Fitch: Hey Rockfish, you and this wimp trying to run a game on me or something?
Jim Rockford: It's my two grand, Gandy.
[Angel climbs over the back of the booth and runs off]
Jim Rockford: Hey, what happened to "Rockford"?
[Gandy chases after Angel]

"The Rockford Files: Lions, Tigers, Monkeys and Dogs: Part 2 (#6.3)" (1979)
Jim Rockford: You said you wanted to see me Dennis?
[Angel waves at Rockford]
Jim Rockford: Did you call me in because of him? I'm in the middle of a murder investigation.
Dennis Becker: And I'm right in the middle of my night off. Your friend Mr. Martin here thought you might be able to shed some light on how he happens to be housing eight Shetland ponies in a residential garage.
Angel: Jimmy, they got everybody including the Humane Society on my case. It's a three car garage, there's plenty of room, I even left a light on.
Jim Rockford: I don't have time for this, Angel. Kendall was almost killed tonight, Princess Rachevsky is on her way down here to the station.
Angel: You haven't got time for this? It's because of your princess and you I got into this mess.
Jim Rockford: No, no, Angel, you got yourself into it. You always do.
Angel: That's it? That's your statement on my behalf?
Jim Rockford: That's it.
[Turns around and leaves]
Angel: Look, look, Dennis... uh, Lieutenant...
Dennis Becker: This is Robbery/Homicide. Let's move it down to Bunco.
Angel: Bunco? Why, because I'm unfamiliar with your zoning laws?
Dennis Becker: Because besides finding the eight ponies, we found a forged British passport and a letter of recommendation from Queen Elizabeth! Let's go, Duke!

"The Rockford Files: The Girl in the Bay City Boys Club (#2.13)" (1975)
Angel Martin: Your beef is with Jimmy, I had nothing to do with this...
Thompkins: Shut up.
Angel Martin: I'm just an innocent bystander!
Thompkins: They're usually the ones who get shot!

The Rockford Files: Punishment and Crime (1996) (TV)
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: Boy, you got some brass p-pitts makin' a friend work off a promissory note.
[pressure washing Jim's place]
Jim Rockford: You think I wouldn't rather have a qualified painter?
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: I had to have some periodontal work done, okay? Some I happen to be one of the eighteen million people unemployed right now, without a safety net. What am I supposed to do? Let the teeth rot?
Jim Rockford: You don't have a safety net because you haven't worked for Wrigley Brothers or any other kind of gainful employment for over ten years.
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: With my heart murmur?

"The Rockford Files: The Farnsworth Stratagem (#2.2)" (1975)
Jim Rockford: [Rockford is asking Angel if he had any trouble at the resort] Nobody tried to interfere?
Angel: No, no, they didn't even believe that it was happening. You know what occurred to me? I mean when you get a crowd like that? It doesn't seem right not to work 'em.
Jim Rockford: [Disapprovingly] Angel...
Angel: No, no, now you were right about the oil rig, that's the thing. But the thing that really gets them excited though is the jackhammer, and the compressor, and the noise, and that racket, boy, it's the roar of the crowd and I got to thinking how you said I should have earplugs. I went down to the drug store and talked to the druggist and made the deal - 28 cents a pair - go back and sell them for a dollar seventy five - a dollar fifty! - easy.
Jim Rockford: [Aggravated] Forget it!
Angel: Jimmy, don't spit on it, man. If we don't do it some one else will. Think about it.
[He pulls Rocky over to his side]
Angel: Rocky could be the salesman, huh? He's got that good, honest face everybody likes. We get him a tray hanging around his neck...
Jim Rockford: Angel, if you try working a scam on the side, you go straight back to L.A.
Angel: A person's got a right to his own suggestions, don't he?
Jim Rockford: No!

"The Rockford Files: Guilt (#5.15)" (1979)
Jim Rockford: This is Jim Rockford. At the tone leave your name and message, I'll get back to you.
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: [beeep] Jimmy! Angel! Listen, Eddie Talavora just give me a hot tip on a class filly in the eighth out at Holly Park. Only problem is I need a twenty!

The Rockford Files: Godfather Knows Best (1996) (TV)
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: Hey, hey, hey, Jimmy!
Jim Rockford: Yeah, well, here he is. What are you doing here?
[after trying to avoid being seen by Angel]
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: Buying some flowers, light bulbs, Johnny Mop, drag. You ain't working.
Jim Rockford: Ah, I figured I outta see Beth Van Zandt's movie The Breif; they adapted it from her novel.
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: Oh, any good?
Jim Rockford: Well, The Breif, The Firm, when are one of these ex lawyers going to write a book called The Fee?
Old Homeless Woman: Spare change?
[a homeless woman asks Angel]
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: No thanks, I'm fine.
[blowing her off]

"The Rockford Files: The Jersey Bounce (#5.3)" (1978)
Jim Rockford: This is Jim Rockford. At the tone leave your name and message, I'll get back to you.
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: [hurried voice] Jimmy? Angel. Here's a tip but his hand writing's bad. Third Son in the fifth race at Belle Meadows. Wait a minute, could be Fifth Son in the third. Wait... this... might... be... next weeks race.

The Rockford Files: Friends and Foul Play (1996) (TV)
Jim Rockford: Use my computer. and use it here. I know my computer, Angel; you try to swap it for some piece of junk, I'll come after you with something worse than a German dog.
[paying Angel to write a paper for him]
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: What's worse than a German dog?
Jim Rockford: A German pistol. Now get started.

"The Rockford Files: Gearjammers, Part 2 (#2.4)" (1975)
Jim Rockford: This is Jim Rockford. At the tone leave your name and message, I'll get back to you.
Angel: Hey, Jimmy, it's Angel. Don't pay no attention to my other message. You're out of it. You're clean, no trouble at all. Just ignore the first message.

"The Rockford Files: The Man Who Saw the Alligators (#5.17)" (1979)
Angel: Jimmy! Open up!
[Bangs on door]
Jim Rockford: [Frustrated] Angel, if you're up here about Buster Hutchins and his roadway church...
Angel: No, no,no. It's bad, Jimmy, it's bad. It's like a nightmare. I've been through living hell. I was at your trailer, y'know, these two guys...
Jim Rockford: No, I don't know! Why were you in my trailer?
Angel: I was returning your movie camera, y'know Rocky gave me the key and I was cleaning the lens off when these two guys walk in - Jimmy, one of them looked like a cross between George Hamilton and Dracula. I told him: Buddy, take it out in the street...
Jim Rockford: You told them where I was, didn't you, Angel!
Angel: Yea, but I tried to hang tough Jimmy, but they worked me over for a couple of hours, they even shocked me with a 110 volt line!
Jim Rockford: Yea right! How long did you hold out? Did you make 15 seconds?
Angel: Jimmy!
Jim Rockford: Angel, the only reason you came up here is because you know that if I somehow make it out of here alive I would come after you with a sickle!
Angel: That's the thanks I get for my loyalty? After risking my neck? After driving through the worst terrain in southern California, with a severe head wound, and a gas station attendant that hardly knew where the cabin was?

"The Rockford Files: There's One in Every Port (#3.12)" (1977)
Angel Martin: What's a halibut?
Jim Rockford: It's a fish; a bottom feeder.
Angel Martin: [looking over at Kenny] I don't like him.

"The Rockford Files: Lions, Tigers, Monkeys and Dogs: Part 1 (#6.2)" (1979)
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: Sucker bets! Would I bring you sucker bets?
Jim Rockford: You'd bring me a dead rat in your teeth if you thought there was twenty bucks in it for you!

"The Rockford Files: The Trees, the Bees and T.T. Flowers: Part 1 (#3.14)" (1977)
Jim Rockford: This is Jim Rockford. At the tone leave your name and message, I'll get back to you.
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: [Beeep] Jimmy-y-y old buddy buddy, it's Angel! You know how they allow you one phone call... well this is it...

"The Rockford Files: Black Mirror: Part 2 (#5.10)" (1978)
Jim Rockford: O.K., what's the problem? It's a simple phone call, I'd do it myself but he'd recognize my voice.
Angel: What's the real deal here? Who are the big fish about to be fried?
Jim Rockford: What are you babbling about?
Angel: I just got here. But you know ole Angel, I can always smell the grand green. You can start by telling little Margaritte she can drop the blind act. I ain't gonna snitch on her.
Jim Rockford: [Incredulously] What is the matter with you? She IS blind! She had an accident 10 years ago! Now you get...
Angel: [laughing] Jimmy, Jimmy. I know the moves. I know how it's done, son. I did two months as Blind Lemon Martin on Market St. up in 'Frisco. Dobro guitar and harmonica rack, sad-like and miserable, you know how bad I play. But I did 1500 bucks worth of quarters in a month.
[whispers intently]
Angel: The sympathy factor!
Jim Rockford: If we could see a pictorial representation of your mind it would look like a fire drill in a state asylum.
Angel: Yea, well anyway I know she's a classy lady, got a body by Pininfarina and all that. Now I know it ain't no low grade scam like mine. So what is it? Is she fronting for some charity? She goes around to all the big corporations and you come along as the packager of the telethon? I love it. LOVVVVE IT! Let me in on it, Jimmy. I can be the research doctor, take a painless 2%.
Jim Rockford: You'll get in for what I give you.
[He shoves him through door]
Jim Rockford: Get in there!