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Beth Davenport (Character)
from "The Rockford Files" (1974)

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"The Rockford Files: Forced Retirement (#4.11)" (1977)
Beth Davenport: That car is the closest thing you have to a mistress.

Beth Davenport: I don't want to raid Harcourt and Lowe's client list when I leave, but I am worried about clients; where are they going to come from?
Jim Rockford: Oh hey, they'll come, they'll come, and, you know, you've always got me!
Beth Davenport: Thanks Jim. I was talking about paying clients though...

Susan Kenniston: [Beth, Susan, Lessing, and Harcourt are arguing over whether to continue the underwater project] I don't, because I think I know what's causing this obstructionism: the idea of *me* bringing you business, the idea that *I* have something of my own to bring. As that old saying goes,"It's not enough that I succeed; all of my old friends must fail."
Beth Davenport: I resent that very much, Susan.
Sumner Harcourt: Ladies, ladies, let's not have a cat fight.
Beth Davenport: [Outraged] A cat fight!
Sumner Harcourt: Oh, she's going to get semantic.

"The Rockford Files: A Portrait of Elizabeth (#2.16)" (1976)
Beth Davenport: Two years ago when I first met you, I thought, 'This is the one', and I took out my little lariat and I swung it over my head and I took dead aim, and I tossed. I must have thrown it 50 times since then. But I gotta hand it to you, Jim, you're a tough catch. Sometime, I don't know, last year I guess, I sort of settled for friend and I started looking for someone with more long range possibilities. David looked like a good candidate.
Jim Rockford: Thanks, but I'm still jealous.

"The Rockford Files: Dirty Money, Black Light (#3.22)" (1977)
Beth Davenport: I hope Angel won't say anything that's gonna get Rocky into trouble.
Jim Rockford: Hey, Angel has been in stir, he knows better than to talk without his lawyer present and you're his lawyer. Angel knows better - he'll keep his mouth shut.
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: [Scene changes to Angel being interrogated by Federal Agents]
Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: See, you want to be talking to Jim Rockford and his father, Joseph. Let me spell that for ya: That's Rockford, R-O-C-K-F-O-R-D.

"The Rockford Files: Chicken Little Is a Little Chicken (#2.9)" (1975)
[first lines]
Jim Rockford: [telephone answering machine] This is Jim Rockford. At the tone leave your name and message, I'll get back to you.
Beth Davenport: Jim, it's Beth. You have the vet's number, the flea collar, and extra litter. One thing I forgot. Keep him away from other cats. He's not very discriminating.

"The Rockford Files: The Dark and Bloody Ground (#1.2)" (1974)
Beth Davenport: [Jim doesn't seem to show much interest in picking up the case of Bth's client] Don't you even care if she is innocent?
Jim Rockford: Beth, I spent five-years in prison. While I was there I never met anybody who wasn't "innocent."

"The Rockford Files: The No-Cut Contract (#2.15)" (1976)
Larry 'King' Sturtevant: [at police HQ where Rockford is being held on suspicion of murder, thanks to a football player from a minor league whom no one has ever heard of] And then I held him at, ah, gunpoint for ten, fifteen minutes, and then you guys showed up.
[he nods his head at Beth, who is staring at him blankly]
Larry 'King' Sturtevant: Hi.
[he turns back to Becker grinning]
Larry 'King' Sturtevant: Will you take a look at her! She's so starstruck she's speechless!
Police Det. Dennis Becker: [ignores that comment] Is that everything? The whole statement?
Larry 'King' Sturtevant: Yeah, yeah thats it.
[he turns back to Beth]
Larry 'King' Sturtevant: Ah, listen honey, try not to stare. I know it's difficult, but why don't you just relax and later the two of us will go get some coffee. I'll let you look at my scrapbook, hah?
Beth Davenport: That'd be lovely, only I gave up reading the funnies in the third grade.