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Eddie LaSalle (Character)
from "The Rockford Files" (1974)

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"The Rockford Files: The Attractive Nuisance (#4.14)" (1978)
Eddie LaSalle: [Jim has entered the room of a seedy hotel and is searching it when the occupant suddenly returns - carrying a gun] Hang it up! Get on your feet Rockford!
[he searches Jim]
Jim Rockford: Hey, what do you want with me and my father?
Eddie LaSalle: Sit down! One day you pukes are going to realize some of us on the other side don't care about your juice and your connections in Washington!
Jim Rockford: What are you talking about?
Eddie LaSalle: I'm talking about Ted DeAngelo, who after a life of disappointment puts on his three-piece suit and with his badge in his hand, jumps out a ten-storey window in 'Frisco cause he just can't stand it no more. I'm talking about guys like Nessie, who paid for the funeral and died broke.
Jim Rockford: Nessie?
Eddie LaSalle: Elliot and me put maybe fifty, maybe more, of you smartheads in our fruit jar, but you just kept coming back.
Jim Rockford: Elliot Ness? Are we talking about the Elliot Ness. 'Cause if it's any consolation to you mister, Elliot Ness was one of my childhood idols!
Eddie LaSalle: So you pay him back by hooking up with Coppobianco, huh?
Jim Rockford: Coppo-who?
Eddie LaSalle: Coppo-who! Coppo-who! That's priceless! Come on! We're going downtown!
Jim Rockford: I'm not going anywhere with you, mister.
Eddie LaSalle: You know what Eddie said when we dropped the net on him and Coppo and them others?
Jim Rockford: Don't shoot?
Eddie LaSalle: He said me and Coppo's going to sink this case in court. And he did too. That was back when we was busting distills and running them through barns with a special truck Nessie paid for out of his own pocket, with a plow on the front!
Jim Rockford: Hey I hate to appear short-tempered, mister, but what the hell does this have to do with anything? You sit up here, you're eating dog food, you're planting bugs on innocent citizens, and all because some guy call Ted DeAngelo jumped out a window ten years ago? Am I missing something? That doesn't make sense!
Eddie LaSalle: I'm the guy who has the list and who, just 'cause he got pensioned off, isn't going for no state handouts. I'm going to get Coppobianco...
Jim Rockford: Who?
Eddie LaSalle: Your father's partner, Vincenti Coppobianco. Coppobianco means Whitehead. That explain it your you, mister?
Jim Rockford: Sure explains the garlic!